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The major problem all the companies face is negative and defamatory comment about the brand and service being posted in the internet by disgruntled employees, unsatisfied customers and competitors. The best method to protect your online reputation is to prevent it from happening in the first place and if your reputation is already damaged due to defamatory contents then the following steps may be taken to repair it.
Research all the negative contents and find out what caused the negative online conversation and work out a strategy to end that conversation.
These keywords should be used to suppress the negative contents from the search result pages. Update your primary website with new and attractive contents about your brand and service and build links in websites, blogs, social media channels, forums and article directories using the keywords and keyword phrases in the anchor text so that you can get the best results. Develop a blog and post contents which is in your control using the keywords and utilize your social media profiles and third party blogs to promote those contents.

Always monitor the first couple of pages in search engines using the selected keywords so that more number of searches will increase the rankings. These negative comments can very quickly damage the online reputation of a company quickly if not suppressed in search engines. The online repairing process can start only after you have put an end to these negative conversations. Search for websites, blogs, forums and social media platforms where the keywords can be used to suppress the negative contents. Develop videos and publish it in video sharing sites and optimize it using the keywords and tag it using the keyword phrases. Companies have realized the importance of online reputation management and in order to implement it they are utilizing the services of reputed ORM firms to understand their digital footprint in the internet.

Prepare a list of keywords related to the defamatory contents which should include your company name, brand and service. Create a monitoring system which will notify you if any negative contents appear so that you can address it immediately.

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