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Earlier this week ITS announced that it would be taking down the Usenet news server as of December 5, 2007. To learn more about using Usenet newsgroups refer to the resources listed at the bottom of this entry. Given the research I've done today, Usenet seems to be alive and well—particularly in certain circles. If one is looking for discussion geared towards very specific topics I think Usenet works well for two reasons. Trackback URL for this entry is: Usenet Newsgroups: Anachronistic Service or Useful Communication Tool? I visit one forum to discuss current news, another forum for virtual world economic discussions, another forum for computer related issues, etc. I can get RSS feeds from these forums, I can post discussion questions, receive emails when someone posts to a topic I'm interested in, etc.
I think people are using forums for similar reasons as they used Usenet, it's just the technology that's different. With Usenet, you open your reader (as you do for RSS feeds) read the posts, reply to them and start new threads, all within the reader. I think the Web forums became more popular, not because they were better or more efficient, but because people were going to the Web and that's where they found the forums. I also remember the Supreme Court ruling, many, many years ago, that stated Usenet service providers could not be held liable for the content on the servers. Their service has been growing for quite sometime so its clear that usenet is not dead just yet. Ongoing education is critical, which is why we’ve compiled 28 of the brightest and most-inspiring research reports and case studies to hit the web in the recent months. Did you know that small businesses are actually winning when it comes to adoption of content marketing?
The 70+ interviews which serve as the backbone of Altimeter Group’s ongoing research on how enterprises approach the strategic and tactical side of content marketing have a lot to offer SMB CEOs and marketers. HubSpot’s annual survey of marketers doesn’t solely focus on content, but its insights are too rich to ignore.
IBM’s hot-of-the-press annual report includes data mined from 1,700+ CMOs worldwide, and some extra-special analysis on exactly why some marketers are more successful than others.
CopyPress’ interview of 329 content marketers is among the most spot-on studies we’ve seen hit the shelves in recent months. Curata’s annual survey of how B2B marketers approach content marketing strategy is a tactical goldmine. Marketing may be changing, but the landscape of consumer behavior is possibly changing even faster. Servio, the copywriting team behind Target’s witty product descriptions, was faced with the not-small task of transitioning tens of thousands of products onto a new platform. Measurement and analysis is a way of doing business for McGladreys, a global accounting and tax consulting firm with over 7,000 employees. It’s easy to objectively see the value of combining your company’s sales and marketing silos into a comprehensive outreach program, but technical publisher Elsevier’s incredible success could certainly provide a boost to your motivation.
While PTC, a software company with over 5,000 companies, wasn’t exactly small, they faced a number of challenges all too familiar to SMB CEOs. Eloqua may be one of the largest and best-known companies in the marketing automation space, but they don’t have it especially easy. 40% boost in revenue is no typo, and it’s the growth that Distribion experienced after refining their content marketing strategy. Most marketers are at least a little familiar with the story of Marcus Sheridan, the struggling owner of a swimming pool business turned content marketing evangelist. If you think your company’s focus is too niche for a wildly successful content marketing strategy, this content marketing case study is for you. Whether you’re outsourcing, insourcing, or somewhere in the middle, you can’t help but get inspired by US Waterproofing’s story. Get this: Essential Marketer, a British SEO Agency, set out to create a content marketing case study. This content marketing case study by Marcus Sheridan isn’t the longest, but it’s effective and showcases one of the brightest ideas we’ve come across for creating content. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut if you’re at the helm of a moderately successful content marketing strategy, as experienced by Yale Appliance. There’s nothing more inspiring than a company that successfully leverages content marketing to beat external factors.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and that was certainly the case for Reynolds Training Services, who offer courses on working with petroleum. Consumption of research reports and case studies could be the difference between a sufficient content marketing strategy, and an outstanding plan for web domination. O que diferencia o e-mail marketing de outras ferramentas de divulgacao e a possibilidade de encaminhar um tipo especifico de conteudo somente para pessoas interessadas, alem de explorar todos os recursos que um e-mail oferece.
Na hora de analisar uma base de dados de e-mails e importante levar em consideracao alguns pontos, o principal sem duvida e a sua origem. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Speech di presentazione della Strategia di Web Marketing elaborata per il cliente Filsam (Filatelia Sammarinese) dal gruppo vincitore del premio di studio, composto da Margherita Sainaghi, Giulia Pinna e Simona Facondo.
Please visit me there to read the latest entries and to update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. In a fit of nostalgia, I opened up my newsreader (Mozilla) to leave a farewell message on cwru.general. I remember the arguments at Columbia and other colleges over letting a music news group on. Make it a point to read one of these amazing – and free – resources each day for the next 3 weeks. The latest research from Content Marketing Institute has found that small companies allocate 31% of their marketing budget to content, as opposed to only 24% at enterprises.
You may not have the budget to hire an entire “content center of excellence” or editorial board, but you can certainly learn from their suggested system of checks and balances. The data from over 3,300 marketing professionals includes plenty of research specific to small business, as well as a comprehensive look at how content marketing strategy should mesh with the rest of your outreach.
Their findings indicate that sensitivity toward customer feedback matter far more than your company’s budget.
They didn’t shy away from asking the tough questions, like whether companies are willing to pay for expert authorship, or if marketers are actually embracing video. While the survey naturally includes a deep look at how companies are approaching content curation, there’s plenty of other insights that make it well worth any B2B or B2C marketer’s time. Google’s survey of how people interface with technology, compiled with the help of research powerhouses Ipsos and Sterling, has the potential to completely revolutionize the way you create content for a very distracted consumer base. We’re joking, of course, but IDG Enterprise’s report is among the best researches on how content marketing should fit into the sales cycle, and what you can do to write for the right consumer.
With 18 employees and a single marketer on staff, the brand was facing the need to sell diving equipment with a broken website to a tech-savvy buyer persona, as well as the challenge of building a content strategy from the ground up. The company was creating custom marketing materials, but they lacked a comprehensive content strategy. Read this content marketing case study to learn the steps the company took to integrate, as well as specific tactics to improve their email metrics.
They were trying to debut an innovative product in a crowded and clunky market, and had to build website authority for a micro-site. Why not, particularly if the insights are as fresh as this example from major real estate player Prudential.
Overall Content Marketing Strategy Leads to 2,000% Lift in Blog Traffic, 40% Boost in Revenue.
A marketing automation company which focuses on highly-regulated industries, this marketing case study includes particular insight on how the company leveraged strategic partners to create more content, and set goals. Few know that content creation actually turned around his business at one of the worst times for his industry, the peak of the recession in 2008 when few consumers had the cash to invest in an in-ground pool. However, it wasn’t outstanding, and by heavily investing in buyer persona research and content targeting over a period of 12-18 months, the company increased their metrics an astounding degree. The company successfully got all of their 50+ employees to buy in to content marketing, and share exactly how.
They developed 200 high-quality articles around keywords over 50 days, and measured the results. Block Imaging CEO Krista Kotrla successfully pulled off a two-day retreat centered on content marketing. Despite the fact they were receiving 200-500 views on their average blog post, they successfully reset their blog, and saved over $500,000 on marketing in the process.
However, given the meteoric growth in the field over the past few years, companies that win often have mastered the art of sprinting a marathon. There was tons of content being created about their team, particularly during game season, but they wanted to become a one-stop shop.

They launched their energy drinks in 1987, when many people were still warming up to Espresso, and began their content marketing strategy in 2007. That’s definitely the case with this story, about a major credit card processor who was struggling against a 23% decline in credit card use during the recession of 2008. Their website wasn’t generating any leads, but an aggressive keyword strategy and article marketing landed them 190 contacts just 8 months later. Continuing education has always been important, but it’s never mattered more than in the midst of the content arms race. Por conta disso, a escolha da base de e-mails que sera utilizada nos disparos, bem como o recurso a ser utilizado, e muito importante. These will only work if you have configured a newsreader in your browser and are using a server that includes that particular group. It may also be why much of the "research" content isn't stuff you'd like your kids to be studying in college. Just look at the number of Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, and there are 53,000+ messages on the Autism support newsgroup. As HubSpot’s Corey Eridon points out, nimbleness is a state of mind, which requires being able to quickly adapt to new changes and trends.
CMI’s small business report cuts to the chase to examine how marketers are using platforms and creating content. If you read this report between the lines, there’s plenty of tips to help you pull ahead of your competitors. While Target is not a small business, this marketing case study offers some seriously bright lessons in adopting smart technology. Not to give any spoilers, but they succeeded brilliantly with limited resources, and offer real insight into why. The steps the company ultimately took weren’t especially unique, including defining goals and redesigning their website to provide better access to content, but they were incredibly effective.
Perhaps most overwhelmingly, the team had one month to launch the site and associated content assets. Eloqua needed to stand out against a whole lot of noise, and the way they succeeded was increasing employee contributions, and management buy-in. In this taped session from the FinanceConnect13 conference, major marketing players delve into just how Prudential applies their customer insights. The results were staggering across the board, and any content marketing strategy can learn from their gutsiness. You might not be able to take your employees away for a weekend to learn blogging, but you can learn from Block Imaging’s crash course. ShoreTel Sky realized to stand out in the rapidly growing cloud-based phone systems space, they needed to publish more than their in-house content creators can handle.
They ultimately won through careful metrics analysis, creating a boatload of content, and providing up-close-and-personal access to their star players. There’s no question they’ve won, and their team of 400 content creators produce some of the most compelling branded content on the web.
If you’re curious whether content marketing is stronger than consumer trends, take this marketing case study as evidence that creating custom content can cure almost anything. Uma base bem projetada aliada ao apelo visual e proposta da acao e o que determinara o sucesso desse tipo de acao. You simply can’t lead a winning content marketing strategy if you’re playing by the old rules of SEO, or blogging to the wrong buyer persona.
The need to efficiently apply customer feedback is a challenge for companies of any size, and this video could help you win. This case study is a brilliant lesson for companies hoping to successfully use a combination of insourcing and outsourcing. While you might not have the budget to blog 10 times daily, their aggressive and measured approach can help any business win. Their cult of brand personality is perhaps the most compelling thing about their media, and any company can take a page from their customer-focused content. Did the generation that grew up on the Web not know about newsgroups, or did they know about them but prefer the Web?

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