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Artery Media Design - your complete graphic and media design service Artery Media Design are leaders in professional graphic design, web development and media design for Lismore, Ballina, Byron Bay and surrounding Northern Rivers region. Artery Media Design will take the time to discuss your project at length and create a personal strategy for your project, one that reflects your objectives and promotes your company profile.
Who you select to develop the branding and online presentation for your business will be a determining factor in the success or otherwise of your business, it's crucial that logos and websites mirror the tone, direction and target market of your business. We think this is most important as it feeds into your own confidence about your business and fuels your drive to succeed and build the business.
Of course another great benefit from using Artery Media Design for your image management, is that there are no conflicting design directions, no time lost dealing with multiple services and no issues with identifying and transferring artwork files from one design service to another. Once a strategy is determined Artery Media Design can design and project manage all your advertising and marketing requirements and even oversee production.
Artery Media Design can offer very attractive package rates for your new business, project or event. So, please take a moment to browse our website and galleries and see the unique, comprehensive design services that only Artery Media Design can bring to your next project.
Mick continues to develop skills and techniques to further compliment Artery Media Design's diverse palette of services. The course covered general design principles and techniques in traditional mediums, computer based design programs and manufacturing processes. The image is of a 'Nightlight' designed for adults and addresses a need to navigate dark rooms that has an aesthic in the home during the day. The design process followed a structured process allowing continued refinements throughout.
It is not my habit to give recommendations, but I have no hesitation in recommending Artery Media Design.
Our team of media experts have helped over 350 small businesses across the United States and Canada establish an effective online presense including a professionally designed website, social media interaction, search engine optimization, paid search support, email marketing, and online newsletters. Keeping fresh and relative content (text, images, and video) on your website is the best way to attract new customers to your website and keep your current customers coming back.
An infographic, created by NeonSMS and shared by markITwrite, two industry leading mobile and digital marketing companies, conveys some astounding information about the rise of the mobile user. You should understand (just by looking around you) by now that smartphone technology is everywhere and the opportunities for small businesses, corporations, non-profits, marketers and anyone else interested in spreading awareness or making a dime, are abundant. If you don’t, here is yet another compilation of statistics that demonstrates the steep rise in mobile usage and the opportunity businesses have in the mobile market. This chart, from part of the infographic, shows that mobile traffic makes up 15 percent of total Internet traffic in 2013.
Russia and Brazil along with approximately a hundred other countries have more cell phones than people. Brands are getting more creative in the way they interact with mobile users, by utilizing geo-targeting, data tracking, iBeacons, and mobile coupons, to name a few. If your business is questioning the importance of a mobile presence, consider the statistics below.

According to a Nielsen Report from May, 72 percent of Americans, aged 13 and older, have embraced smartphones.
In comparison, roughly 35 percent of Americans watched the Super Bowl in 2014, 36 percent are TV households, and 53 percent are social network users. While not everyone that has a smartphone has the same viewing, social media, and internet-surfing habits, the number of Americans that have gone mobile is staggering and still growing. A social presence on the biggest mobile platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
It’s time to stop wasting money on outdated advertising methods and reach the majority of Americans who are adopting smartphone technology. Not only does that headline rhyme, but the call to action is one that many businesses are taking seriously.
Regardless of the fact that Instagram ads aren’t widely available yet, brands, celebrities, businesses, and ordinary people are already utilizing the platforms features and taking advantage of the over 200 million users who love to scroll through pictures, videos, and other visual content on a daily basis. American venture capitalist, former Wall Street securities analyst, and studier of the Internet and new technologies, Mary Meeker, recently released the 2014 Internet Trends Report. The report discusses a variety of current trends, statistics, and predictions, but here we will cover a few key points made on mobile devices. While smartphones are the most viewed and used medium in almost every country, tablets have a lot of opportunity for growth.
In addition, iOS, Android, and Windows Phones makeup 97 percent of the industry’s market share in 2014. As mobile devices continue to get better and replace all other forms of technology, TV has to keep up.
As the shift to mobile is happening rapidly, advertisers are spending more trying to reach those mobile users. Artery Media Design have the experience and expertise to advise on the branding, advertising and on-going marketing for any business or event. We design to be relevant to purpose and effective in outcome.Websites We can create exciting websites for any business, organisation or project, from basic static sites to full database websites with content management systems and e-commerce facilities.
If you think your logo is a bit 'lame' then it's very hard to put your heart into developing it's potential. We will take the time to discuss your project and develop a strategy for presentation, marketing and advertising of your business, ensuring always that you get 'bang for your buck' without compromising your outcome. We have over 15 years of experience building websites designed around key Small Business Advertising and Landscaper Marketing techniques. In addition, our designers can create printed material based on your logo and website design including flyers, brochures, business cards, post cards, banners, and more.
Since all of the landscaper videos that we add to websites are hosted on YouTube, your company gets exposure on both the #1 Search Engine (Google) and the #2 Search Engine (YouTube). All of our landscaper marketing websites are built using our proprietary Content Management software. Please call us with any questions about our services at (770) 887-2901 or click here to email us.

While that number is far from a majority, notice the upward trend of mobile traffic in the last 4 years and that each year the growth increment is getting larger. Social platforms, such as Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, and Snapchat are specifically tailored to mobile users. If you’re ready to reach more customers than previously possible, and advertise now the way everyone is going to be advertising 5 years from now, contact Thoughtwire Mobile & Websites for a customized strategy tailored to your industry. If you own a business and don’t have a plan to reach consumers on their smartphones, the only question is, why not?
Contact Thoughtwire to inquire about a new strategy and follow us on Twitter to stay on top of industry trends. While Facebook still reigns supreme as the number one social marketing platform with the most users around the world, Instagram is catching up faster than you may think. The point is, Instagram, which has been around six to seven years less than Facebook, is making huge strides and showing its massive advertising potential, and the platform hasn’t even made promoted ads available to more than a few select Fortune 500 companies.
The population penetration is only 6 percent for tablets while TV, mobile phones, and smartphones are at 78 percent, 73 percent, and 22 percent respectively. We’re seeing a rise in smart TVs where apps are replacing channels, voice controls are replacing the remote, and mobile devices are compatible. All our websites are built on solid code and architecture, not from a 'DIY website program'.
In addition to providing custom designs for our clients, we also offer our Landscaper Industry expertise as it pertains to providing the tools, website content and information that attract perspective clients. And of course, mobile apps remain a great way to create brand loyalty and reach consumers around the world.
You can read the full report from KPCB and Mary Meeker as well as view past year’s reports here. Our websites will have the look and feel your business needs and the reliability and functionality to serve your future needs. We also carefully consider search engine optimization during the building of each website to make sure that your website ranks high on search engines. There has been a steep decline in the price of phone and Internet services and big companies, such as Android, are launching their products in India.
And we’re seeing the fastest smartphone growth in underpenetrated markets such as China, India, Brazil, and Indonesia. However, rather than conceed to mobile, TV producers and advertisers are working alongside it.
With design and production experience across all media platforms we can talk 'big picture' and advise on your overall project.

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