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1.       It’s Free – Besides your investment of time, making and uploading videos is completely free to do you YouTube! 3.       Potentially Viral – If your video is creative or funny or informational enough, it has the potential to go viral. 4.       Global and Local Audience – Based on the key words you use, your video has the potential to be seen around the world. 5.       Demonstrate Your Expertise – By giving away great tips, you will literally show your viewers that you know what you’re talking about. Last week the digital marketing world was rightly focused on CES and Google’s latest evolution: Search plus Your World.
However, caught between the importance of Search+ and Google’s embarrassing Kenyan adventures and easy to miss, there was also a humble little post about making better use of page titles. One of the digital marketing takeaways from the post was how Google describes the tag as a single rather than an instruction.
In the past Google has not been keen to suggest that behavioural signals have an influence of ranking.
The truth is that we do not have to go digging around between the lines of webmaster announcements to know that Google is interested in behavioural signals and has been for a while. This is interesting because it is clear there is a sizable grey area when it comes to just how much emphasis Google gives to behavioural signals. Even after the search engine stood up and explicitly announced it used social signals in search there was plenty of industry debate.

Today, as the controversy around social signals moves to new areas –whether Google are implementing social signals in a good and fair way – I have to wonder whether 2012 will see new debates and new controversy around behavioural signals.
If behavioural signals are strong or do grow in influence then core digital marketing disciplines like branding, usability and engagement also become key SEO concerns.
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. One of the biggest reasons is because they want to find information that will help them solve a problem.
Content is Powerful – In the online world, content is king and that would make video content the king of kings.
That means that potentially thousands of other people will be sharing your video with their people. For many potential clients or customers, it often comes down to choosing between two businesses. You make the video once, load it up, and then let your video sales person go to work for you around the clock.
It shows them you’re really a nice person that knows what you’re talking about and how you can help them. When someone searches for something online, very often a video will come up in one of the top spots in the organic search.
Of course if you need help getting kick started in your video marketing efforts, we know some great people who can help you!

This is important in search marketing because those headlines have a significant impact in click through rates. That certainly dovetails with the way Search+ makes multi-signal SEO the natural successor to the traditional few-signal SEO of yester year. The way searchers behave is a signal that can override the explicit technical signal of the tag. Towards the end of last year the search giant was granted an American patent on Systems and methods for determining a quality of provided items. Some of that debate was fuelled by SEOs protecting old business models, some from search marketers who did not welcome the encroaching influence of social and some came from those who were confident that Google would only ever place a small about of emphasis on social.
Like I mentioned before, people would much rather watch something than read something – especially online.
Simply put this patent described an algorithmic way to detect whether searchers were happy with a set of research results. It means that people are going to YouTube not only to find answers to their problems but to see them.

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