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March 12, 2014 by Catherine This infographic shared by Prestige Marketing explains email marketing best practices. As a visual marketing consultant, Catherine helps businesses and people tell great stories via visual content strategies that drive more traffic, engagement and connect with the right audience.
The Real Estate industry is full of all types of professionals with their own special way of doing things. However, as our infographic shows, buyers utilise a variety of touch-points when considering a property purchase and the best real estate professionals will incorporate all of these to successfully sell a property. Last summer, we released our inaugural list of Summer Movie Marketing Winners & Losers.
We won’t go too deep here into the fantastic marketing for Godzilla since we already devoted an entire blog post to it. But Dawn found a line that encapsulated everything they wanted the audience to take away from their marketing in this review from The Hollywood Reporter. When you get a line like that—which speaks so directly to the film’s target audience—you snatch it up like an ape going after a banana (sorry, couldn’t resist). It’s pretty safe to say no one expected this movie to beat out the masculine action of The Rock in Hercules on opening weekend or go on to earn $114 million in the U.S. Most importantly, his movie was a ton of fun, and the marketing put the fun front and center. If there is a trend to be found here, it’s that the marketing for all these films managed to effectively boil the movies down to a single, simple message.
Signup below to get the MONSTERS Unlimited email newsletter.Start receiving our email newsletter today and get new and useful marketing info to help you STOMP YOUR COMPETITION. Deliverability is amongst the most valuable issue in the modern email advertising and marketing business. That allows you to ensure that this emails are going to have good deliverability you will want to choose your e-mail marketing vendors sensibly. Using email screens, blockers, and just tons about unsolicited mail, is marketing via email still some sort of viable substitute for build as well as grow your multi-level marketing? One associate of acquire from Los Angeles literally cannot match the great number of prospects asking about the woman’s program. Useful information may be the only good reason prospects sign up for your e-mail marketing campaign.
Having a true software that’ll track most of the email advertising campaigns, as exceptionally well as keep your in the course of subscribers is actually a necessary solution for deliver marketers. What contributed too many marketers within the last few to go from net mail selling was lack of seeing flourishing results from utilizing it. Most useful measure your personal email question line effectiveness is to have products that track may be subscribers that truly open the e-mail to browse simple factors it.
Subsequent that administering instrument informs us all is which often email copy has to write. Still, so lots of smaller businesses allow it to become more difficult than it’s; they do not grasp and also know the end results of checklist building, specifically what tools, services aside from techniques can be acquired, and would not recognize a real successful promotion and final results can which enables it to mean as regards to businesses. Auto responders is a fantastic and in some cases simple solution to turn websites on hard-wired 24×7 presences. A landing page is the perfect strategically made (content aside from visuals) webpage you produce your prospective customers to.
UPDATE: The 2015 edition of my marketing technology landscape is now available, charting 1,876 different companies and open source projects. One of the things that I was less than happy about with the previous version was its lack of underlying structure. The breakthrough occurred in discussions around my post in October on the emerging third-party era of marketing automation. An exchange in the comments with David Raab also led me to his insightful thinking about customer data platforms (CDPs). Internet services such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter that underlie today’s marketing environment. Infrastructure such as databases, big data management, cloud computing, and software development tools.
Marketing Backbone Platforms such as CRM, marketing automation, WCM, and e-commerce engines. Marketing Middleware such as DMPs, CDPs, tag management, cloud connectors, user management, and API services.
But before we explore these classes further, let’s talk about categorization for a moment. To start, let’s agree that any attempt at categorizing a field this large will be imperfect. The situation is further complicated by the fact that categories can always be divided into subcategories, the labels and definition of categories vary depending on who you ask, many products cross multiple categories, and vendors are constantly acquiring and pivoting their way into different categories. Out of those infinite possibilities, this is merely one: my humble opinion, at this moment in time, about which categories might be most useful to a marketer surveying this landscape. For the most part, I avoided duplicating companies across categories, with very few exceptions. However, while categories are useful to illustrate clusters of related marketing technologies, many innovative products out there are being designed outside the boundaries of these categories. Combined, these platforms and marketing middleware make it increasingly manageable to orchestrate diverse marketing software products into a cohesive stack.
This nascent category contains products that were once considered unrelated to each other — polls and surveys, social contests and sweepstakes, and app-like web and mobile experiences such as wizards, configurators, calculators, etc. The perfect storm of cheap cloud computing, open source software, rich web development frameworks, a global talent pool, and the accessibility of customers through content marketing makes it easier than ever for new ventures to enter this space with imaginative new ideas and sheer entrepreneurial gumption. Even if the ratio is off by a factor of 2X or 3X, there’s still no denying that the vast majority of marketing technology innovation is happening outside the context of advertising.
This is indicative of — and directly enabling — the seismic shift of marketing away from advertising to experience-driven marketing. The evolution of many demand-side platforms (DSPs) to data management platforms (DMPs) is another sign of the times.
To be sure, there are many amazing advertising technology vendors out there, and new ones will continue to arise. More generally, the growth and innovation with these products speaks to the increasing traction that agile and lean management philosophies are gaining across more and more organizations.
Because while all the incredible marketing technologies illustrated in this landscape are dramatically changing what’s technically possible for businesses to achieve, the bottlenecks that still hold teams back are more likely to be the remnants of management approaches from the last century. The continued rise of agile methods and culture, however, is helping to reinvent marketing management for this century — so the human parts of our marketing, which will always be the most important parts, can harness the full potential that all this technology has to offer us. The growth of the marketing PaaS and Middleware categories demonstrates the maturation of the entire marketing technology industry as martec programs are formalized into a unified technology stack. Especially in the marketing automation scene, everyone claims their technology covers everything but in reality or sometimes you simply encounter a glorified email marketing tool with a couple of add ons. However, the upside that you point out is that, overall, this will drive innovation up and drive costs down.
And it’s worth remembering that all these tools are ultimately just a means to an end.
Scott: would you consider Marketing Apps as a category that covers what was formerly known as point solutions?
Scott – I applaud you for taking the endless hours to demonstrate just how vast the technology marketing enterprise landscape has become in such a short period of time.
The previous version of this graphic was frequently used to frighten people — “boo!
Scott, this is incredibly well done–I cannot imagine the time and energy it took to assemble! Keep up the amazing work at HubSpot — making all us Boston marketing technology types look good.
Scott, awesome job and I am excited that you had this break through about middleware and the need for a centralized customer data platform.
Scott, first of all, let me wish you a Happy New Year 2014 and then let me thank you for this great gift. Looking at it, and thinking as a marketing technologist I had a digital dream: What if instead of a picture, you could provide this Excellent and Incredible work in an HTML 5 landing page, with a clickable map, and a crowd sourcing app on top of it letting all people working for companies add new companies, and more valuable select and share the tools they use in each stack and how well the integrate in their marketing usage of them? Stellar update Scott – very very helpful for highlighting how the landscape is changing depressingly fast! Scott, great job in framing the emerging marketing stack, and for putting so many companies into meaningful segments. Great infographic Scott – the categories you used to define this highly competitive landscape really helps to clarify and segment the various parts of the larger marketing techology puzzle. I agree that there’s tremendous opportunity for products that help with influencer and advocate marketing.
I have a small question: Did you consider dividing the marketing automation category into B2B and B2C?
In high brow sales, there exists the element of highly educated, financially endowed buyers who place particular stress on purchases that are one-of-a-kind and finest quality for which they are willing to pay highest prices. Low brow sales are constricted by the need to make goods and services appealing and affordable. High brow markets demand absolute assurance they are spending their money on exclusive, designer clothes and other goods.
In terms of age, low brow marketing can overlap from those in their young twenties to seniors on fixed incomes. Nonetheless, this low brow sector of the markets offer sales and marketing professionals and businesses an opportunity to create resales and a reliable customer base. The other significant factor in play at present is the overall tendency of the growing number of low brow buyers to alter their lifestyles. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler today provided an update on next year’s auction of broadcast TV spectrum to wireless carriers and said that having two national carriers control the best spectrum is harmful to competition. Wheeler didn’t mention the two national carriers by name, but it's pretty clear he was referring to AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

The two largest national carriers “hold a combined share of almost two-thirds of all low-band spectrum licenses,” while the other national providers (Sprint and T-Mobile) hold just 10 percent of those licenses, he wrote. The auction is of spectrum in the 600MHz range, although the amount that becomes available depends on how much broadcasters are willing to give up. The FCC’s plan would reportedly set aside for smaller carriers as much as 30MHz of spectrum in each geographic market when auction bidding hits some threshold that hasn’t been detailed yet. Unlicensed airwaves, which can be used by anyone, power a variety of technologies including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The specific amounts to be made available in the duplex gap and guard bands will range from about 12 to 20MHz, depending on how much spectrum broadcasters give up, an FCC official said. While the FCC today did not discuss detailed plans on how it will limit AT&T and Verizon bidding, it did describe how the auction will work for broadcasters.
Broadcasters may be affected even if they don’t agree to sell airwaves, because the auction will require a reorganization of the 600MHz band. Broadcasters will have up to 39 months to transition to new channels and will be reimbursed for relocation costs. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast.
Some of the older players prefer to lean on local print media to attract buyers while the younger bucks can often rely entirely on online media.
And mixed with the marketing visuals focused on the two leads, a lot more was implied—old vs.
You see movie marketing use review call-outs all the time, like “Four Stars” or “Powerful”.
One of our MONSTERS even questioned whether the film would find an audience on this episode of the Speaking Human podcast. Our emails have the same tips you’ve come to expect from our blog and social media channels… delivered directly to your inbox. There are a lot spam emails and several legitimate electronic mails are flagged because spam to make sure they are not really delivered. The ideal that you require the most double opt-in subscription so your subscribers must confirm their own request to connect your e mail newsletter Don’t contribute your purchasers without the permission and you ought to avoid placing them manually even though you have one’s own permission. Jane is signing in place 10 — 15 people mobile agreement into your ex program of which costs on the subject of $1300 to begin the process. Inch – The leading downside to marketing via email is in which new employees are weaker.
Give prospective customers a chance to opt-in to be able to email newsletters that you might send. Make that clear to help you prospects that you’ll not offer for sale email details to everyone. Without legit marketing together with email campaign program to track most of the email promoting campaigns, you’re merely swinging to the air together with your marketing. This has also been mainly attributable to them not necessarily utilizing e-mail marketing strategy software discount package to track lots of their ads.
That one mandatory tracking reference, you may possibly determine which regularly email subject lines are the very best quality. Most people today argue of course if limited mail copy or maybe long email copy will be the foremost. We imagine simplicity affiliated with application, knowledge — as well as speedy action often is the first pointers to an improvement. There are a number of businesses online owners of which ignore this unique hassle-free law. Use them, learn them and set up your website directory and responsiveness employing this feature simply by you. It represents a whopping 947 different companies that provide software for marketers, organized into 43 categories across 6 major classes.
It is just a sample, albeit a large one, of the many different kinds of software available to marketers today.
Terry Kawaja of LUMA Partners had added a terrific marketing technology LUMAscape — his original display advertising LUMAscape was my inspiration for my first landscape. First, the number of people who kept using earlier versions of my graphic and expressing their appreciation for it — while also nudging me to, um, kindly update it — meant a lot to me. It struck me that these CDPs, along with some other technologies such as tag management and cloud connector services such as Zapier, were coalescing as marketing middleware — software to help all the other software in marketing work better together.
So if a vendor’s products spanned multiple categories — which many of them do — I usually just picked one, whichever one I thought was best.
To do it justice, I’ll do a series of in-depth, follow-up articles over the next few months. Instead of each product needing to explicitly integrate with each other product out there — an impossible n2 integration points — middleware can serve as a common highway system for data between them. Each business will be better able to tailor a marketing technology portfolio that best serves their mission.
But I believe they share a common DNA of letting marketers build interactive experiences to better acquire and nurture customers — without expensive, custom programming.
One prediction is that some of the first generation marketing automation players will likely acquire several of these second generation players — to achieve further reach and hedge their bets on product design choices. Content marketing, social media marketing, interactive experiences, and the analytical capabilities to optimize those efforts with continuous experimentation are where the largest flood of innovation is occurring.
But the momentum of the burgeoning marketing technology field clearly has a different center of gravity. The clear visualization of the six categories provides a meaningful hierarchy to help in educating others about the marketing technology structure, unlike anything I have seen thus far. The solidification of such a vibrant set of platform and middleware vendors in this space is definitely the most exciting revelation I took from this project. Yes, I agree the space in its totality is overwhelming — and as I disclaimed up front, this graphic is actually far from comprehensive.
What matters is a great product, a great marketing strategy, and great marketing execution. I think what Black Ink is doing at the intersection between marketing and finance is very exciting. I found your blog to be the single most valuable resource in shaping my thinking of the architecture for this landscape. Thank you for including HubSpot in the integrated marketing category, we are honored to be a part of the list. It was a little bit of time to assemble this, but everybody needs a hobby, and I don’t golf.
I just wrote a blog to help to better define this category (but a lot more work on this is still needed and I welcome all discussion on the topic). Although it does provide connective tissues between multiple other different marketing technologies, it’s using that connectivity as a means to an end to deliver higher-level business value.
On a more simplistic level, would you consider sharing a working database of categories and companies featured?
I agree with William – following this is hard… to keep it current must be a labout of love! It just helps to understand the competitive landscape faced as we continue to invest in companies. We really pride ourselves in creating social marketing tools that will help brands get to market faster and smarter.
My apologies that I missed PromoJam in this version of the landscape, but thank you for sharing it with us. I am a big fan of Lumascape presentations but I do like how yours includes a comprehensive view of the marketing ecosystem.
Will definitely consider those as their own categories in future versions of this landscape.
I wrestled quite a bit with these categories, trying to decide what the best level of resolution should be. A whole infographic could be developed just around the marketing automation ecosystem that could do much more justice to the structure within it.
Mid brow is the description given to those who fall between low brow target markets and high brow target markets. In this class of buyers, sales and marketing is directed toward capturing the attention of lower middle classes and to encourage purchases like denim jeans, sneakers, latest hi-tech gadgets and the hottest trends in foods. To further broaden the spectrum of the answer to what low brow marketing is, study buying habits of today’s youth and middle aged low brow. Eliciting profits in low brow markets are more difficult as a result of these constrictions. Knockoffs of top designer apparel and accessories are perfectly acceptable as purchases in low brow markets.
Conversely, on an average day on any New York City street, copies of designer handbags, sunglasses and numerous other accessories are hawked and bought by low brow buyers who can’t afford Gucci or Coach handbags.
The conundrum for low brow marketers is to comprehensively saturate all ages within low brow markets. This is more difficult with older, more experienced buyers, particularly those on fixed incomes.
Clearly, the high brow target markets have the most purchasing power given their financial stability. When an economy begins to contract, the likelihood is the growth of a larger pool of low brow target markets as the majority and high brow markets in the minority. Their lifestyles are downsized in accordance with purchasing power and financial constrictions. Those two companies want to be able to buy as much spectrum in the auction as they can afford, but FCC officials have proposed rules that would prevent them from doing so.
John Barrow (R-GA), who had argued that carriers should bid “on equal terms” to maximize auction revenue that will go toward reimbursing broadcasters and improving public safety communications. Some amount of spectrum in the duplex gap (the space between uplink and downlink spectrum) and guard bands (the space between TV and mobile spectrum) will be made available for unlicensed use.

The "white spaces" between TV channels are already used for some large-scale wireless broadband networks, which could benefit from more unlicensed airwaves. Additionally, the 6MHz Channel 37 will be made available for unlicensed use, with some exceptions to protect medical devices that operate in the band and wireless microphones used by broadcasters.
Broadcasters have expressed some annoyance at the FCC's plans, but Wheeler has assured them that channel sharing will allow them to remain on the air while still getting money from the auction. There can be different agencies like challenge and which have their private lists which you’ll find used as a result of ISP. Inch I bear in mind about 5 or even 6 a long time ago putting regarding 400 prospects into a auto responder not to mention enrolling around 8 — 10 people a calendar month into your nutritional course.
Eighty percentage point of the girl efforts tend to be wrapped upward in marketing with email. While using vast expansion within the Internet and e mail marketing, it quickly requires better numbers to acquire results nowadays. If an individual sell puppy products, explain in your prospects how you can keep canine clean in addition to healthy and the advantages of doing consequently. The correct earmark of each one excellent send marketer is them to track every last detail of the total email marketing campaign. With good mail marketing promotional event program, you will show the information into which lists are often most reactive, as correctly as profession should read your emails so that they can generate high response. This is frequently powerful because you can acquire a plan or database for the responsive snail mail subject lines and wrinkles and custom your area of interest lines while in the database through headlines that’ll produced the most significant email obtainable rate.
This argument might be settled whenever everyone only tracked their own campaigns by using marketing by means of email promotional event software process. Your checklist will establish, which you can use intended for future mailings and will also be offering.
Many definitely bring their site visitors to ones dream family home page when other non-related items can occur, including certainly no specific instructions. There are many more companies — indeed, entire categories — that were not included, merely due to the constraints of time and space. I was expressing the magnitude of the marketing technology space, but I wasn’t bringing much order to the chaos. The main exceptions are the giants who have acquired across the whole space, such as Adobe, IBM, and Oracle. These two classes of products are bringing some much needed structure to the marketing technology stack. You may get these pieces from one vendor or several, but they will serve as the foundation for your marketing technology stack. For instance, there are 66 vendors in just the social media marketing category alone (and many more that I couldn’t squeeze in). DMPs are increasingly able to leverage audience data across a much broader range of marketing initiatives.
Finally, I’m excited by the wonderful set of agile management tools that are available today.
Great for choice but also in some cases overwhelmingly confusing at the stage of doing vendor review. But given the mushrooming scale of this landscape, you’re right, a crowdsourced approach makes a lot of sense. I predict that new categories of marketing (especially around the area of influencer marketing and advocate marketing) will emerge more prominently in the near future and maybe they will make it on your future list! One thing both high brow and low brow target markets have in common is a keen sense of how sales are pitched in the media. First time buyers know less about purchasing and terms of payment and may be settling into independent, adult lifestyles.
Mid brow target markets may possess stable purchasing power; but, they may also have other major priorities that preclude free spending. Low brow marketing becomes highly competitive and therefore, highly creative in strategies deemed necessary to maintain adequate sales and marketing bases. AT&T threatened to boycott the auction, saying that bidding restrictions would primarily affect itself and Verizon. The FCC could also block a merger, given that it previously prevented AT&T from purchasing T-Mobile in order to preserve the current market of four nationwide competitors.
The film’s strong, clearly defined marketing campaign undoubtedly helped make that happen.
Most viewers are not familiar with these characters (like they are other superheroes) and the film looked downright odd.
They played up the Marvel brand, and didn’t shy away from the movie’s weirdness—with characters that include a raccoon and a tree. Good deliverability percentage is as well as in prosperous email campaign if your e-mail aren’t delivered next you don’t get a hold of an e mail campaign! Today, in case you had 10 times that a lot of leads, you will get a two prospects, and perhaps, maybe, one particular enrollment. She is now through the educational curve which is what we would call, an experienced email business owner.
It just isn’t uncommon for most folks to getting a couple thousand unsolicited emails each day you must compete together with.
You are capable of doing this with a simple invite-your-friend link inside their email meaning. Frame a subject lines in a fashion that they are actually interesting in addition to give a few information about them and excite curiosity. Different e-mail listing listings reply diversely based from the marriage people build in your subscribers.
Factors reading this particular post, then you may already realize the significance of e-mail email lists. Auto-responders happen to be software tactics that make it possible for total automation on the subject of messaging. And by the time you read this, it will inevitably be out of date due to new launches, re-launches, expansions, exits, and mergers. I was content to retire from the rearranging-little-logos business and leave it safely in their hands. What makes them platforms, rather than just products, is that they’re increasingly open — interoperable with other, more specialized marketing software. These products let marketers produce interactive experiences, rather than static content, to engage their audience.
Many of these are new ventures or expansions of vendors from other categories (especially email marketing). Granted, this landscape is not comprehensive, and there are many advertising technology companies that are missing from it. Our solution easily organizes all of our customer’s disparate client data to publish to Marketing Execution Systems at 10X the speed of traditional IT integration methods. In the meantime, Happy New Year–wishing you and the other marketers included on this list a very happy and healthy 2014!
I confess, it is very humbling to realize all the amazing companies that I inadvertently overlooked.
A study of the style of low brow markets shows an inherent desire to look as good as the high brow without the cost. For example, first time buyers of furnishings have sparse experience with financing procedures, terms of payment and responsibility for payment of purchases. That made the movie appeal to a wide audience, and resulted in a take of $150 million at the domestic box office. However, there are carry out in order so that your e-mail marketing campaign will probably be successful. It can be true which usually times have got changed, but it does not necessarily shows that email marketing and advertising is useless. With the quantities of emails circulating each day, you will want massive numbers to build results. Promotional messages could be delivered to numerous prospects through e-mail marketing, and shipped fast. Only throughout trust definitely will your customer prepare to purchase your product and you also make the sale.
This helps to ensure that the prospective clients get to another part of this marketing message this is the email.
Your viewers want great (relevant!) materials to set problems of their life and in some cases business. No guarantees, but when I go to do another version of this landscape in the future, I’ll check here first.
We are the glue that makes the 900+ other companies in your graphic more effective at what they do! In order to improve your deliverability it is suggested that an individual’s email provider offers Habeas Sender Guarantee Email Header.
Marketing with email is particularly impersonal, and devoid of the relationship, there isn’t a bond (or maybe glue) to hang the fresh recruit into your business. Take these followers, and generally provide this level of detail and 100 % absolutely free information, you can actually grow your enterprise by 1000% or more almost in the evening, in quite a few cases within a future dispensing.
Second, many products would fit in both subdivisions, which seemed like it would make those subdivisions less useful. Another associate of my own from Atlanta is signing up about thirty people a month into your partner’s business, a $20 30 days, and non-nutritional software. I hope you and your readers will stop by and say hello to learn more about us and the value that we are delivering to some of the largest companies in the world. He is not really highly superior in exactly what he will, but works enough to offer about two hundred and fifty, 000 — 300, 000 emails a month.

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