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From a recent Ad-ology blog, Kathy Crosett in her February 23, 2012 post noted virtual trade shows appear to be surpassing traditional trade shows for B2B marketing. Many sales in the Business to Business arena require a long-term, multi-stage relationship.
Develop an email campaign to all of your suspects (contacts and leads) pre-show, to invite them to see and visit and to make a special offer — whether a demo, or training, or one-on-one discussion about their expectations.
Flag the upcoming show on your website, to ensure web visitors know you’ll be attending. Ensure there is a comfortable space to have a conversation about your product or service, and a way to evaluate an interested show attendee’s suitability and level of interest. Capture contact information and immediately note any specifics discussed, inquiries and level of interest. Follow up after the show based on the assessment of need, interest and stage in the sales process. Ensure your sales team makes personal calls to follow up on the most highly qualified prospects, in addition to sending requested information. Of course, however you follow up, your message, materials and conversation should address how your audiences will choose to move forward as well as give them reasons to continue the conversation. A trade show can be an important point of choice in the sales process — to capture interest or to move forward, to close in on a purchase decision. Jennifer's training as a graphic designer has guided the Creative Company's focus on unifying design and message to improve marketing results.
Stein IAS’ Mi Inventions process is the industry’s only creative model crafted specifically for B2B audiences. It should be obvious: B2B is very different and magnitudes more complex buyer journeys than consumer marketing.

Mi Inventions takes the outputs of Stein IAS’ Mi Insights and Mi Interactions processes and translates them into ideas that are big enough to engage every important audience in every media channel that’s important to them – and long enough to carry the day across the entire buyer journey, nurturing them from awareness to purchase through retention. Importantly, in a time when too much marketing is pedestrian, cliched and watered down by too much caution and too many committees, Mi Inventions provides objective, mediocrity-busting criteria to evaluate whether an idea will be truly breakthrough and effective. Mi 3: The most advanced, integrated, holistic process purpose-built to activate B2B brand opportunity.
Mi Inventions is part of Mi 3, the most advanced, integrated, holistic process purpose-built to activate B2B brand opportunity.
A week of live online debates in which experts discussed the state of the creative industry. Creative Week provided a forum in which the issues and opportunities facing the creative industries could be debated. With a new, bold tone of voice and stunning imagery created with CS6, our site showcases the features of the new software and Adobe's new offering - Creative Cloud. On the day of the CS6 launch, we put QR code clings (statically charged, non-adhesive and non-invasive stickers) all over the Soho and Shoreditch areas of London to drive interest and awareness.
Our online banners featured creative professionals voicing the kind of demands our target audience will be making. Using Adobe's existing channels such as the Creative Juices Facebook page and the Adobe UK and Adobe Student Twitter pages, we regularly updated the creative industry on the launch and the benefits Creative Cloud and CS6 bring.
A simple online game to test people's knowledge of Creative Suite 6 and the Creative Cloud. To celebrate the launch of Creative Suite 6, some of the world's most talented photographers, illustrators and designers were commissioned to put the software through its paces. This percentage is down slightly from the previous year but up markedly since the start of the recession.

Yet studies have shown many organizations do not follow up on leads they have gathered at shows, or only follow up on the special few that made a connection. Just as you optimize your brand to connect with your target audiences where and how they choose, you can do the same for your potentially biggest investment — a trade show. Award winning design, on point messaging and strategic positioning have generated response for clients since 1978.Another blog post by Jennifer Larsen Morrow. Our work resonates with your audiences, escalates response and triggers recognition for who you are and what you offer. Its results: big, important, long-tail creative ideas that defy expectation, excite people and energize your brand across multiple audiences, channels and the entire purchasing timeline. It's a multiple choice quiz with a twist – the answers are hidden behind some of the stunning imagery we commissioned. In one place you can discover a new way to work, Adobe's latest innovations and the event that brought the UK's creative community together for a week of debate and discussion.
A show can be optimized to meet prospects face to face and demo products, or to introduce new people into the sales cycle, while assessing their intention to move forward in the process. And there are often many more purchase decision-makers and influencers – each with their own needs, wants and sensibilities.

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