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Colour theory is a central and often overlooked area of design – why does colour psychology invoke so much conversation… and seem to be backed up with so little data? Colour is a cue that can help get your audience to see what you want them to see, feel what you want them to feel, and to do what you want them to do.
For advice on how to ensure your colour and company image is represented at its very best, take a look at our print guide, which is full of print paper choices that you can present your brand colours and images in the best light. Capital FM Arena is one of the UK’s leading entertainment venues, bringing first-class live music, comedy shows and sporting events to the Midlands. Promote the Arena’s hospitality packages, with an emphasis on hospitality as a high quality entertainment option, and highlighting the wide range of world-class acts. We devised a concept, “The Best Seat in the House”, for the hospitality marketing campaign, to be delivered across print and digital media.
Working with the campaign theme, we designed a selection of marketing materials to promote hospitality, including direct mail pieces, in-store posters, foyer banners, Facebook page graphics and website graphics. At the heart of the campaign was a range of direct mail pieces designed to target different audiences within the Arena’s core client base. Pepsi introduced the Pepsi Challenge marketing campaign where PepsiCo set up a blind tasting between Pepsi-Cola and rival Coca-Cola.
In 2007, PepsiCo redesigned their cans for the fourteenth time, and for the first time, included more than thirty different backgrounds on each can, introducing a new background every three weeks.
LensCrafters competed in a market dominated by low price retailers and fashion eyewear boutiques. Analysis of Lena€™sCraftersa€™ 35 million customer base revealed that their core customer segment spent less, but were highly loyal to the brand. The best time to sell security services is when people are buying new homes and feel an increased need for security.

To maximize credibility, ADT let the consumers do the talking, in a TV campaign called a€?Real Stories, Real Resultsa€?. ADT also held a presence in high traffic venues, public relations events and sponsorships which generated consumer buzz and even more credibility through second party exposure. The best colours for branding in your sector may be very different from those in a completely different one. To reflect the excitement of hospitality events at the arena, our copywriter developed a light-hearted tone of voice with plenty of personality, while visuals were kept simple but dynamic. During these blind taste tests the majority of participants picked Pepsi as the better tasting of the two soft drinks. By identifying a market segment of women who desired more fashionable frames but still wanted the convenience of a national retailer, we presented LensCrafters with an area for growth. These customers were not motivated by fashion, so any brand repositioning to expand customers beyond the core had to be done without alienating the traditional franchise. The resulting segmentation, which yielded nine unique segments, allowed us to develop more relevant messaging based on distinct motivations and opportunity.
At the same time, incremental ROI over a 12 month period increased by over 300% and costs were reduced 20% through the elimination of unproductive deciles from direct communications.
But in the fall of 2007, homes sales were down nearly 13% and property crime rates were down almost 14%. And to highlight ADTa€™s superior technology, every touch point contained a technologically sophisticated code graphic that underscored ADTa€™s flagship message, a€?Always Therea€?. ADT Security was one of the nationa€™s few companies that enjoyed an increase in revenue in 2007 of 3.5%.
We’re not saying that choosing the right colour is all there is to instant business success, but a good looking design around your brand goes a long way to helping you stand out from the crowd.

Below is Nike’s fantastically creative annual report, designed in the shape and style of the shoe box. PepsiCo took great advantage of the campaign with television commercials reporting the test results to the public. Sophisticated new direct mail and print-focused communications were developed for the fashion-oriented expansion segment and emphasized designer frames, reality-based fashion models and highly designed creative concepts. Media emphasis concentrated on broadcast TV, print, DM and additional support through the online channel. Concerted marketing efforts propelled ADT to #1 in the 65 billion dollar industry, helping ADT become the worlda€™s largest electronic security provider with over 7 million customers and over $8 billion in worldwide revenue. So when thinking about a colour for your product or marketing materials, it’s important to research the typical choices of colour among your competitors, and understand what a particular colour communicates to a customer.
Communications to core customer segments were designed to reinforce value, doctor loyal, convenience and service.
The segmentation also provided the basis for aggressive testing to eliminate unproductive communications, focus on moving medium value segments to higher revenue tiers, and readjust frequency loyalty mailings to optimize results.
Secondary channels micro-targeted specific audiences for which the various benefits would be most relevant a€” always emphasizing the value of total security solutions.

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