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Sketchers recently found itself at the losing end of a class action lawsuit over their Shape-Ups shoes, a product they claimed would tone the legs, buttocks and abdominal muscles of the wearer. This year Macy’s made an error when it left off a single digit in the price of a necklace. A Singapore-focused 2009 ad for the BK Super Seven Incher featured a woman on the left side with her mouth wide open, and the long sandwich heading in from the right.
Papa John’s pizza is facing a massive $250 million lawsuit for sending out 500,000 text messages to unwilling recipients. Last year, CelebBoutique found itself in trouble after unsuccessfully trying to capitalize on the trending #Aurora hashtag on Twitter to promote its Aurora dress right after the Aurora, CO, shooting.

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Media Takeout ScreengrabCapital One advertising next to a story on strip club trends.Media TakeOut is a gossip site that makes TMZ look like The Wall Street Journal. And dozens of blue-chip brands are advertising on it, including Visa, The Wounded Warrior Project, and AT&T. One problem with online advertising, particularly when it's bought via automated bidding, is that often huge companies with wholesome images end up unintentionally buying ad space on a strange assortment of websites.
The pizza company retained the phone numbers of people that called in to order, and later sent out ads and promotions to those same numbers.

Though the UK-based fashion company was unaware of the shooting, the social backlash was harsh, even sparking a boycott of the company. Rather than simply regurgitating the day’s headlines, Customer Experience Insight editorial staff delivers actionable insights, helping marketing, sales and customer experience professionals understand what is and isn't working to grow their business and retain more customers.
As long as the ads get shown to the target audience for the right price, the rest is just details.

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