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There are so many ways today that you and I could make money using our computers that one single article will not be enough to list all of them, so to make your life easy I have listed below four of the best revenue sharing sites that would help earn a passive income online. In this context of making money online, revenue sharing is method to entice internet users that is you and I to sign up and create content which is published on a hosted platform, the company or platform host we select then pays a share of advertising revenue to the content owner. Wizzley allows you to enter your Google Adsense ID, Amazon Associate ID, you can also register with Allposters and Zazzle affiliate accounts, so making money with Wizzley is allot easier than you think. Authors will get 50% of total page impressions and once the author reaches 100 quality pages that increase to 60% of total page impressions.
But it does not end here Wizzley offers its authors another money making opportunity using its referral program.
InfoBarrel offers a huge 75% Adsense revenue sharing as well as a possibility to earn from Chitika and Amazon sales you can also include Clickbank or Linkshare items to increase your contents earning potential.

So, 50 days after your adpack purchase, you should have $50 in your earnings balance, enough to buy a new adpack! I try to look at the best in any program before I call scam, so you might want to read this review to the end, so you know what you’re getting yourself into, before you start throwing around your hard earned money. This only makes sense, as I can talk about hundreds of revenue sharing programs, but if I have no experience with them, then it is rather a moot point and not much worth talking about, so lets get going…   What Are Revenue Sharing Sites?
Get started today create your content, publish online and start to see your online earnings accumulate. Members earn revenue from the ads automatically displayed by Google on your hubs (also known as articles in normal English).
This means you make $5 profits per adpack purchase (when your sharing position matures).

Revenue sharing sites are websites that sell a product or service and share the revenues generated with its members.  This article is focused on online advertising sites, in particular. You also earn commission every time someone buys from Amazon and eBay products featured on your hubs.
Don’t let that stop you from trying out what I think are the best revenues sharing sites online right now.
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