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Domain Tools – From the basic WHOIS information and META Tag information to previous owners and nameserver changes (though most of the more detailed information requires a paid subscription), this website has a bunch of tools that are useful in hunting down the owner of a website (or finding similar sites). Multiple SERP Tool – An amazing script that gets the results on the first 3 keywords of a domain, then parses out the top 3 word combinations in the results pages and ultimately spits out a top-40 list of domains for that niche based on an intuitive ranking system. Affiliate video marketing is a type of commission-based marketing which is managed by affiliates. By utilizing an affiliate for your marketing needs, you can free up a great deal of your own time. This is a technology driven world and more than ever people are going to the internet for their business related needs. With this extended audience, you will also experience a much higher increase of traffic to your company’s website. Operating a home business has become a preferred form of employment for many people across the nation.
Whether you are a business owner or looking to bring in additional income, affiliate video marketing can fit your needs. SleepAfloat, a full service rental management company that specializes in renting boats for overnight accommodations, is announcing a new marina affiliate program that is designed to generate income for marinas and their slip holders.
The new SleepAfloat Marina Affiliate Program is an extension of the company’s dockside rental program and promises participating marinas royalties, increased traffic to their facilities and higher slip occupancy. The program is unlike peer-to-peer rental programs that rent owner’s boats for recreational use, instead rentals are for short-term, overnight accommodations to leisure and business travelers.
The SleepAfloat business model carves out a niche market for floating accommodations in the multi-billion dollar vacation rental industry, while creating additional sources of revenues by partnering with marinas and boat owners nationwide. Boat owners get the benefits of offsetting boating expenses and earning extra income by renting their vessels. WELCOME ABOARD!Marine Marketing Tools is a collaborative site dedicated to growing your business in the boating industry. Learn how affiliate marketing can help you deliver incremental reach and help grow your online business.
Sophie joined affilinet as a Marketing Executive in September 2013, after an internship in PR. Eventim UK, Europe’s largest live entertainment ticketing company, give entertainment fans access to tickets for a huge range of gigs, festivals, comedy, sport and family events.
With thousands of tickets available for some of the biggest names in entertainment, and new events added on a daily basis, commission from Eventim can accumulate quickly.
Below is a list of linking tools available on ShareaSale, Commission Junction and AvantLink along with instruction and links on where to obtain the bookmarklet tools.
As we gear up for the holiday shopping season, these tools are so handy to have and use for quick product linking. Once you have logged in, you can go directly to your preferred merchant site – no need to click through Shareasale to get there. The Product Discovery Tool will identify the Merchant, and come up with a link that you can immediately use to link to this product and earn commission doing so. Advanced Stuff will be in the top right with the ability to add Afftrack, and get a shortened URL for social media. You will be able to choose from available images that will either come from the Datafeed on ShareASale, or the website itself. You will be able to customize the text that you would like to see in the layout, and use the green arrows to switch between available layouts. Functions a lot like ShareaSale, however, the deep linker generates an affiliate link to whatever page the affiliate is on. Today the 1st of May is a day of celebration, the start of Summer, but for many it is also a day of sadness and reflection, for today is the 17th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest drivers Formula One has ever seen, 3 times World Champion – Ayrton Senna. I have followed Formula One religiously from an early age, through the good times and the bad, I have almost never missed a race live on TV for the last 20 or 30 years, from whenever they started showing every race. I still remember the race of the weekend of 29th April-1st May 1994 at Imola, one of the all time great circuits, the whole weekend was a tragic affair from the very start.

The race and the crash itself are still quite vivid in my mind, if I sit and think about them as I do around this time of year. On the occasion of each incident on both Friday and Saturday, Senna was clearly shaken and upset. Before the race on Sunday, he was seen to be pensive and remote, not going through his usual pre-race routine. Like Michael Schumacher in his day, I always felt as though Senna liked to push other drivers unfairly but would not, or could not, accept being pushed by them when on the rare occasion someone did. That tragic weekend in May 1994 also had a profound affect on the sport and much has changed since then, some for the better and in my opinion, too much for the worse. Safety is a good thing but Formula One is about the thrill, the danger, the excitement, the speed! Every year the rules are changed to slow the cars down or to make it easier to overtake, all in the name of entertainment. Gadgets to make pitstops quicker, which have sometimes caused unforeseen incidents, for example: Massa taking a refueling hose with him almost to the track!. He obviously wouldn’t still be racing in Formula One, he would have been 51 this year, a year younger than me.
He would certainly have been in favour of all the safety aspects that have been introduced since that tragic race in 1994, but he was a racer, a hard-charging all out racer.
I’m sure he would have wanted to see drivers with skill and talent, pulling off overtaking moves on their own merit, not just because they can push a button and make the car go a little faster than the car in front, who is not allowed to press his button to conteract.
Yes it was more dangerous in the old days, but it was also more entertaining, it was a better testament of a drivers skills at the wheel, of his determination and commitment to win. We can still have all the safety, we already have, the cars are so much better than they were 18 years ago with regards to the safety afforded to the driver, just look at some of the incidents we’ve had in recent years, the flying Australian, Mark Webber last year for example, but we need to remember how it used to be when drivers such as Ayrton Senna were driving and entertaining all Formula One fans around the world, with their pure, driven and unquestionable talent and skill.
No Competition Marketing (NCM) is the result of using what we call the Girl Scout Cookie Sales Approach.
We Offer SEO, VSEO, Paid Ads Management, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Video Marketing, Copywriting, Branding, Keyword Research, Site Analysis, Analyze Online Presence, Consulting, and Training. To help businesses rise above their competition while providing the answers their potential customers seek on the internet, and increase their repeat business.
Will be launching membershipsite soon with in-depth information on how to implement various components of strategy yourself, and a resource list of the tools i use and recommend.
For most this won’t matter much but for some of you, this information can be used in more grey-hat SERP strategies.
Useful to see what links your competition are using to help build their SERP as well as which links have potential to improve (i.e. This site will let u know the basics from whether or not it’s using a popular CMS back-end like WordPress down to what software the server might be running. Because of these many responsibilities, you may find yourself pressed for time when it comes to marketing your products and services. These affiliates create videos in order to endorse products and services for a specific business.
The affiliate will do the marketing for you by using the specific instructions you provide.
With the exception of any associated setup costs, you only pay the affiliate as results are accrued.
Standard websites are a great tool, but often times customers make their final business decisions based off of video marketing. Therefore, the higher quality  videos you produce and the more you post, the better compensation you will earn.
Unlike creating a website to showcase your videos, you can quickly and easily post them to YouTube. Marinas get a steady stream of new income in exchange for support and promotion of the company’s dockside rental program to slip holders. Their full service rental management provides marketing, customer support, onsite management, cleaning, maintenance, as well as insurance protection for all its boat owners and marinas.

Here we share cost-effective marketing tools, resources, strategies and best practice ideas exclusively for boat dealers, marinas, boat builders, marine suppliers, boating product manufacturers and boating service providers.
Find out how affilinet’s team of experts can make sure your affiliate programme realises its full potential and how to get started in our short video.
She is responsible for pro the implementation of the UK marketing strategy and raising brand awareness through events, PR and online activity.
Most popular events include Disney On Ice, Neil Young, Selena Gomez, Bear Grylls, Elton John and many more. It’s a bookmarklet that rests in your toolbar so that you can browse a merchant and grab a monetized link.  This picture shows how nicely it rests in your toolbar. There is not an option to generate an affiliate link that includes an image or description. No need to link to the merchant through CJ, you’re just required to log into CJ so the tool connects with your affiliate account. Ayrton Senna, Racing Driver, tragically killed doing what he loved 18 years ago on this day. As too, is the aftermath – Ayrton Senna was dead, killed in only the third race of the season, a season in which Senna had not had a good start, having not finished in the first two races. My boss at the time thought I was just being silly, but I’d been following Formula 1 for around 30 years at the time and it hit me hard, so very hard. Controversial decisions always seemed to go his way, not because he was always right, he was sometimes wrong and said so, but because of who he was, the great Ayrton Senna. Girl Scouts sell their cookies at locations with established traffic like grocery stores and such.
Some prefer to use free tools, some rely on paid services or applications that might offer additional marketing benefits and then there’s a whole separate group which will uses home-grown scripts that achieve a combination of tasks. This is by far one of the most comprehensive and easy to use research utilities for any given website.
I trust that you‚Aoll find this very useful cause it seems to use the Alexa traffic information quite well and provides much better traffic information. They are then rewarded by the business for each visitor or customer who is gained due to the affiliate’s marketing efforts.
This way, you can keep your focus on other aspects of your business, without having to sacrifice your marketing. There are many affiliate programs to choose from, in which companies are searching for motivated marketing affiliates to assist them in advertising their products and services. Of course, if you want to get the most from your affiliate marketing, you may want to look into marketing training, enhance your editing skills and invest in a professional camera. Depending on the program you choose, your earnings may come from customer purchases, advertisement views or when a consumer clicks on a designated link.
With over 1 billion users on the site each month, you can gain a very large audience and increase your compensation in no time. As it is considered to be a powerful tool for generating traffic, it should be used accurately. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for sharing my posts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest when you like them.
NCM is a comprehensive approach to online marketing that fully utilizes interdependent infrastructure of the internet and the systems layered upon it.
By using an affiliate to post your marketing videos to various sites, you can quickly have your products advertised to a very large audience.
This is part one of a series on SEO research tools: Researching The Competition (For free).
So, please, if you like a post on Work at Home Resources or on any other blog you visit for that matter, take a moment to share it with your friends.

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