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Experiential marketing is a technique where a brand is marketed using the 5 senses of the body so as to develop a strong connection with the target audience.
2) Lipton iced tea managed to give people the taste of the product without even sipping it. Check this out. Tags: activities, advertising, agency, Angry birds, BIG IDEA, blog, business promotion, Coke and 007 movie Skyfall, crazy ideas, creativity, Desigual, experiential marketing, increase foot falls, INSANELY, interactive marketing, Lipton iced tea, lycodonfx, LycodonFX Pvt. About LycodonFXLycodonFX is a creative studio, where strategic thinking and creative execution bring concepts and business strategies to life, across many forms of communication. Before launching headfirst into brainstorm sessions for innovative 2016 marketing campaigns, it might be wise to stop for a moment and look back at the experiential events that worked well in 2015.
The Cape Town-based agency Stretch Experiential Marketing produced the fun and exciting POP-OUT skate park. Do you have great media, marketing, PR or social media content that you would like to share with us? As per our T&Cs we undertake to never sell or share any of your personal information to any 3rd party unless obliged to do so by law.
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Top line research findings in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia indicates that the brands that will lead in the 21st century will be experience brands, supported by experiential marketing tactics. At Tigris, we create unique experiences to tell the story of your brand and connect to consumers in a meaningful way.
When brands are effectively supported by experiential marketing and communication tools, this connection has the capacity to attract new users, stimulate early adapters, cement pre-existing loyalties and create a positive and evolving social dialogue between brand and consumer. Tigris is an award winning brand experience agency specializing in innovative, turnkey experiential marketing strategies.

Sign-up to receive our FREE e-book, "Insiders Tips To A Successful Event Marketing Campaign" (a $97 value)! The whole concept behind this is to let the person experience the brand before the purchase has been made. By word of mouth and big time social media, it truly truly become one of the most viral videos on the net. Our focus is not only on aesthetics, but also on usability, functionality and high standards. The skate park appealed to action sports fans and ‘popped out’ at universities across South Africa.
Professional, trained events staff that communicate key brand messages and engage them in a unique  way are unforgettable. We have 12 years experience exciting consumers and executing thousands of programs across the country, and even a few in the United States. Your Brand is You, Know your Brand!Before design, before organization, even before contacting potential channels define your brand.
The greater use of elements like touch, hear,smell, taste and sight, the more is the retention power of the one who is experiencing it.
Students were invited to take boot camp sessions in extreme sports with the pros and received loads of free samples and merchandise from the park’s funder Mountain Dew.Stretch went on to produce the world’s most luxurious vending machine. It’s the experiences garnered from experiential marketing tactics such as these that connect consumers to brands.
You can depend on our experiential expertise to build you an unforgettable program while our dynamic events staff successfully execute it. Designs were submitted in exchange for a chance to win a coveted 3D printer.Another notable marketing stint was the re-enactment of a fallen UFO scene produced by the full-service communications agency Joe Public. Be able to clarify this to everyone involved in the campaign and you’re guaranteed to receive the results you want.2.

The scene was part of a national brand activation for Clover and FutureLife’s new smart-drink.
In-Line Team Transparency Now that your brand is clearly defined, relaying that image to your team is essential.
All outbound marketing including paper ads, radio ads, and commercials as well as inbound marketing such as social media, blogs and websites should be clearly conveyed to the potential team. This will ensure your brand image can be transferred to a potential customer in a clear and concise manner.3.
One of the most effective marketing tools to communicate with customers happens to be through creating an experience for them, a la experiential marketing.
Allowing your customers to truly experience; see, touch and feel is what experiential marketing is all about. The best experiential marketing campaign is one that attempts to address as many senses as possible.
Whether the response is good or bad, it gives you to improve or revamp your message within a relatively short period of time with reduced uncertainty. All this take away can then be reapplied at the next event to further narrow down and gain potential customers. Brands have been known to create TV commercials based around the responses they received from experiential marketing programs.

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