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So how can writers produce content that checks all the boxes without getting overwhelmed with the details?
This is a free site where you can paste the content you write and it will highlight complicated sentences, confusing words, passive phrasing, and more with color-coded marks for quick and easy edits. With this tool you can scan your content quickly to make sure there isn’t any duplication.
Creating and placing images is not technically part of actual content writing, but it IS a great tip for presenting your content in an attractive manner. Search engine and conversion optimization are two separate content writing goals, but when the correct balance is struck between them the result is web content that reads and performs beautifully. Hopefully some of these content writing tools were exactly what you were looking for and with them your content writing tasks will go smoothly.
About Jessie JenkinsWhen she's not writing awkward author bios, you can find Jessie working on her latest content marketing project or excitedly brainstorming new blog topics. As the name suggests, marketing enriched content is what most web marketers engage in by promoting the products and services of their site directly to the target audience. This post would highlight the key features and benefits of the top 10 content marketing tools which are used for content promotion and audience tracking in order to provide an overall understanding about its usage and benefits to a potential online marketer. We will review here these 10 of the best Business content marketing free and premium tools. The buffer app website basically gives the ability for content marketers to manage the posts which they share on their social media accounts by scheduling the most suitable time for it to be published automatically so that they do not have to manually publish it during those peak hours.
This is highly recommendable to larger businesses which need to manage several social media accounts and schedule posts, manage analytics and determine user engagement by comparing metrics across several channels simultaneously. This implies that marketers and content creators could make use of the website's easy to use drag and drop interface and make new content based on existing viral feeds. Feedly provides a platform to stay in touch with this information on any device, mobile or desktop so that one could immediately post a relevant content on their official blog or site to their audience. This is an ideal platform to obtain social sharing as well, therefore marketers could use this tool to post content which they not only need to be marketed but also needs to get brand exposure as well.
Brands who use YouTube as part of their online marketing efforts could also gauge important metrics about visitor engagement, view count, demographics, gender ratio as well as other analytics by making use of the YouTube Analytics platform. This is available to every YouTube Channel which has uploaded at least one video and would give a detailed insight about its progress.
This tool is highly beneficial for two main purposes of keyword research which is for SEO and for online advertising campaigns. In that case of planning an online advertising campaign the results delivered from this tool is accurate because its based on actual data from Google itself. This social media management tool is also a valuable resource for considerably large brands and organizations to make use of because of its security, analytics, engagement, metrics and apps. As it provides all the main areas which need to be considered when managing a particular social media profile, users have the opportunity to gauge the success of the online marketing campaign at a glance without much effort.
The above list of web promotion and submission tools is only a dip in the ocean as there are several hundreds of valuable tools which could be used to carry out a successful content marketing campaign. Although some of the above are not free tools, the benefits which one could obtain by upgrading the account would show immediate results to content marketers and digital media specialists within a considerably short time. Blogs have become an essential aspect of any successful business marketing plan or strategy.
A business blog must know its target demographic and understand how to connect with readers. Once topics have been nailed down, the writing needs to be error-free, creative and engaging.

Thankfully, technology is providing an endless amount of tools to assist online writers in the proofreading and editing process.
This tool shows blog writers how to create content for their target audience by guiding them through a step-by-step process.
Business users can sign up for a free ProWritingAid account and receive a thorough grammar and spell check.
With this tool writers can choose their level and style, making it easier to edit according to the needs of online writing, rather than essays or academic papers. This straightforward, web-based proofreading tool allows writers to copy and paste their content directly on the site. Since online writing needs to be short and sweet, business bloggers must have a thorough knowledge of the brand they are representing.
Sometimes a writer’s content may be useful and creative, however, it may be presented in a way that is not optimized or edited for online viewing. Time to Renew Your Blogging Vows: 16 Tips For Revitalizing Your BlogWhat about the Company Blog? From your experience it seems like it was easy enough to use, and that you really found value in maintaining your standard of writing for your target audience.
Then you know how much effort goes into the research, planning, writing, and optimizing of the content published on a web page. By using the tools and resources listed below to streamline and improve the content writing process.
Write content that is easy-to-read and gives the reader the information they’re after, while engaging them as long as possible.
The title needs to capture readers attention while communicating to search engines the topic for indexing. You can use this to plan for a series of blog posts or to come up with a great title without wasting too much time brainstorming.
You can select the image type from many different options (banners, photos, social media, and more) or choose a custom size. Give them a good, hard read and you’ll have the tips needed for content writing that is optimized for conversion and search.
Without the proper, relevant keywords, search engines don’t know how to categorize your website. It fulfills the whole gamut of keyword research needs, whether you’re designed content for your website or writing copy for a social media campaign.
Rather content could be broadly divided into two main groups as, viral content and marketing enriched content.
The data collected from YouTube analytics should be evaluated with other metrics to determine the success rate of a particular campaign. However when using this tool for SEO purposes, marketers should not rely solely on its results because it is more inclined towards providing results for online advertising rather than organic search. And while blogs have opened the door to more affordable and new marketing ideas, they have also increased the workload involved. The service provides users with a personalized “score” that acts as a goal for maximum impact, helping users better cater to their reader’s interests.
The distraction free word processer’s features and design are equally as minimal as its mantra. Their professional writers specialize in various areas of interest and are able to cater to any style or format during the editing and proofreading process.
You chance ruining your business reputation and career by forgetting to properly reference information, or by publishing content that already exists online.

It’s an all-in-one tool that offers users access to live corrections, real-time support, thorough dictionary resources and text readers (automated voice that reads your writing aloud) with translation features. It’s an excellent go-to proofreader for any online content writer and should be used before any content is published. Users can check their readability and eliminate any errors to increase flow and connection with their readers.
Users will receive a quick and efficient scan for errors, as well as suggested corrections and explanations.
Like Hemingway himself, the app helps users eliminate run-on sentences and overuse of adverbs. It’s natural to require a second set of eyes and multiple drafts before achieving high-quality work. It’s easy for writing to turn from subjective to objective, however, when writing for a business, a writer should have clear goals and concise viewpoints. Blogging itself is time-consuming and needs to be done consistently to obtain the largest audience. So many details need to be included in order to create content that does it all; attracts readers, provides information, turns visitors into customers, and ranks high on search engines. If your site contains content that can be found elsewhere on the Internet, search engines will penalize the site by making it difficult to find, or removing it entirely, from search results. You can enter your topic, industry, website, and more to have a selection of keywords organized by subject, popularity, level of competition, etc.
We’ve also got a list of the best duplicate content checkers to make sure your site has only original content and avoids penalization.
And they have significantly increased the ability for businesses to reach a large target audience. Business blog writers need to be proficient with their initial research and be able to find and write about topics geared towards the brand’s target audience. It allows writers to save drafts and view them on the same screen to better analyze the structure and provides adequate proofreading as well. Use Plagtracker’s unique plagiarism checking algorithm to be sure your writing is 100% unique. The editing process can make or break the impact of a post, so it’s imperative for your writers focus on it appropriately and to include engaging visuals, infographics, photos and videos as well. All content writers know the feeling that comes when you check the clock and see that several hours have passed during what you thought was going to be a quick post.
Make sure you choose keywords that fit your topic (and topics that fit your keywords) for better keyword inclusion. This tool should be your first stop when picking the perfect keywords for your content writing. And every post must be high quality; once you start posting useless information you will lose readers, rather than be able to gain new ones. Begin using the tools listed above today and watch as your blog gains a solid online presence, ultimately boosting your connection with customers and fans.

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