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Shurooq was charged with leading the overall development of a 15-year historical preservation and restoration mega-project for the Heart of Sharjah, the historical heart of the emirate where the first settlers started and the traditional homes of some of the most prominent families still stand. MBLM designed a discovery center that would allow visitors to get a real sense of place, understand the plans for the district and experience authentic hospitality. We developed a comprehensive way-finding system to guide guests around the maze’s development, based on a study of the natural flow of foot traffic and the various locations.
For more information and a full list of topics, please visit the Keynotes & Workshops section. Professional Presence, by Peggy Noe Stevens, is a must read for all graduates about to embark upon their professional careers. During the summit, to take place on Tuesday, November 3, delegates will hear how destination management organisations are re-evaluating their structures and strategies to adapt to new market trends created by social media and the so called “sharing economy”.

Moderated by CNN journalist Richard Quest, tourism ministers from around the world and private sector leaders will discuss Destination Branding: new challenges in a changing market. The discussion will be further enriched by the participation of more than 150 Ministers and aides poised to attend the event. A better version of this logo is needed, due to the picture quality, inaccuracies or other issues with the uploaded logo. Nearly three years after the network launched, the network debuted a new logo on March 16, 2015, designed by Ferroconcrete. The largest project of its type in the region to date, Shurooq was given a long timeline to seed the Heart of Sharjah as a true destination, establish a sense of place and communicate the vision of the transformation. We created a brand around the “place of a million stories,” capturing the notion that stories of the founding families could be found around every corner and in every house, alleyway and building in the district, and also alluding to the new stories to be told as existing homes were restored and repurposed into boutique hotels, cafes and galleries.

We developed a naming protocol and information hierarchy to help people enjoy the area and navigate it easily, as well as a guided tour map for visitors and a brochure aimed at those interested in investment opportunities. This handy resource will help put readers at ease on how to handle a variety of business situations they will likely encounter. It is also a good refresher for seasoned professionals on the importance of manners and strong communication skills.

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