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If you're a beginner to making clips, a GoPro enthusiast, a video blogger or an amateur filmmaker and want to make better videos, check out this list of tutorials on video editing. Please note that even though these examples are for Magix Movie Edit Pro (my favorite video editor), you can use the same principles in most video editing programs.
All this is based on my own editing experience so if you have any questions, drop a comment and I'll reply. How To Edit Picture in Picture Videos - Find out how to overlay an object (video, picture, graphics) onto a video background. Split Screen Tutorial - Crop & mirror flip your video when editing vlogs, interviews or video chat videos.
How To Clone Yourself in a Video - Create a ghost of yourself (duplicate of character) in your video.
How To Do Slow Motion and Time Lapse Videos with Footage - You need a camera that shoots at 60 fps or higher in order to get smooth slo' mo'. How To Add and Animate Titles - Add titles to your videos, animate them using keyframes and add sound effects on each movement of the title.
How To Do Time Lapse Videos with Still Images (Timelapse Photography) - Same thing here - I took GoPro pictures as an example but you can follow the process for any time-lapse project. How To Edit Videos with Keyframes - Learn to play with the intensity of video effects within a video scene.
How To Get the High Pitch (Chipmunk) Voice Effect - Talk like a funny chipmunk in your vlogs. Color Correction - How To Change and Enhance The Colors of Your Video - You can alter any color in your video by using the eyedropper tool for selection.
How To Do The Vertigo Effect (Dolly Zoom) - A cool trick you can do to make your videos more dramatic. How To Capture Audio Separately and How To Synchronize Your Sound with Your Footage - When you want to get high quality sound. 3 Ways To Make Your Videos Look Better - Small yet essential details which can make the difference between a good video and a bad video. How To Vlog - 5 Quick Tips for Your Vlogging Career - Being YouTube famous as a vlogger requires some technical know how and a lot of psychology. How To Batch Convert MP4 to AVI - If for some reason you don't wanna work with MP4 files and wanna convert them to AVI format, follow this process using MPEG Streamclip. How To Convert AVI to MP4 for Smaller File Size and Faster Online Upload - I recommend exporting in AVI for best quality when editing with Magix. How To Edit GoPro MP4 Files Even with a Slow Laptop Computer - Follow this process if your computer is too slow for editing HD videos. If your computer is not that strong (maybe old), close all other applications when editing your videos and use a laptop cooler. Let me know what other problems you are facing when editing videos and I may write a tutorial on it. Before You Join the YouTube Club, Get a Program That Doesn't Crash, It's Not Expensive and It's Easy To use. At top of the list, Windows Movie Share should be placed for its simplicity and high class user-friendliness.
The second position of the list will be clinched by iMovie as it is quite similar the Windows Movie Maker, compatible for MAC OS X only. It's a free video editing program which supports various video formats include MP4, AVI, MKV, MPG, WMV, FLV and more.
A comprehensive cutter that can deal with MP4 along with a wide range of other video formats, as well as handling audio files too.

Video Splitter uses a slightly more detailed approach, allowing you to cut more precisely than some others here, it does make the cutting process a little more involved, but is perhaps worth it for the control that this ability brings to your output. Whilst, as the name suggests, this package was designed for format conversion, it includes a wealth of other abilities, one of which is video cutting, it can also rejoin and merge clips too. An easy to use interface and a comprehensive feature set far beyond just cutting make this a great general video utility package. AsfBin is designed for video enthusiasts, and includes some extra tools that really stand out, it can cut at single frame accuracy, and includes support for several formats in addition to MP4.
A great package for video enthusiasts with some understanding of the technical aspects of editing. This package uses other open source scripting files as the mechanics of doing its job, and is in essence a user interface for those systems.
Another package that is presented as a more 'serious' offering for the technically minded video enthusiast, but look beyond the details and acronyms and there is a good piece of software that performs well and is actually a lot simpler to use than would first appear. The interface is clear if a little workmanlike in appearance, and the software can perform accurate cuts as needed.
A fairly comprehensive editing package, VirtualDub has a nice selection of cutting tools enabling accurate cuts and edits with ease, covering the MP4 format as well as several others, it is a useful tool for those looking for additional features beyond just cutting. With plenty of video tools in addition to cutting, VirtualDub presents an attractive, video toolbox for the enthusiast. This is a small program that just splits video files, it does nothing else, but it can cut files faster than most other software, and includes support for MP4 and a range of other formats too. Without the need to install anything, and with a very simple interface, for smaller files is perhaps the perfect solution. In this section, you will learn all the tips and tricks to edit your videos, everything from the very basic to the advanced.
Before you buy your top original software, watch some tutorials so you know it's right for you. I just like Magix coz it lets me import most formats (MP4, MKV, MOV, MTS - AVCHD, M2TS, VOB, etc.), it's easy to use and delivers professional results.
In YouTube you can make those areas clickable so you can promote your other videos as well.
With Magix, you simply adjust the playback speed factor and you either slow down or speed up your videos - it's very easy to do. If you want, you can make the whole image black and white and keep just one color in normal saturation. Helpful if you sell stuff online through your own shop or on other platforms like Ebay or Amazon. Synch the footage across all cameras and edit like a live broadcaster - you have a main monitor and the source cameras, then you edit by simply clicking on the cam that has the right angle at the right time.
But then you end up with a large file - that's why you should compress it with Leawo before uploading it to YouTube. A basic fade and some dissolves here and there will do but stick to simple cuts for the most part. Some keep it in their phone and share fun with others, while others need such thing for accomplishing some professional purposes.
The tool is simple to use and it features the drag and drop option, which makes it an ace quality tool, especially for the novice users. In fact, this software offers a few amazing features which are absent in Windows Movie Maker. It comes with a well selected feature set to get your cutting, filtering and encoding tasks done.

It provides various video filters, transitions, audio effects as well as drawing and selection tools. It is a very basic interface though, and not intuitive to use, the documentation is in the form of a wiki and can be difficult to find information though, so not necessarily one for complete beginners. As well as MP4 it can deal with several other video formats, it uses a nice easy to follow interface and is a nice compact package that does the job well.
Again, it can deal with several video formats in addition to MP4 and you can change frame rates, frame size and bit rate for the final output video. As a video converter, it has the largest range of format compatibility in the list and can even burn your finished videos to DVD or Blu-ray for you.
It also includes tools for repairing damaged video files, and can join clips together as well. That takes nothing away from it though, the tools it uses are very effective, but in their native form not something most people could take advantage of.
Due to the lengthy feature set the interface is a little cluttered and for those that want nothing but a cutter, is perhaps overkill, however, it does the job very well and for many presents a useful selection of video tools.
The interface is very simple and easy to understand, and the software works remarkably quickly. This is an online offering that requires no downloads or installation, you simply go to the website, upload your video or select a video on the web, cut the video and save the output.
Browse other useful video editing tips offered in Filmroa by navigating the categories below.
Then you combine all those photos and create a video that looks as when you fast forward a film. It makes your video Hollywood style and it also allows you to get a better frame composition for each shot.
Capture the sound on an external voice recorder and sync it with your video in post production. The article will list top 5 MP4 cutter tools which are frequently used by so many users throughout the world for their efficiency and for their user-friendliness. It also features a lot of interactive options and step by step guide for using this tool is there. The cutting feature is nicely implemented into a clear interface and should be straightforward for anyone to use.
This focus on enthusiasts is reflected in the user interface which can be a little hard to grasp for some, however for those that are familiar with some of the more technical aspects of video it offers some unique features that could prove invaluable. It is very simple, although there is the obvious issue with larger files of upload and download time, but for many applications is perhaps the ideal solution. Now you can seamlessly put together video clips, music & text, apply effects to make a professional-looking home movie in minutes. When the editing done, you can also select the optimized save outputs for a variety of devices, including smart phones and gaming consoles. Albertas inconsiderable medicolegal half-hourly the dvd or hard drive camcorder camcorder tripod guide, but synchronisms neurogenic"!

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