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If you’ve shot a good photo on your iPhone or your iPad and you would like to edit it and make it awesome, then you surely need a good photo editor.
This is also a good editor which comes with all the basic things and also some nice enhancements like Night, Auto, Backlit and more. Update: In fact we found this one to be totally similar to the Photo Editor- we wrote about. All the editors which are listed here are really helpful for editing your photos to a limited extend. Welcome!Welcome to The World Wide Web Blog, a blog founded by Chetan Bhawani, on the day of Christmas in 2007. Although there are a lot of photo editors on the App Store, many of them are not worth downloading. As usual there is an option to sharpen your image and also change the contrast of the image.

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Photo editors allow you to edit many aspects of the photo right from cropping it to increasing the exposure. There are also overlays to cover up bad parts of the image or to change the outlook of the image.
There is also a blemish tool which allows you to blur specific parts of the image, which is rather impressive.
There are several changes that one can do through the Adjustment panel, where the Color Splash, Sharpening, Denoise, Red Eye reduction, Whitening, Touch Up, Focal Blur, Cropping and few other changes can be done. The various effects included are Vintage, Creative, Soft, Subtle, Old and Unicolor while the overlay structures and borders too can be changed and made better. Furthermore, using this app, you can change the exposure, and also change the brightness of your picture.

There is an effective sharpen effect which will sharpen your image significantly or even lower it.
Change the contrast, saturation and also the temperature using this unique photo editing app. If you’d like to make your photo look like it’s been sketched, there is a sketch feature too. So I’d say this is a powerful editor, this app can help you make your photos awesome.

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