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Members of the Anonymous collective, wearing Guy Fawkes masks, rally during an anti-government protest in front of Los Angeles police headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, Thursday, Nov.
HALIFAX -- Police in Halifax say they have reopened an investigation into an alleged sexual assault after the group Anonymous posted a call for renewed action on social media. Police spokeswoman Lauren Leal said Friday that investigators originally responded to a call from a third party about an alleged sexual assault in the city on Nov. She says the alleged victim initially told police she was sexually assaulted but later decided she did not want to proceed and police respected her wishes.
Leal said the sexual assault team noticed social media comments under a video Anonymous posted on the Internet indicating the woman might be willing to proceed, and this played a role in investigators' decision to contact her last week. In the video, a distorted, digitized voice urges police to renew the investigation and calls for charges to be laid by Monday. Hidden Cash is the Twitter handle of an anonymous person who is leaving stashes of cash in public places in the San Francisco Bay Area. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. It is not unusual that victims would want to take some time to deal with their trauma before feeling comfortable," she said. The whole issue got me thinking about real name vs usernames on a social business community though.  Now suffice to say, in the internal communities many of us here are familiar with, using ones real name is by far the most common way of operating.
It all works well when everyone is broadly speaking going in the same direction, but what about when you want to encourage free and frank discussion about something pretty important to the company such as future strategy or the quality of a new product? The reality is that receiving dissenting points of view is often as important as receiving supportive commentary from employees.  Allowing them to do so under the protection afforded by anonymity is likely to deliver much more honest feedback than you might otherwise get.

I’m interested to hear your take on this.  Does your internal social network force staff to be identifiable at all times?  If so how do you ensure you are getting candid feedback rather than a sanitized version?
He holds a masters degree in IT, specializing in artificial intelligence and is an experienced community builder. He specializes in community cultivation and using social media to create social organisations.
He has written on this topic for publications such as HRMToday, Professional Manager, Business Works, Social Media Today and the Chartered Management Institute, as well as being a regular on the UK speaker circuit talking about the power of social media.
If anyone knows of any applications that can help with this (preferably free – I have NO budget), I’d love to know! Adi Marty It is important to understand what the actual history of communications technology looks like, in contrast to how people would prefer to communicate.
Social collaboration, and the underlying technologies, are really just beginning to develop. In the old days, we also had the suggestion box, and many factories saw significant improvements in productivity thanks in part to anonymous suggestions, and management took all the credit. There is a need to gain not just depth of feeling and contribution, but spread across an organisation.
Organisations are not renowned yet for their humanised approach where openness is widespread so I think, in the interim, anonymity is good as it starts the process of true engagement that will lead to participation. If there is a significant amount of anonymity, I think that says a lot to the HR and senior executives in the organisation and that’s what they need to address first. Internal social platforms are continually evolving – adding more and more functionality and communication options daily.

When I was asked this same question a year ago it was in context of commenting on internal news articles and blog posts – to which I answered that anonymity was not appropriate. If I was asked that same question today in context of management feedback or strategy evaluation, I would answer differently. In short, I think we are to a point of internal social platform evolution where the question of anonymity needs to be answered by function as opposed to in aggregate. I’m inclined to think that at least showing management that there are a number of dissenting voices, if indeed there are, can help to break down any hubris they may suffer from and therefore help to open up dialogue.
The idea is to build robust organizations that encourage open conversions, where employees are free to dissent without fear of retaliation.
I look at sites like Glassdoor and wonder if they’d even need to exist if better communication was had within organisations.
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