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Often, this virtual handshake comes with an agenda: getting visitors to subscribe or sign up to something, convincing them to buy a product, asking them to download content, or even just getting a simple engagement like a Facebook like or a retweet. But a lot of people are still in the dark as to how to create and launch a landing page that actually does its job.
These may seem so simple— but a quick look at landing pages out there, you know a lot of people need all the help they can get.
The portion of the page that’s visible when it first loads up is referred to as above the fold.
If there are unnecessary elements present above the fold that (1) shouldn’t be there in the first place, and (2) distract from your call to action, they you’re failing at the landing page game. Distractions don’t even have to be other button or links—cramming content above the fold can really hurt your conversion. Traditional businesses are notorious for poorly designed landing pages that just have too much going on above the fold. Bob wants to open a bank account so he goes on Google and types in “savings account.” One of the results say Country Bank.
The idea of a high-conversion landing page is when a visitor comes to your page, there is very little friction between intent and the actual engagement.
Many argue that what’s above the fold isn’t a important as many marketers, designers and conversion rate optimization specialists say.
In this era of responsive design, the “fold” might not even be applicable to many websites. However, here are some guidelines for creating solid above the fold design and copy, or just basically what content people need to be looking at when they land on your site.
If you’re running a business, knowing who your customers are is the most basic thing you should be figuring out. Neville makes it clear, though, that if you want one of those sexy taglines like Nike’s Just Do It and Adidas’s Impossible Is Nothing, you’d have to grow a multi-billion dollar enterprise first. The point is that when you’re just starting out, it’s best to keep your tagline as descriptive as possible. Whether you’re selling a super serious product, a government program or for a huge enterprise, people understand you when you write like a human. Quora, Reddit and niche forums are a great place to find customers “in the wild.” What’s the best way? Talk directly to them!
Online-savvy entrepreneurs and marketers know that social proof is the hint of humble-brag on your page that’s just become necessary to push conversion up.
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The new resource centre for NHBC Standards, Building Regulations, technical apps, news and support. The NHBC Standards give the technical requirements, performance standards and guidance for the design and construction of new homes acceptable to NHBC.
We provide a range of supplementary technical information, videos and for 2016, 3D models, to support the Standards.

With over 30 years' experience in Building Control, we have the expertise to guide you through compliance with the latest Building Regulations in England and Wales. NHBC Building Regulations Plus (England) and NHBC Building Regulations Plus (Wales) are our new interactive guides to help you interpret and apply the Building Regulations. Our in-house experts are here to help our registered builders and developers interpret NHBC Standards and Building Regulations. NHBC is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. The theme design is completely fluid and responsive that displays consistently on all devices and resolution. We've added various header design options that'll give you more flexibility when customizing your page. Design your portfolio to make beautiful masonry image layouts using various image sizes and arrangements.
Newsletter (mailing list) can be added using MailChimp, a popular service provider for sending newsletters. Photoshop file is the design mockup used by designers to create design customization of the theme.
You want give visitors the full package when they arrive so you cram in multimedia, a couple of buttons and colors everywhere.
This appeals to Bob since he doesn’t really like those big city banks and he supports smaller establishments. Not only are they too many for the landing page, they are all inconspicuously placed on the page.
A Nielsen study found that despite these claims, there is good evidence that users put more value on content above the fold than the rest of the page. He really puts an emphasis on doing things the practical way—don’t get confined by what you think is “business” writing or how you think things should be done. He does a great job of explaining what it is exactly he will be teaching you if you opt-in.
Something that will serve as super condensed value proposition for your website, business, app or whatever you’re building landing pages for. Also, never lose track of keeping the language as close to how your audience thinks and speaks. However, you must not give in to the temptation of overstating testimonials, or worse, making stuff up. They each contain all the latest Approved Documents as well as supplementary guidance notes and material from our in-house experts. National House Building Council is registered in England and Wales under company number 320784.
Therefore, to maximize conversions, tailor your offers, designs, and calls-to-action for each traffic source. Made for Agencies, App's, Events, Ebook, Product, Weddings, Products, Shops, Marketers, your own Personal page, or even one simple Fullscreen design.

These options allows you to hide certain elements, choose a background type and designs, and choose custom header text color. It includes a Google map view of the location, the date and time of your event, and a link for visitors to buy tickets. We've designed the Landing theme to work seamlessly with WooCommerce, our Shop landing page layout is an example on how you can showcase your products on your page. Mailchimp has free service which allows you to send up to 20000 subscribers for free (great for starters).
It comes with many cool effects like parallax scrolling, background video, animations, and more! Anything that doesn’t contribute to your call to action and makes it harder for the user to  realize what the page is telling them should be eliminated from the site. Knowing how those exactly are is of course a matter of market research, social listening and some marketing ninja techniques.
They look for proof that this service, product or whatever it is has worked for someone else before. Since they cater to marketing needs, they included photos of renowned marketers on their landing page.
Traffic isn’t easy to come by—so you want it to convert like a madman after you hit publish.
NHBC's registered address is; NHBC House, Davy Avenue, Knowlhill, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK5 8FP.
Simply turn on the Builder, load any of the Builder layouts, edit the text & images, and you're done! Check out the screenshot below to see some of the headers we've customized with the new header design options. So a non-mobile friendly landing page can result in high bounce rates.Fortunately, creating tailored or campaign-specific landing pages no longer requires coding skills.
Whatever your objective may be, Landing theme can help you design an effective landing page to increase your site conversion. With the Pre-designed Builder layouts, designing a landing page has never been this fast and easy! It comes with Themify's drag & drop Builder which includes all the tools you'll ever need to make beautiful landing pages.
It even lets you publish your landing page as a Facebook tab, so you can collect leads on the social network. To make it easier for you, the theme also includes 23 beautiful layouts which you can easily import to your site.
It’s $49 per month for 5,000 unique visitors, $99 per month for 25,000 unique visitors, and $199 per month for 100,000 unique monthly visitors.

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