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As your EDC collection continues to outgrow your pockets, your keychain is the next best place to carry some extra gear considering that it travels with you wherever you go.
The Gerber Shard Keychain Tool is neither big nor flashy, yet provides you with everything you may need in a pinch: two flathead screwdrivers, a cross driver, pry bar, wire strippers, and a bottle opener.
The Porter Key Knife is a key-sized utility folding knife with an integrated bottle opener. Shaped like any standard house key, the SOG Key Knife inconspicuously blends in with the rest of your keychain until you’re ready to deploy the folding drop point stainless steel blade it cleverly hides within. While the Ringtool was designed with the bicycle commuter in mind, this in no way disqualifies it from normal everyday carry duties. The Titanium Pocket Bit is made from grade 5 titanium alloy and features a 6mm flat head on one side and a #2 Phillips head on the other that work together with the included titanium key ring to loosen and tighten screws, pry open boxes, or twist open bottles. The MelonTool is a diamond in the rough and a worthy selection for your pocket or keychain. While it doesn’t open beer bottles, the CRKT Extrik-8-R may very well save your life one day. Housed inside of a waterproof chrome canister, this key-sized EDC lighter is compatible with standard lighter fuel and attaches to your keyring via a 20mm split ring so that its always at the ready to pull fire starting duties. No bigger than a house key, the Quickey is a simple yet clever stainless steel multi-tool that will blend in seamlessly with your existing key ring setup while vastly improving the functionality of your everyday carry. Open an image that contains a gradient and then draw a line over the major components of the gradient.
These are only suggestions and you might not have a use for all of the tools that are listed here. Tire Chuck: It is a basic tool that can be used for a wide variety of functions and often includes the needles you need for inflating everything from sports balls to bicycle tires. Blow Gun: These hand pneumatic tool makes cleaning off a workbench a breeze, and when you adjust the air flow pressure you can also use a blow gun to inflate a small pool or clean the inside of computers and other confined spaces. Brad Nail Gun: This tool is used for anything from hanging book shelves to installing crown molding and window frames. Polisher: If you frequently are buffing and polishing your car, or work with marble or granite, than this tool can make the job go more quickly with a smoother finish. Stapler: If you plan to install any type of carpeting or roofing, than a pneumatic stapler can make the job go faster.

While these are some of what we feel are the essential tools, others can depend on the type of job you are trying to finish. Now that you have an idea of what pneumatic tools are essential for your projects, we’ve included reviews of some of our favorites. This tool kit has almost everything that you need to complete any project around the home or garage.
The gauge ranges from 10 to 150 PSI and the hose is constructed from a durable and flexible material that lets it bend the way you need it too. This powerful pneumatic stapler can help you cut the time it would normally take you to do any number of jobs. About Latest Posts Miguel HernandezOwner of a small repair shop in the busy Dallas, TX area, Miguel relies heavily on his air compressors to power a wide assortment of pneumatic tools. Too much stuff on your keychain or in your pockets can, however, weigh you down considerably throughout the day.
Its boasts a unique yet humble design, crafted from stainless steel coated in titanium nitride and will quietly get the job done when called upon.
While small in stature, it is a formidable addition to any everyday carry collection, essentially replacing both your EDC knife and bottle opener while integrating seamlessly into your current keychain setup. While it can’t slice and dice like their flipper knives can, the K-Tool effectively tightens and loosens screws before popping open your bottle of Newcastle thanks to a flathead screwdriver tip and an integrated bottle opener. While it may not render you the victor in a knife fight, it’s a winner when it comes to everyday cutting tasks such as opening boxes, letters, or removing the latest splinter from your finger.
We’re sure you can find endless uses for the flathead screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, torxhead T25 driver, 8mm Hex bits, and the sometimes necessary bottle opener. It blends in seamlessly with your current EDC collection and is available in your choice of a hex or round body. Weighing in at only 18 grams, it features 6 built-in wrench sizes, a pair of bit drivers, a beer opener, a pry bar, and a 420HC stainless steel construction with a high hardness chrome color bronze coating. Integrated into the design is a built-in file, a bottle opener, a serrated edge, a scoring point, and a #2 flat head screwdriver.
If you have a small wood working shop or home project, you will want to consider owning one of these pneumatic tools.
These tools provide you with all of the torque you need to remove wheels, and other car parts.

Hang shingles, staple tar paper, and siding all in a fraction of the time that it normally would.
Grinders, spray guns, and air brushes are also considered necessary tools in some professions.
The case makes it easy to take the tools with you to the job sites, and also provides convenient storage. The relief valve makes it simple to release excess tire pressure, and since it features a clip on design, the chuck can be used hands free.
The ratchet has been heat tempered for long lasting durability, and the ergonomically designed handle lets it fit comfortably in your hand. Since his business depends on fast and efficient, high quality work he is always on the lookout for the best pneumatic tools and machines for his garage.
Real Simple’s expert testers got their hands dirty in search of the sharpest tools in the shed. When picking a pocket-sized tool or two to carry on your keychain, you’ll want ones that are highly functional, lightweight, and take up the least amount of pocket real estate.
Instead of trying to decide which pneumatic tools are the best, it might be easier to see which ones are the most essential.
Here are what we believe are the most essential pneumatic tools for any garage or home workshop.
Work on wood or automobiles, or finally finish a home improvement project with all of the pneumatic tools and accessories that are included in the kit. Remove stubborn bolts or securely fasten them in tight places, this pneumatic tool set is ideal for any automotive or mechanical work. When Miguel is writing for us or running his business, you can normally find him racing his '69 Mustang at the local dirt track.

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