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The Print Ad titled How to see through advertising was done by Ester advertising agency in Sweden. I will explain how utilizing Social Media is a great way to advertise and promote your business, as well as look for new clients and effectively approach. This is no new news to anyone in marketing, advertising, sales, or plain anyone who spends a couple hours a week: or a day on social media. Between the other handful of other social media outlets I will spent a few minutes a day, or maybe up to an hour a week. Here are valuable nuggets I’ve learned and executed with social media over my career in car sales, coaching, training, and relationships in life in general. Considering that every child lives in a world of fantasy, the idea was to encourage kids to drink more milk by exaggerating the benefits of milk. To promote Allstate auto insurance, an actual car was hanging on the edge of the parking garage in Marina Towers, a famous landmark in the center of downtown Chicago. Female dormitory was decorated in the shape of a calendar to demonstrate that a new female can be met on a daily basis.
Stickers were placed on office buildings, giving the illusion of someone who has run through the wall to escape boredom.
Clever advertisement was placed behind Shanghai Haitong building to promote new powerful electric fan by Midea. Creative advertisement campaign by Powerhouse Gym gives the impression that a body builder is lifting heavy weights from the construction site.
The first building has a cracked image in the shape of the running man, the second building has the actual Nike ad, creating the illusion that the runner run through the first building. Yellow paint was dripping off the north side of the Atlas Building in downtown Columbus, Ohio promoting Coop’s paint. Some REALLY exciting use of building spaces for advertising, especially the building that are empty! Brand awareness for a fu(k!ng awesome ad fades faster than your tan in Siberia… you need to create a product experience after this exposure. Advertising is the art of promoting the sales of goods orservices based on a market selection.
The fact that expenditures on advertising are increasingfrom year to year indicates that advertising is important to market a product or services. Generally, advertising as practiced by most firms is competitive rather than informative in motive.

Once customers loyalty for its brand of products isestablished, the demand for its products will be less price- elastic and it is able to make some monopoly profits to a given specified markets. Whatever difference there may be between two brands isstrictly psychological in nature built up through large sums of money spent on marketing through advertising campaigns.
However, it can be counter-argued that competitive advertising may not be a waste after all, because very often a consumer derives extra satisfaction from owning or consuming a widely-advertized product. Further, it can be pointed out that because of the large amount of revenue from marketing activities through advertising, newspapers and magazines are sold more cheaply to readers and they are within the reach of more people and, further, radio and T.V. In conclusion, it can be said that one cannot deny thatmarketing trough advertising is the life-blood of industry. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
The problem is so few are effective at properly utilizing and taking advantage of this incredibly huge and unbelievably cheap platform to reach hundreds or thousands of customers.
I was watching some videos, reading articles, and surfing around on blogs on how to make a effective post.
Post, and share things on social media the the potential client or group would be interested on clicking, watching, or straight up being a part of.
Share an article, blog, picture, video, book or anything they would find interesting and gain a true value from.
Engage with them, and gain feedback on what they thought of what you shared, and “Ask was what I shared helpful or interesting, funny, ect. Set up a meeting, a phone conversation, or any means of verbal or physical connection to explain your services and how you feel you could add value to them, their team, and their organization.
Ask for the ability to earn their business and move the relationship to that of a business partnership.
I don’t think objectifying actual women, supposedly students, like that is socially acceptable.
It is affected through various media, particularly through newspapers, magazines, radios and T.V. As a country becomes more industrialized and as competition in business becomes keener for the firms, marketing strategy throughadvertising will become more important and expenditures on advertising will rise. It tells a group of selected market of the existence of a new product or of new uses for or new or better qualities of an existing product, or reminds a market of the existence of a product.
This is particularly true where there is a great deal of productdifferentiation brought about by the practice of branding aproduct. It can, therefore, be argued that the consumers would benefit more if firms spent less on competitive advertising and passed on their savings to consumers in the form of lower prices or in the form of genuinely better quality products obtained through more research which could be made possible with savings from unnecessary marketing activities.

Since heobtains more satisfaction, the higher price which he has to pay for the product because of the advertising is, therefore, justified. But it is really difficult to conclude that it is a waste of economic resources because much depends on ones judgment of what is good or bad for the society.
Since social media has rolled out on the scene some 10 or 15 years ago; depends on which one you follow the most, social media has not slowed nor shows any signs of slowing down. If your after a client who is into cars, share an article about some limited production hot new model that is being unleashed soon. Without such information given through the various advertising media,the prospective market may not be aware of the existenceor the uses of a product and the producer may not be able to sell it. Experts may tell us that there is noreal difference, physically or chemically, between different brands of a product. Also, theadvertising industry itself gains with more jobs created for the market community. The real problem that lies here is being able to effectively reach these customers in a way that engages them.
A product that is not sold or cannot be sold is of no value to the producer and to the selected market.Therefore, it is obvious that informative advertising is veryimportant to a firm or to an industry and is also important to consumers and the market at large. When its products are differentiated from the products of other firms by just its brand, then it hopes to increase the sales of its branded products to their selected markets. What people were sharing in videos, articles, and blogs hadn’t changed from what I had learned and taken notes on five years ago. You are able to share this information and know these things by being engaged with your network and market. Expenditures on advertisements amount to large sums of money and they are rising every year. It can do so by marketing, through advertising techniques, to create a special image for its brand of products and to build up brand loyalty for its products to a given markets. The game of effectively converting social media into prospects, then clients has not changed much in five years from what I read recently and what I learned five years ago.

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