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I suggest Zippyshare, it's not really a social place to share, but if you upload a sound, there is a player with waveform and people can download it. The drinks really make this place, most of them have vampire-names and are delicious as hell!
I've been sitting on, like, 3 re-edit and mashup bangers that Soundcloud had immediately deleted upon initial upload. You'll also get weekly news and offer emails and exclusive access to members-only DJ training.

SoundCloud just fails because of the copyright, Mixcloud is not for single tracks (too short for upload) and YouTube also gives me copyright problems."Where can I upload them for free download? My favourite is Vlad the Impaler and yeah, Monday is the day to come here since it’s cheaper.
Sit down on a comfy, red sofa with your drink, red wine or beer and enjoy the atmosphere with candle lights and interesting ornaments.
It's not the more conveniant way but at least Zippyshare delete files only if the copyright owner complain about it, so no automatic delete just because of the sound. It is still a new platform, but they are constantly adding improvements and the userbase is also growing well.

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