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Whether you prefer to call it inbound marketing, permission marketing, content marketing, or even “New SEO” – the disciplines of internet marketing are undeniably fluid. In our cyber world, achieving these tasks is streamlined by the nature of social networks and blogs.
It’s a bit circular, how the greatest inbound marketing blogs are, in themselves, the best examples of inbound marketing. In addition to the main content of these 17 inbound marketing blogs, I’d like to point out that sometimes I’ve found the best information in their comment sections.
The web has evolved to the point where new social media tools, networks, platforms, marketing strategies, and types of media are created every day. Our strategic communication efforts must focus simultaneously benefit the end user in some fashion while gently promoting a product or message. Victor, a pest control company with eCommerce has precisely achieved this by accompanying their products with instructional videos, such as how to kill rats. While it would be impressive if one website could cover everything while sustaining benefits to readers, we actually receive more benefit from having a variety of blogs with their unique experiences and views. Jesse AaronJesse Aaron is a professional blogger with a passion for homebrewing, and writes on a variety of topics on his blog Mashbout.
Share Tweet Pin Stumble ShareInbound marketing is seen to be one of the best ways to generate lead and revenue online. Getting discovered online in the past entailed link building through spam links from low quality websites, hundreds of links from directories and unnatural keyword placements in short blogs. So, let’s get into the wide range of tools for inbound marketing and how you can use them to benefit your strategies, increase revenue and gain leads. HubSpot offers various training courses and certifications as part of their other offerings to assist online marketers. Some other HubSpot tools include blog articles, social media integration, downloadable content in forms of videos and tip sheets. It offers valuable insight into the inbound marketing process through free downloadable eBooks, webinars and helpful articles.
With a reputation for brilliant functionality, it is usually recommended for middle level SMEs with a focus on in-depth reporting and BI. Like HubSpot, Marketo also offers the usual features which include analytics, CRM, email marketing, lead management and social marketing.
Marketo is said to be an industry favourite, being featured on several big websites like Forbes, WSJ and Appexchange’s list of companies to watch for. There is usually the standard report from Marketo which summarises the email and landing page performance together with web activity and lead performance.
The platform has done a good job in simplifying the process of Marketing Automation through its books and training offers.
For landing pages, Marketo also employs the drag and drop interface with its pre-designed templates.
Despite its good functionality, Marketo has experienced some backlash after its growth took a toll on various aspect of service. BuzzStream’s full integration of email and your contact database helps you access conversion streams in one place.
BuzzStream is an excellent tool for large-scale link acquisition campaigns and link management. Eloqua, founded in 1999, was bought by industry giant Oracle in 2012 and is now referred to as Oracle Eloqua. Compared to its other contemporaries, especially Marketo, Eloqua seems to have more features in its basic package compared to Marketo’s Spark while both boast of easy integration among CRMs social media.
Like other tools, Pardot has pre-defined templates which allow drag and drop landing page building. When it comes to CRM, Pardot can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Salesforce and Sugar CRM.
While Eloqua uses Co-Dynamic Lead Scoring and Marketo uses unlimited factor to score leads, Pardot divides the lead management process into two, the Lead Grade and the Lead Score. Now, for social marketing, Pardot allows clients to post on social media, connects all social accounts and track each of them. Pardot users have the option to create their customer reporting with the help of GoodData visual interface. Designed for small to medium businesses and B2B companies, Pardot caters to companies with 10 to 500 employees. Pardot often helps provide companies with key insights into the success of their efforts by pinpointing areas to improve and bringing to spotlight campaigns that are successful.
Now with 10 million customers, Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools around.
All in all, Hootsuite is best for content distribution and relationship building through social media channels.
Infusionsoft delivers a fully integrated CRM, as opposed to HubSpot which offers fully integrated CMS. This platform is also deemed to be affordable since it brings users a powerful CRM that contains basic marketing automation activities. Offered via three versions, Standard, Plus and Premier, Infusionsoft packages range from $1999 to $2999.
Infusionsoft offers training for its client which includes the Inbound University for strategy and best practices for the use of software, the Virtual Academy that is for the newer user for familiarisation with the set-up and capabilities of the software and the Infusioncon which is a three-day annual event that provides information on the latest updates and best practices for the five specific learning tracks.
Salesforce, an established name in the market developed strategies that have been able to generate leads by effectively raising traffic. The Salesforce strategy includes promotion on multiple channels through its created, curated, collaborative and legacy content. Buffer can be said to be always pitted against Hootsuite although it is sometimes compared with HubSpot as well.
It collates content from your own website and elsewhere to interest readers. Plus Buffer now keeps innovating to keep up with user needs. Sidekick’s Insight provides a full company profile on the right side of your browser of any company you are browsing. With these tools, you can surely come up with the best marketing strategy for your business. Roelen researches, creates, tailors content for outreach and content promotion campaigns as well as social presence management. In the old days we marketers mainly used outbound marketing such as advertising, email blasts, postal mailings, Yellow Page ads and so on. Inbound marketing is the process of creating interest with your target audiences so that they reach for more information and eventually sales. These inbound marketing tools should form the basic elements of a small business Internet marketing strategy.
I've been hearing more and more these days that quantity backlinks are important but quality backlinks are rising in importance. Join our mailing list, and get free webinar invites and the latest marketing tips delivered to your inbox. Well, our team has been trying out all kinds of different tools and programs over the last couple years to find the most useful. Below are the 24 tools we use every day in order to carry out inbound marketing for ourselves and our clients, and a brief description of what we do with each.
We have shared calendars within Google Calendar that show us when everyone on the team has meetings (internal, client, and prospect meetings) and what our part-time workers’ typical office hours are.
Our entire team works remotely, so we really don’t have the option of local file storage—all our files must live online.
During this transition, we created a template folder structure that we duplicate for each new client we work with.
Our team members that have a lot of communication with clients have accounts on ScheduleOnce in order to make scheduling meetings faster and simpler.

We use Skype for some of our client meetings, but we primarily use it for our casual group and individual chats.
We’ve tried a few different video conferencing platforms and we’ve really liked Zoom so far.
LinkedIn is a platform where we share both our articles and our clients’ articles, but we also use it as a way to network.
In addition to being a great option for break time fun, we use Twitter for sharing both the articles we’ve created and other articles or content we’ve found interesting and helpful. One thing Henry recently discovered is the ability to find industry-specific keywords right out of Keyword Planner.
We use Google Sheets to create what we call a “Necta Workbook” for our clients—it’s a series of spreadsheets with information about that client’s inbound marketing goals, their buyer personas and questions, their content inventory and calendar, and keyword strategy. These spreadsheets are easy to create and update, and they can be shared with and edited by the client, team members, and anyone else pertinent to the account.
With Google Webmaster Tools, we check keyword rankings and click-through rates for each term that is bringing visitors to our website and client websites. We use Pipedrive for our CRM, and it has really helped Lance and Henry see where our leads and deals stand. If one of our leads progresses to the “Proposal Presented” stage of our pipeline, they receive a proposal we’ve made in Quote Roller. Lance and Henry use Sidekick for HubSpot—it’s a plugin that allows you to schedule personal emails out of Gmail, save emails to templates so you can reuse them, and receive notifications when people open your emails, visit your website, etc.
HubSpot is the software platform we use to carry out the bulk of our inbound marketing—both for us and our clients.
This is the framework we use for our website, as well as many of our clients’ websites.
Have you found yourself in a similar place—trying out different apps and programs to find the best ones for inbound marketing? Lance, we are currently using Whatsapp to create a sense of community among my clients but let’s say I have 25 clients and they are all responsible for analyzing at least one property per month.
Charles, the first thing I’m grateful for is your overly-high estimation of my instant-dashboard-communication-creation skills. Marisa is actually out now for the rest of this week—I’ll let her know you asked this when she returns so she can let you know! Bettina Horvath will be presenting an Inbound Marketing Webinar for Solopreneurs on July 27, 2012. If you are a solopreneur (essentially a one-man business) learning these tools is essential as you can do all of it on a no-budget or very minimalistic budget.
The first webinar in this series is FREE (yeah best price ever!) and is an overview webinar. It’s always great to see an author jump in the conversation and respond to any challenging statements, because ultimately the result is of higher quality. Finding and putting together all of the pieces is what separates a good inbound marketing strategy from a poor one. In his spare time Jesse enjoys redditting, brewing beer (as you may have guessed), slowly learning Python, and reading (currently reading Infinite Jest). Now the drastic changes brought about by search engine overhauls are changing the way we market content. It’s a free tool that helps critique your site in terms of security, performance, mobile optimisation and SEO. It is labelled as user-friendly on its panels and multiple channels can be accessed from one log-in. Content editing is easy due to this and it is viewed as more cost-effective as compared to hiring a website developer. Marketo and most of its tool are programmed to be integrated with the buyer’s sale cycle. Campaign performance results with metrics that are customisable, reports on influence and impact of the marketing campaigns and the revenue modelling capability which review the company sales and the whole process at a high level. Its visual drag and drop interface for email is user-friendly in that it does not require any html skills. The automated processes make everything easy while dynamic content capabilities personalise the CTAs based on the previous activity of a user on the site.
Experts always put BuzzStream link building workflow at par against other tools since it identifies tasks of link prospects that still need your attention.
It also is not available for small to medium companies but caters to those big companies with huge budgets for marketing.
And since it also offers developers API, it has the capacity to integrate other third-party CRM platforms.
The former focuses on the company size, title and industry while the latter focuses on prospect abilities. After the consolidation of data gathered from these different factors, analytics and reporting may come in. Through this, users can schedule the frequency of their report and the distribution of analytics based on the metrics. It does not only publish ads, schedule posts, source engaging content and respond to followers but it monitors your progress with analytics. It received a $54 million investment from Goldman Sachs to step up development in various aspects of its features.
This way, users can manage their clients and prospects qualified for sales through their funnel in a much easier way.
Also, Infusionsoft hosts landing pages on its website and not on your own which pulls visitors away from the client site. A cloud computing marketplace, it allows clients to access, download and install software apps.
The platform provides easy access to more powerful and flexible reporting even for large data-driven businesses. Pablo, for example, is its social media tool which makes it easy to layer text over pictures. Sidekick automatically do that eliminating errors, spending of long time in the process and avoid losing momentum of ones work. Sidekick helps determine that best way and time to communicate with possible leads through various channels.
All with the purpose of shoving messages at potential customers in the hope that some of it would stick and the prospect would respond.
Making your website the cornerstone of your small business internet marketing is good strategy.
Blogs have comments which your readers can use to communicate back to you - what a novel idea!
Your future customers are likely on one or more of these major social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. Another up and comer that I'm learning about now is "guest blogging" or "guest posting" where you establish relationships with bloggers who have fairly large followings and get their agreement to let you guest post on their blog. And while we haven’t found the perfect solutions for everything, we’re pretty happy with what we’re using right now. After recording, the file automatically syncs to my Evernote account, where I rename the file, listen to it, and transcribe it—all within the same window.
You can assign various “projects” to a client’s account and then add categories that will correspond with the project’s tasks.
Having this information available at a glance (especially the part-timers’ hours) helps us know when each member of our team is available.
So last year, we worked with someone to help us transfer all our files to and organize them on Google Drive. This works for any client or project we take on, regardless of the type of work we do for them.

First, the account managers choose specific days and blocks of time they’re available and send those times to the person they’re meeting with. For those of us that aren’t so Photoshop-savvy (ahem, me), we have a couple templates set up that allow us to simply place an image, add text if we need to, and save, making the process simple. Once an image is captured, it’s so easy to annotate it with text, arrows, numbers, and even stamps! By contributing to discussions within LinkedIn groups, we can build credibility with others in the industry and become acquainted with other thought leaders.
It automatically filters out your personal search history so your activity isn’t factored into the results. Just by looking at the pipeline, they can see what stage each lead is in, what the proposed value of each deal is, and who is primarily working on each lead. We’ve had to push the limits of the system to get the exact features some of our clients wanted, but that’s why we have an awesome web developer (Nicolae)!
I love how easy it is to use WordPress—it really makes scheduling posts and adding media simple. Their points and suggestions have been put in the spotlight and this adds just enough substance to the article to make it worth bookmarking. Now HubSpot Inbound conferences are attended by thousands of marketers from all over the world. Marketo is often considered and placed side by side with HubSpot although the two have several differences.
If a client requires specific performance data not included in the standard reports, the platform provides customisable reporting options. Spark is at 1195AUD per month, Standard at 1795 per month and Select starting at 3195AUD per month.
And the platform also has a great sign in alternative – it harnesses the power of social media wherein users can fill out forms through connection to their social profile. And since it is equipped with a feature that blocks the use of invalid email addresses, spam is a thing of the past. And many clients often stay or break away from companies depending on the customer support given. Its main strength is said to be in its vast variety of features that allows users to customise their choices based on their needs, in the field of social media, at least. This capacity simplifies the sales management venture of any company using the tool since it is a robust platform that can manage sales funnel. It creates better understanding among users and helps ease the setting of tasks, sequenced across database. From blogs to articles to webinars and vlogs, Salesforce allow users to fully understand their system. These helps end-users search for related apps that will help them accomplish a certain task.
Since it is flexible and easy to use, it does not require users to modify code or be an expert to be able to understand the tool.
As consumers are rejecting the old marketing, we as marketers must change to inbound marketing strategies and tactics. However, as your prospects learn about you, they are eventually going to visit your website which should move them along the sales process.
But when it comes to inbound marketing, there are hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of tools to choose from. Recently, we redefined and reorganized our categories so every client’s default task list is the same, making it possible for us to track our time consistently.
Then, after filling in just a few fields, the customized invoice can be sent to any client we have. Having everyone work, comment, edit, and add files within the same program makes managing projects much simpler.
Then, the other person selects three options out of those blocks of time that work well for them.
When we have a question for another team member, we can easily send a quick chat message or initiate an audio or video call. Of course, our very-savvy graphic designer, Esther, lives in Photoshop and Illustrator, where she designs pretty much everything she’s assigned! And within just one window, you can easily see which proposals have been sent, viewed, accepted, and denied. And that’s why we’ve used WordPress for many of the websites we’ve created for clients—it’s incredibly easy to manage, update, and edit. I can see all of our social messages laid out on the calendar along with all of our blog posts. It would obviously be much easier and faster to have a program transcribe them, but I find that listening to the interview and typing it all out helps me process and think about the information before I get into writing. It leverages your expertise in your field to attract clients who want to do business with you.
It’ll show you what you will need and how you can start working on your own inbound marketing plan. HubSpot is comprised of tools and business-serving tactics that supports funneled strategies. Also, putting ones marketing venture on HubSpot gives users the access to web site analytics which includes keywords, page rankings daily site traffic. Another thing that is not so ideal with Marketo is it has separate applications for marketing and customer relationship management. Along with its e-commerce system, Infusionsoft makes it easy for companies to track prospects until the point of sale.
Meaning the next schedule will be a specific time you chose (quite different from Hootsuite’s random time program).
You can make your website more visible by using SEO - Search Engine Optimization tools such as keyword research, page optimization and link building. These tools provide the opportunity for two way communication as well as your followers helping you promote your business.
We use Skitch for explaining complicated processes, making comments on an offer or graphic, and for website edits. I can easily see which posts were the most popular and schedule them to be shared again later. These analytics helps in generating reports and in finding meaning beneath all the gathered data.
Youtube, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare, WordPress and Japanese social media site Mixi are also supported. Volumes of future customers are searching the Internet, you just need to be there to get that business i.e. You no longer need to convince a journalist to write about your business as online press releases go straight onto the Internet and are then found by people who read their news online.
An email is sent to the other meeting attendee letting them know the date and time of the meeting. Plus, Skitch automatically syncs your screenshots to your Evernote account, so you don’t have to save them to an online file or your hard drive.
I can also leave internal comments for our editor and social contributor regarding each blog post. It’s a quick and easy process that saves us time when we’re trying to coordinate schedules with a client.

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