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This is the second part of this two-part series on Build-A-Bear’s complete brand experience, one that I totally dig.
I think the amazing thing here is how the focus that Build-A-Bear has put into creating a smooth and holistic experience has allowed them to quickly form a deep relationship with their customers.
If you want to learn how to make money with email marketing read my Inbox Blueprint review to learn more, you don’t even need a website. If you are sending people to a sales page that converts really well then write a short email with a link directing them to that page. Short works better if the page converts really high because you don’t have to do the usual preselling in your emails.
When you write a long email you have an better opportunity to presell the product you are selling. It all depends on the page you are sending them to whether the email you send should be short or long. The same goes for if you are always sending short emails, mix it up and send some long ones. Test it out for yourself, if you have an offer that has a high converting video on it send short emails. If you are selling something that cost a lot of money and you have to persuade the person more then you should write a long e-mail.
Remember you will get less click thru but the clicks you do receive will be more likely to result in a sale. As we have mentioned before, ensuring that you are marketing correctly makes all the difference between a successful business and one that fails within a few months. While there are many different strategies to ensure that you are drawing in your audience, the best way to ensure that you have your users attention is through their email.
Email lists are the lifeblood of your marketing strategy, offering you a way to stay in direct communication with your followers, increase sales conversion, and develop loyal followers to your brand or business.
Any good marketer will have multiple lists that are broken down into different categories, but you will only get those contacts if you have visitors opting-in to your email list. While some new marketers decide to purchase such lists, we suggest that you stay away from that strategy, as it is not a reliable method of gathering information.
It’s also often full of incomplete data, makes you look like a spammer, and can get you into legal trouble. We suggest that you work on ensuring that your visitors opt-in, which means you need a strong marketing strategy. This should be understood, but it is always good to be reminded that you need to ensure that your content is high quality.
If you are sending them duplicate content, poor quality content, post sporadically or are boring, people won’t sign up or will unsubscribe very quickly. It is integral to your success that you have quality content that draws your users in, and makes them want to come back for more. A great way to get email subscriptions is to offer your readers something that they want in return. Some will even offer a five percent discount on merchandise or products they sell or limited time offers. While pop ups may drive many of us crazy, they are effective at grabbing a reader’s attention and will prevent people from leaving your site before giving you their information. Use a catchy form with a red button (this converts the best) and ensure that it is well timed with a five-second delay for the best results. Exit pop ups and scroll pop ups are popular method that brings in results but limit your pop ups or you will aggravate your customers and come off as spammy. Offer multiple changes to sign up, but once again, make sure that you are not laying it on too heavy.
According to millionaire marketer Anik Singal, readers have to be presented with your info several times before they make the decision to commit. Offering bonuses at the end of specific posts is a tried and true method that helps to encourage people to opt in to your email lists. Make sure the bonuses and prizes are unique, relevant to the page or site, and don’t forget to change them from time to time. The best words you can use to get traffic to respond to your call to action are active text.

Social media is incredibly important to your success, with fans and followers monitoring your social presence and Google using it to determine your ranking. Send meaningful automated direct messages to new followers (there are free tools for this), and offer prizes, bonuses, and incentives through your social media accounts as well. This plugin inserts itself in the white space on right side of website, on all pages and posts so that your reader will always be able to see it. If you want a more guided approach to getting more opt-ins or you’re finding these strategies are not working fast enough for you, check out Inbox Blueprint 2.0 by Anik Singal. Not only will you learn about building your email list but you’ll also get free e-book giveaways and a year’s worth of emails to send to your list. If you are looking to combine email marketing with affiliate marketing then I recommend you check out Mark Ling’s Affilorama free lessons. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are giving away a free case study that has earned them $616 120 per year business in 26 days. The other cool thing that they are doing a prize draw where they are giving away $5000 cash. The free pdf is very detailed and goes into exactly how they have been able to build the income stream in such a short span of time.
Last year they launched the 100k Factory and arguably the best product they have every done. Now they have a completely new and different product where they are seeing faster and better results, called the Ultra Edition. The truely different thing with their new program is the fact that they have come up with a hybrid methodology. There are many different successful online business models out there and they are all great in there own way. Here is an example if you take selling products on Amazon, the success rate for that is incredibly high. You don’t have to carry an inventory, no risk, no waiting for results, no huge effort involved and no cash flow problems. In only a matter of a day or two they have the customer’s mailing address, email address and have them plugged into their social network. It enables us to surface and create connections - between others and brands - just as rapidly.
Start your letter with your name, address and the date, as you would with any letter, followed by your line manager?s name and address (or the name and address of the person who must receive your resignation, if not your direct line manager). Is it not necessary to give reason that why we are leaving the company or simply informing the Authorities and HR dept will do?please explain.
When I informed my manager about my resignation he himself wrote a reference letter for my new company. Possibly thanking them for the opportunity or saying that you enjoyed your time at the company. Well the short answer is it depends. It depends on your list, your relationship with your list and the niche.
A short email will be much more effective in this situation and you will get a much high click through rate. There are of course exceptions to this especially if it’s something they are expecting to receive. However the revenue generated by the longer email might still be better than the short one.
You can tell them exactly what they will be purchasing and you set up expectation in their minds and get them excited. With the short email your message is pretty much click this link. If you are always sending long emails, try sending some short emails and see what the results are. It is good to change things up once in a while and you tend to get a better response out of your email list that way. Many people have purchased lists only to find that over 60% of the information was outdated. People respond positively with offers of e-books or free guides, although it can be better if you provide them with a service such as video tutorials or free courses.
Prizes from surveys or challenges also will help people to stay interested and engaged in your platform.

Make sure to use it to gain site traffic and email subscriptions by adding sign up links on all of your platforms so that new users have an easy way to become a member. If you are looking for an exact step by step process you can follow to make money online then check out Affiloblueprint 3.0. You can get the free case study and a chance to win the money just by entering your email for the free download.
All the people who use Aidan and Steve’s training to build that kind of business are successful.
If you can come up with a model that takes all the strengths from successful other models and remove all the weaknesses and barriers from them. This is the beauty of their new system which is completely different from anything you have seen.
But that all happens because of a clear focus on the small touches in the customer experience and how they work together and move the customer from one point to the next. If you are unsure of how to format a letter, see the example below.On addressing your line manager, it is more professional and a lot more formal to address them by their title and surname.
However, if you are leaving because of a negative reason, such as disliking team members, finding your job boring, or just generally have a passionate loathing for the company, I daresay it is best to leave it out. They are nicely designed but not spammy, grab your reader’s attention, and are displayed across all your pages and posts to reach the widest audience.
So that’s the strength but on the downside it requires that you have capital upfront, have inventory and other cash flow issues. Putting ?Hello Dave? isn?t really appropriate; ?Dear Mr Brown? is much more sensible and sets the tone for the rest of the letter. After all, these people do your reference!Whatever the reason may be whether it is negative or positive, it is better not to mention the reason!!
The letter will go on your records and so you need to make sure that it puts you in a positive light both because you may want a reference and because you may want to return to the company in the future.
You may choose to use their first name, but it should always be preceded by ?Dear?.Start your letter by explaining why you are writing to them. Also, make sure you're not angry and frustrated and putting all your anger in a letter. This is very important, as this person will probably be the one submitting a reference to your future employer. It is advisable to refer to the date at the top of the letter, in case it is not opened straight away.
This should prevent a delay in you leaving the company.It is good practice to include a reason for leaving, although not essential and you are not usually bound to do so by your contract.
If it is positive, it might be a good idea to include it, although if the reason is negative, only include it if you feel you must, for example, if working conditions were unsatisfactory, or if there was bullying.
This will enable the employer to see where things are going wrong, and may help them to improve the environment for others.Every employment contract has details of how long your notice period is, if you do not already know it. Some positions require as little as two weeks? notice, standard is four weeks, but some senior positions may require as much as six months? notice.
If your position is one that would require you are placed on ?gardening leave? during your notice period, ask them to confirm this in your letter.Accrued holiday is something you are entitled to. It is recommended that you confirm in your letter of resignation whether you wish to take it as leave, or whether you would prefer it to be paid to you in your final salary. Different companies operate in different ways, but you should not let your holiday entitlement pay be neglected (although it is often discretionary whether you are permitted to use the time after submitting notice).If you have a good relationship with the company, or the manager you have to inform, this may reflect the way you portray your resignation. Different job titles can affect the type of resignation you send, as can the rank you have attained within the company. Please could you inform me as to whether I am permitted to take this leave during my notice period, or whether you prefer to pay it to me as part of my final salary payment?May I take this opportunity to thank you most graciously for the help, support, and opportunities I have had in the four years I have been with the company. It has been a remarkable experience and I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge that I can take with me into my future pursuits. As it may not be in the best interests of the business, please could you inform me as to whether I am permitted to take this leave during my notice period, or whether you prefer to pay it to me as part of my final salary payment?May I take this opportunity to thank you most graciously for the help, support, and opportunities I have had in the four years I have been with the company.

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