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Jer­emi­a­h Owyang chats about social media marketing, for businesses and how companies can best engage their online customers.. Two key take away points from this are 1) companies need to understand what is their business objective of using social media? The question from me, is social media marketing suitable for all companies, are companies just following the band wagon? I feel ultimately it boils down to the company’s objective and its means of competitions and how they view social media (Facebook, Forums, Twitter, Blogs). The opinions expressed here are my own, and do not reflect those of my employer, clients, friends, family, or dogs. The best SEO practices for 2016 and beyond will require a strategic mindset, as well as a detailed plan on how to leverage what I am about to share in this post. While this is a simple list, each one can require an extensive amount of time, effort, and resources. When content marketing works, it’s an incredible way to build relationships and share knowledge without pitching your services or products.
Just as there has been a proliferation of marketing, social media and management tools, there has been a growth in the number of SEO tools on the market.
While there are several tools that offer some great features and assistance when it comes to search, these five are among the best SEO tools on the market that every marketer should know about. For anyone who has researched SEO tools in the past, it should come as no surprise that Moz sits on top of the list.
Track up to 20 social accounts (more than Moz), receive extensive competitive analyses and conduct thorough keyword research with Raven Tools. Support is also outstanding, and the only drawback is the keyword research depth that is offered with the tool. Web CEO Online offers tons of keywords for analysis and is a dream for the multi-faceted product search marketer. There is also a keyword generator, a link-building tool, competitive analysis and plenty of reporting. With features like a phrase matching tool and up to 500 keywords that can be researched by a user, SEMrush is great tool-based service.
If you’re looking for help tracking competitors, SEMrush is also going to be one of your go-to services. Now while UpCity is more of an online marketing solution, it does offer an SEO toolkit that can prove to be extremely useful to small businesses looking for all-in-one solutions. It is particularly useful for smaller enterprises that need some assistance with every aspect of their online marketing initiatives and not just SEO.
There are plenty of SEO tools on the market today, and each one has its own value depending on what it is you are trying to achieve. Download Our Social Data eBookLearn how to take control of your social data in order to build your business! Contact UsIf you would like to know more about the services we offer and how we can help your brand grow, please contact us today.
If the culture of the organization is pretty much conservative and bounded by heaps of regulations perhaps social marketing is not the right platform for them.

But here’s the thing: too many businesses are still equating content production with hard sales, especially the content that’s on their business blogs.
But what if your company is doing everything possible to create exciting, engaging and empowering content, but falling flat with distribution? Long-heralded as one of the best search softwares on the market, a brief overview makes it easy to see why. The software also provides a thorough competitive analysis and a series of additional tools (with the pro version) to help any search marketer find success.
While some other tools on this list allow for a fairly extensive number of keywords to be researched, programs to be tracked and social accounts to be analyzed, Moz doesn’t offer quite as many. Again, this service offers info and recommendations related to social (as any good tool will) and top-of-the-line reporting. While it is not quite as robust as its cohorts mentioned above when it comes to things like campaigns and social, it does give you plenty of insights into what is happening with your industry when it comes to search.
There is not quite as much depth in terms of keywords and reporting, but there is a suite of tools that will help you along the way when you are getting started with SEO. Be sure to conduct proper research when deciding on a tool and outline your goals and necessities clearly in order to be certain that you are making the right choice.
Ask us and visit our YouTube channel for a chance to have your question answered in one of our "Q&A with t2" segments! Too many so-called “marketing strategists” tout content marketing’s benefits without actually explaining how to execute a successful content marketing program. When I advise startups and small businesses on content marketing, I always come back to this essential truth: successful content is content that empowers, excites and educates.
Are you already creating great content but struggling to distribute it to the right networks? The result: a lot of snappy, click-bait headlines that clog up our inboxes and social media feeds, but not a lot of content with any value. While HubSpot may be the defacto gold standard for general inbound marketing, specialized content marketing services are popping up that offer new ways for publishers and brands alike to grow their audiences, monetize existing content and reach top influencers.
ClearVoice combines a popular and flexible workflow software with a built-in marketplace that brings the branding, content creation, and publishing communities together in one place. CodeFuel offers engagement and monetization solutions that will help publishers better monetize their online space and at the same time help users discover more relevant content on the publisher page. ClearVoice vets marketplace creators and connects top writers with brands in need of quality content. CodeFuel analyzes user retention and delivers relevant, on-brand content through targeted searches, unique in-tags, and native ad placement. The company offers two content marketing solutions: content creation software (CSS) and the data-driven content marketing platform.
The easy-to-use platform can amplify your audience for virtually any piece of content, including blogs, articles, videos, and infographics. Discover which content performs best for any topic or competitor in your space with analytics driven-insights. For marketers struggling to curate and publish enough quality content, Curata’s content curation software will take your content worries away.

The ClearVoice content studio helps brands identify influencers, analyze competitors and employ best practices so you can be sure the content you publish is engaging, relevant and actionable.
CSS helps brands discover the best content with a self-learning engine, organize and contextualize this content with just a few clicks, and then publish and promote this content. While this is a “pay-to-play” option, if you can find room in your marketing budget, it’s a sure-fire way to build a bigger audience. It seem's the Internet has finally woken up that that Doodle Sketch Videos are literally the *HOTTEST* way to sell anything online. Curata draws from hundreds of thousands of sources, keeping your content engine humming without the need to constantly create your own material. Give the people what they want: identify which topics related to your business are garnering the most attention so you do more of what works and stop wasting time on ineffective content creation. There's no explanation for why they sell like crazy but theres never been a better time to cash in promoting affiliate products.
The content marketing platform offers data driven insights to identify which content resonates most with your audience so you can align your content strategy accordingly. There are different opinions on whether you should first write the title and then your blog or first give your blog a “working title” and then find the title upon completion of your article.
Personally, I lean towards the second solution, unless I was kissed by the Muse before.The meta description or the intro with a strong read appealAs I was a publisher of consumer magazines for 20 years, I naturally brought a part of my wealth of experience to the Internet world. If necessary, edit and shorten the meta description beyond the editing of your post.But how do I create a strong read appeal?In the introduction, you should go immediately to your potential reader. It does not need to be on the first level of signification but rather on the second or third level. And do not forget to put the keyword in the image title and the alt text.The correct length for the contentThere is actually no right or wrong length for a blog post. The length should be appropriate to the content so that you reader isn’t bored after 800 words. In this case, when the content of the illustration allows a reduced size, install the image smaller or larger to fit the entire width.Videos are a very strong asset to a post, but should only be complementary to the post and be no longer than one minute.
If the video is an audio-visual reproduction of the written content, then add only a link to the video, and do not embed it.Call to actionIt is always good if you can keep your readers’ attention until the end of your post.
Question whether they’ve had problems of a similar nature, or whether or not they’ve had more problem solving ideas. Or whether they have links to interesting articles on the topic (but be careful with that option).Share on social networksAlmost every blog has buttons for sharing posts on social networks. This is for the reading comfort of your visitors and is of utmost importance.The latest studies show that a post has an average of 10 links. But avoid bombing your visitors with too many links.So dear reader, if you follow all this, then you are close to writing a perfect post.

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