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Peppershock Media is a full service advertising agency offering marketing consulting and creative production services. With one of the largest photography and video production studios in Idaho, just minutes away from Boise. His solution was to use real photographs of the Beetle, in an age when most car ads used embellished illustrations, but also a different approach.
Firstly, they strike the right balance of being serious about the quality of their product but not appearing to take this whole advertising thing too seriously.  This was incredibly brave at the time, and changed advertising forever. Secondly the adverts were always in black and white, brave at a time when colour was de rigueur for premium and medium advertisers. Now in my role of producing video for small business, I meet many people who bemoan either working for or having as clients “Corporates.” Big business is often seen by the rest as being inflexible, cold, inhumane. Yet it could be argued that Big Business is more willing to take risks with it’s advertising than small business.

Video ServicesYou're a smart business owner or entrepreneur, you might also be a media moghul and you have some video needs that need filling right now. They appointed a new ad agency, DDB, and the story goes they had a meeting with head of the agency in New York. Brilliant writing meant they read like someone nice talking to you, instead of an advert selling at you.
But all that daydreaming paid off, and I'm the most creative video production specialist in the UK. It was “humanist” advertising, with each ad taking an aspect of the product and explaining it in a lighthearted, confident way. It also made the advertising budget go further, as publications could not charge their beloved colour-separation fee on top of the charge for space.
The Beetle was always surrounded by white, at a time when competitors surrounded their cars with nice houses, nice gardens, nice families with a nice dog.

Are small businesses more likely to play safe because they cannot afford to risk a campaign not working? I can make the most difficult topic come alive on film, and just imagine how you can apply that to your business. Does it include a plan for how you’ll tell your story through animated .gifs, videos and cinegraphs?
Over half a century later, VW were still using the same agency and their ads have followed the “humanist” spirit of that campaign. Or is it easier to risk having fun with a brand when you just work there (in Corporate world) instead of actually being the business, in the way small business owners are?

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