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The company, formerly known as Nestle Milkpak, Ltd., was founded in 1979 and is basedin Lahore, Pakistan. Execution Plan for Nestle milkpakTVC Production For the Milkpak campaign, a video ad is also made in order to give alive message to the audience about that every person in Pakistan drinks Milkpak, A schoolkid while having break in lunch box have milkpak to drink, A college Student whilestudying drink it and a man drinks milkpak while reading a newspaper and enjoys it, Aboy doing exercise drink it to have energy.

It resulted from a merger in 1905 between the Anglo-Swiss Milk Companyfor milk products established in 1866 and the Farine Lactee Henri Nestle Company set upin 1867.The Company is engaged in manufacturing, processing and sale of food products inPakistan.
In that video, the devotion of people towardsMilkpak is shown, It is totally used of soft sell technique and effects people emotionallyand creates a positive image of MILKPAKPrint Media The print media being used for advertisement of Milkpak in newspaperwhich is being used for giving its ad in order to remind the product and try to reinforce theimage of Milkpak in the minds of the customers. In line with this objective, Nestle Pak Ltd envisions to grow in theshortest possible time into the number one food company in Pakistan with the uniqueability to meet the needs of consumers of every age group - from infancy to old age, fornutrition and pleasure, through development of a large variety of food categories of thehighest quality.

Nestle Pak Ltd envisions the company to develop an extremely motivatedand professionally trained work force, which would drive growth through innovation andrenovation.

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