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I am an Internet marketing expert with over 20-years of experience and I help small businesses attract new customers and increase sales. I am often able to help my clients increase their leads and sales by 15% – 300% in as little as 60-days!
If you are interested in having me provide marketing services to help you quickly increase your number of customers and sales, please contact me using the contact form below and I will reply to your email to schedule a time for us to talk. I was drawn to The Geisheker Group when I read their slogan, “We don’t help you compete, we help you dominate” and thought this is really what needs to happen at SOMC. Peter Geisheker, CEO of The Geisheker Group, has an exceptional ability for understanding today’s ever-changing marketing world. The ideas you used in the sales letter you wrote for me were ideas I would not have come up with on my own and the letter has been an excellent tool to help me get my foot in the door with new clients.
Experience with social and emerging media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest a plus! Notes: Some 85% of survey respondents report that strategic partnerships and alliances are at least important to their business, although 43% say that less than 60% of their partnerships have been successful. About the Data: The results are based on a survey of more than 330 senior management executives in countries around the world. Subscribe today to our free email newsletter to receive adaily digest with the latest marketing and media trends.Concise explanations, clear charts, useful data: what's not to like? To start from, it is enough to say that today everybody has some sort of marketing strategy.

When you do business according to real-world business rules, everything lasts longer and you have to wait for the feedback from your clients or colleagues.
Just like in real life, when you do not have a plan and your time just slips away, Internet marketing can be handled to bring you some benefit, but it can also leave you without any positive results.
My name is Peter Geisheker and I provide marketing services to help small businesses attract new customers and increase sales. And, if we do somehow manage to attract interest in our services, does our message clearly state our positions? Effective partnerships are most beneficial in acquiring new customers (68%) and increasing revenue (66%), per the report, and respondents most commonly seek them out to gain access to new ideas, insights and innovations (44%) and because of the complexity and pace of business (35%). In the ever-changing environment of virtual space, which does not threaten to destroy the real world, but simply exports its values and rules into it, you must have clear head and strict rules. From ordinary minnow sellers on open-air markets to large multinational companies, every single business owner has his or her own approach to the work he or she is doing.
To dodge this treat, your digital strategy needs to be focused and integrated with other plans and agendas of your business. From the initial interview, it was clear they had zero understanding of my industry, but what became apparent to me was they did not need to. Otherwise, you and your business are most certainly going to experience a lot of difficulties. When it comes to online marketing, the situation is even more complex, since today the whole world is competing on that market and it is actually very difficult to stand out, especially if your business has something to do to the IT sector itself.

Due to that, you also need to incorporate the feedback analysis part in your strategy for online marketing.
You always have to know the age and social class you are addressing with your products and services. They understood what SOMC needed to come out on top of the pack, setting us above the competition.
Due to that, online presence without a marketing strategy is just like John Rambo without a rifle (or a headband). So, in order to keep the pace with your colleagues and rivals from all over the globe, you need to develop a digital strategy. It can be devised in the form of a survey or simple questions without the strict survey form; whatever suits your business. This focused approach does not mean that you cannot address more groups at the same time, but rather that you need to make an estimate what products and services are appropriate for what group, on the basis of their age, gender, education and interests. You are going to be tramped and destroyed by rivals if you do not state out and write down your clear goals and a strategy that you are going to employ in order to make your plan(s) real and lucrative.
With the help of the instant feedback from the previous paragraph, you will be able to take your business and its online marketing to a higher and more successful level.

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