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The following practical approach to B2B content marketing strategy provides a framework to plan content development and marketing prioritized against your objectives and audiences.
For many B2B leaders, content marketing is a key initiative when marketing a complex product or solution. The first step in building a B2B content marketing strategy is committing to measurable marketing objectives and prioritizing their importance against your business objectives.  B2B marketing plans often include both qualitative and quantitative objectives. Because content marketing is resource-intensive, you must prioritize your resource allocation to achieve better results. If you have the opposite priority of attracting more leads, then your investment priorities will be reversed. The next step should focus on using a customer-focused articulation of the business you are in. The classic example is Theodore Levitt’s question: “What business are you in?” He illustrates this point with drill bits.
The third step in building your content marketing strategy is profiling your target customer segments. First, model your pipeline by understanding the different stages a customer goes through when deciding to do business with you.
The information-seeking has a broad focus, using more generic and high-level search terms and keywords.
They are seeking assistance with definition, scope, and internal buy-in to solving a problem. Keywords and search terms will be more specific and will start to reflect solution alternatives or categories. They have a solid understanding of how each alternative measures up and the decision maker is trying to get comfortable with committing to one of the decision alternatives.
Keywords and search terms will be much more specific and will be focused on specific solutions. They have a solid understanding of how each alternative measures up and the decision maker is trying to get comfortable with committing to one of the alternatives. The chart below is the tool we recommend to map decision stages and content opportunities for your content plan. Part of the answer to achieving better content marketing results is faster content planning and better execution. The 2015 World B2B Marketing Chief Congress will provide senior B2B marketers with thought provoking insights into how world-leading brands operating within the APAC region are utilizing the power of Modern Marketing. As the event’s Platinum sponsor, Stein IAS will be on stand throughout the three-day event to launch the agency’s new Digital Marketing Maturity Index (DMMI) in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud. The evening of day one (28th) will see Stein IAS host a cocktail event providing those who complete the DMMI survey with yet a further opportunity to receive one-to-one advice from the agency’s digital experts. Tom Stein, Chairman and Chief Client Officer of Stein IAS and Marc Keating, Director of Digital & Innovation at Stein IAS (EMEA), will also take to the stage on day three (30th) to discuss the four tenets of Modern Marketing, the benchmarks to measure business performance and how data driven marketing cloud will become the most powerful marketing asset within your business. In 1973, the importance of B2B specialist marketing was realized when IAS (Industrial Art Services) introduced it to Britain. At Stein IAS, we champion B2B as the powerful engine of global growth and innovation it is. Mi 3: The most advanced, integrated, holistic process purpose-built to activate B2B brand opportunity.

While technical optimization remains complex, the net result is that technical optimization (beyond good Google friendly hygiene) is becoming much less important than developing, publishing, and sharing relevant, useful, and valuable B2B content related to your subject matter expertise. Next, develop a keyword strategy that will allow you to describe your content using customer language, and target buyer intent searches.
Finally, attracting the right traffic using B2B SEO strategy is only the initial challenge.
Once upon a time, businesses got to decide how and when buyers received and read information.
Forrester found that B2B buyers today are typically more than two-thirds of the way through the buying process before they contact a salesperson (Wizdo, 2012). Watch our video to find out how the magic happens, and a few clients stop by for a chat, too. There’s nothing like a webcast to stir up a flurry of interaction and, earlier this year, one of our clients invited their customers and prospects to join the discussion around employee engagement.
This month we’ve been talking a lot about video case studies, and why they’re so important for decision makers.
Increasing and sustaining B2B Sales is vital for the growth and development of any organisation. JMB Partnership is a B2B Sales and Marketing Agency specialising in  Lead Generation, delivered through Integrated Sales and Marketing tactics. Having helped over 600 organisations in both UK and international markets achieve their business growth ambitions, we understand the vital components required to deliver a highly effective Integrated B2B Lead Generation campaign.
At The JMB Partnership we offer a flexible approach tailored to your individual needs and objectives. Mit der Virtualisierungs-Software Parallels lauft ein Windows-Betriebssystem auch auf einem Apple-Rechner. Mac OS X auf Windows-Computern Mac OS X ist nur fur den Einsatz auf Apple-Computern vorgesehen. Um die Bestellung abzuschlie?en, klicken Sie bitte auf den Bestatigungs-Link, den Sie soeben per Mail bekommen haben.
Planning against these measurable strategic objectives allow you to report on marketing results instead of just tactical activities. This will help to identify which content categories, topics, and approaches are most relevant to your customer. Drill bit manufacturers care about everything involved in the production of their drill bits, but drill bit customers don’t really want drill bits.
Sales profiles, personas, and best customer models are tools you should use to profile your customer segments in order to improve the relevance and effectiveness of your content marketing. Make sure to focus on your customer’s needs and pains, rather than simply providing expert knowledge. Brainrider recommends using these 4 strategic elements as a practical framework to plan content development and marketing prioritized against client objectives and audiences. Visitors will be invited to take the short survey to reveal their own digital marketing maturity rating and will receive a copy of the DMMI eBook detailing the findings of the global study and the expert consultation they need to take their digital offering to the next level. And we bring together the deep thinking, specialized expertise, proven processes and advanced technology to place our clients at the vanguard of B2B marketing.
But Google is increasingly targeting more subtle ranking factors to deliver relevant vs optimized search results.

That means that you need to provide content in as many different formats (on as many different channels) as buyers want. We produce compelling content marketing and sales enablement materials to connect our clients with their customers and prospects.
Whether looking to explore new markets or bolster your existing client base, JMB will develop a strategic B2B Sales and Marketing campaign to ensure your organisation will accelerate and exceed your growth ambitions.
Otherwise, your campaign will be trying to accomplish too many things at once without focusing on your objectives. The key in building the right segments is to identify customer needs and pains, filter them through the business you are in, group their needs and pains by roles or audiences, and then use that data to profile your top customer segments.
Click here to download a working copy of the B2B Content Marketing Strategy Template or contact us for more information about how we help clients get better content marketing. By identifying and acting upon what’s most important to B2B marketers’ success globally, we help make clients’ brands the most important in their markets.
Take a look – the chart below from SEO authority SearchEngineLand shows the complex mix of factors Google is believed to be using to deliver search results. Buyers have total control over what information they get, when they get it and how they read it. Trotzdem gibt es im Internet zahlreiche Anleitungen, wie Sie OS X als Betriebssystem auf Ihrem PCs einrichten – allen voran das OSx86-Projekt. While these areas of expertise are important to managing and operating a business, not all of them are relevant to what your customer wants to know. Understanding the business you are in through the lens of your customer ensures that you are marketing holes, not just bits. It is important to profile these segments by developing a long list of customer needs and pains using your customer’s own “How do I” questions.
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Virtualisierung: Programme wie Parallels Desktop oder VM-ware Fusion sorgen dafur, dass Windows gleichzeitig mit Mac OS X lauft.
Allerdings ist die Emulation meist deutlich langsamer und weniger stabil als ein echtes Windows.So lauft Windows auf dem Mac durch VirtualisierungDie Software „Parallels Desktop“ installiert Windows als virtuellen PC unter Mac OS X. Vorteil der „2-in-1“-Losung: Sie starten gleichzeitig beide Betriebssysteme und tauschen Daten zwischen den Programmen aus.

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