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If you want to embed and manage a plugin on your WordPress blog that plays audio files then you would need an audio player plugin to do that.
Freemium plugins are plugins that offer a free version and an upgrade version that charges a fee. The paid version of HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist gives you a bigger player with the option for your visitors to download the song. The PRO Version lets you make several playlists and embed as many of them on your site as you want.
The MB Mini Audio Player WordPress plugin audio player gives your blog a small audio player in HTML5. The Haiku Minimalist Audio Player WordPress plugin can be displayed as a graphical player or you can get a text version of the audio player.
The CodeArt Google MP3 Player for WordPress plugin for audio can be embedded on your blog’s sidebar, page or on the post itself. If you want to host a podcast on your website then the podPress WordPress plugin is the one you want. The Audio Tube WordPress plugin audio player lets you display the audio from any Youtube video. Get exclusive web hosting special offers, helpful tips and tricks, or updates when we add content just for WHC subscribers!
Disclaimer: Please assume all outbound links from this site are going to pay a commission to the owners of this site. To save you the stress and hassle, this post contains 15 high quality and versatile WordPress music player plugins that you can download and install and be up and running in a jiffy. A simple HTML5-based audio player that inserts a text link or graphical player for audio playback. Audio Player Widget is a small plugin that provides support for using the Audio-Player plugin in WordPress sidebars. I just wanted a flash player or alike to be embedded into my pages which reads mp3 files via HTTP anywere on the internet.
It works responsive and allows you to rapidly weave cross platform radio stream into your web pages.
Supports mixing of audio, images and videos together in any order to create any kind of media sequence. A beautiful showcase for your music that works on every screen Clarity is a jQuery plugin that’s easy to customize and has an extensive API.
Royal Video Player is a powerful responsive video player that can play local videos, streaming videos from a server or Youtube videos.
A jQuery plugin to add 3D interactive HTML5 videos to your exhistent websites and web applications.
Royal Audio Player is a powerful responsive HTML5 mp3 player for your website that runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android and Windows8.

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The HTML5 audio player can be easily inserted into HTML editors like Dreamweaver and Frontpage. With the pre-made templates, you can create professional bar-style audio player or audio player with playlist.
You don’t need to convert your mp3 files to any format, the player will play the mp3 files directly.
There are many options out there considering WordPress has thousands of free and paid plugins available. This allows you to test the plugin and if you like it or need a feature only available on the paid model, you can purchase it in confidence. It supports all types of browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox and others.
You can customize the color and the size of the playlist and also customize the social links. If you’re looking for an audio player that looks cool then you need not look any further as this audio player is the trendiest one on the list.
You need to upload your mp3 file through this plugin and you can’t create a playlist rather just a single file audio.
You need to first upload the audio file then copy the URL of the mp3 file you uploaded and put this code on your post or wherever you want the audio player to be displayed. By choosing one of these audio players you’ll surely get a wonderful experience and so will your site visitors.
Media Player music plugin into your site to play back media links (music and video) and monetize purchases via Amazon. He works frequently in the fields of graphic design, web design, web development, programming, audio, music and computer graphics. It allows you to stream your live radio station to your web visitors on Desktops, Tablets and Mobile devices. Optional parameter to disable responsive behavior in order to integrate it in non-responsive websites. It only requires the mp4 format (the best and most used format on the web) and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used including older browsers. Royal Audio Player supports unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited tracks. In legacy web browsers where HTML5 are not supported, for example, Internet Explorer 7 and 8, the audi player switches back to Flash mode to get the maximum compatibility. Or it can be created as a WordPress Audio Player plugin, Joomla Audio Player module or Drupal Audio Player module.
Since Firefox does not support mp3 format in its HTML player, you can also add an optional ogg audio file for it.

Its features also include random playing, auto playing, loop playing, progress bar and volume bar. Some plugins need not be a pro version in order for you to get exactly the audio player plugin you need as many of these plugins can be yours just by simply downloading and installing them to your website. It can support MP3 format audio files and supports the XML song playlist and also supports Unicode. Lastly, you can offer a volume control option and offer the ability for your visitors to embed the player on their websites with an embed code option. Drag n Drop feature for managing your playlist makes it easier for you to organize the music you want. It features volume, seeking control, rewind, mute, and play buttons and a title bar of the audio track. It runs on HTML5 on any web browser but if HTML is not supported then its fall back would be the flash player.
You can choose where in your blog you want to display the audio player and how you want it to look like. He is one of the founders of Presidia, an entrepreneurial team designed at empowering the creative media community. It can also be published as a WordPress Audio Player Plugin, Joomla Audio Player Module or Drupal Audio Player Module. It lets your site visitors choose to repeat the playlist, put it in random, control volume, stream seek and choose to play the next audio file or the previous one. With this WordPress plugin you can add a solo audio track or a playlist and these audio tracks can display ratings, cover photo and you can also include a buy link or a download link if it can be downloaded for free. It also lets you distribute your own music if you want to sell the track as it can also have a buy button where you can even sell your music to places such as iTunes.
One drawback is that when you have other audio plugins in HTML5 you need to deactivate them to avoid conflicts with it.
You can opt to have the paid version as well but the only difference really is with the technical support.
You can pass only a mp4 file for video and mp3 file for audio or pass all the necessary formats for the widest possible support of native HTML5 playback. It uses HTML5 but if this format is not supported then it goes to its backup which is Flash.

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