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We’re your web design firm if you need an affordable web site that ranks well in Google search.
Brandon Beacher returned from Silicon Valley to his Georgia Tech roots and works in Atlanta on web projects that need advanced Ruby programming, like Highgroove Studios and Digital Faith. Jonathan started designing world wide web pages in 1993 right after the creation of the first web browser, Mosaic, which gave birth to the Internet we know today.
Jonathan Beacher graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Communication Arts & Sciences, with lots of courses in computer programming, electrical engineering, broadcasting, and marketing. Atlanta based Design Logic Studio has been providing web site design and graphic design for the Atlanta area for almost a decade. The Atlanta Streetcar is the result of a cooperative effort by the City of Atlanta, the business community and MARTA to bring to fruition critical infrastructure that will connect the metro area and the greater region.

The long-term vision for the proposed streetcar includes a north-to-south route from the Brookhaven MARTA station to Fort McPherson and an east-to-west route connecting The King Center to the Centennial Olympic Park area west of Peachtree Street. A standard in Atlanta’s local music scene for the past five years, local and regional musicians and fans welcome the return of this low-key, high quality venue for live performances.
In addition to helping your web design become a winner, Jonathan owns other website businesses and has licensed a database to Microsoft for use in their local search engine. Scott Beacher attended the University of Georgia and today is a gifted Flash animator working at Hollywood’s top firm, Trailer Park, that makes websites for the biggest Hollywood films like Avatar.
An intimate venue where every seat is a winner with premier sound and lighting systems, a cozy lounge area and prime location in the heart of Midtown, Center Stage Theater stands apart from the rest!
Located on the 2nd floor of the Center Stage Atlanta music complex, and equipped with top of the line sound, four full service bars, and a view of the midtown skyline, The Loft is the stylish destination for live music in Atlanta!

The show let you see on screen what it would be like to use PC services that didn’t exist yet, like email, home shopping, and interactive news and entertainment.
He became a marketing consultant to many TV stations nationwide, and networks including ABC, NBC, MTV, and more, as well as Corporate VP for Gannett Broadcasting Group and a consultant to Atlanta’s Channel 5. Over 16,000 people filled out a research survey reacting to these new ideas and how much they would pay.
The findings were shared with over 50 firms who sponsored his project, including AT&T, IBM, Sears, CBS, Bank of America, Tribune Corporation, Control Video Corporation (which became AOL) and many others.

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