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IT teams around the world are being pressured by employees to keep up with consumer computing.
SAP Visual Intelligence’s sober, blingless default interface, and the now-grayed-out 3D pie chart option. As memorably demonstrated in Hans Gosling’s TED talk, information bouncing around the screen can be a very exciting experience. The Education Policy and Data Center has even created a handy guide on how to create animated gifs from your Excel charts. Posted in Best practice, Visualization Tagged Analytics, Apple, April Fools, Best practice, BI, Bling, Business Intelligence, Dashboards, Data, Eye Candy, Skeuomorphism, Visualization. In honor of the Dark Knight's milestone, we're looking back at a favorite of ours.A A while back, the folks over at Screenrant produced a handy infographicA that covers most of Batman's looks over the years.

From Zebra Batman to the killing machine of Azrael, see the many styles of the famous cape and cowl. Modern managers say they are no longer willing to put up with subtle colors and straightforward, actionable displays. Tableau, a data visualization product that famously didn’t offer pie charts in early versions has now seen the light. Get out there and introduce some eye candy into your dashboards to make them more effective! PresenterMedia is a subscription based service where you can get unlimited downloads for a monthly or annual subscription. This browser feature blocks JavaScript from running locally on your computer.This warning will not display once the menu is on-line.

Using the cliparts and animated business chart templates for PowerPoint you can decorate your slides with unique styles and impress your audience. This is great for startups and venture projects where you need to identify a growth trend or represent a successful business.

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