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B2B Digital MarketingIntroduction 1 I PLANNING 1 Understanding Digital Marketing 5 What Is Digital Marketing?
Consider this when creating lead generation forms for your landing pages: how many form fields would you want to have to fill out to get a piece of content? Finally, there's a comprehensive guide to digital marketing specifically for B2B companies.
Become a Marketing Superstar by Generating Leads with Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and MoreJeffrey L. The shorter the form, the more inclined a prospect will be to fill it out, so ask for exactly the information you need, and no more.DO Avoid ClutterWhen a prospect visits your landing page, your ultimate goal is for them to fill out the form so that you can get their contact information.
In B2B Digital Marketing, Michael Miller thoroughly explains how to use each leading digital marketing vehicle to successfully market any product or service to your target companies.

Keep your landing page free from distractions by eliminating navigational elements that would take them to other webpages.DON’T Forget to Include Social ProofPeople don’t want to give away their personal information to a company they can’t trust, so add elements of social proof to your landing page to make prospects feel more comfortable sharing with you.
You'll start with planning, discovering how to choose your best platforms and strategies for customer acquisition, sales conversion, and retention.
Next, master crucial execution skills for web, search, social, and mobile marketing, online advertising, email, blogs, YouTube, online PR, and more.
Make a commitment to testing elements of your landing page—such as the color scheme, CTA text and placement, and body copy—on a regular basis to ensure it’s the best it can be. Finally, discover exactly how to measure your effectiveness, refocus based on what you learn, and prepare for the newest developments in B2B digital marketing. Whether you're a B2B marketer, product manager, sales professional, PR specialist, manager, or entrepreneur, this book will help you use new low-cost techniques to build stronger relationships, close more sales, and earn higher profits-starting today!

He has established a reputation for clearly explaining technical subjects to non-technical readers, and offering exceptionally useful real-world advice on complex topics. Check out our 6 do’s and don’ts below:DO Draw in Prospects With an Attention-Grabbing HeadlineYour headline is the most immediately visible element of your landing page to a prospect, so make sure it grabs and holds their attention.
253 16 B2B Public Relations 257 What Is Online PR-and How Does It Differ from Traditional PR?

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