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There’s no doubt that technology is transforming the way people learn, and the popularity of online educational tools is rapidly increasing. We asked some of our customers using our Business and Education products why they’ve decided to give their employees or students access to Rosetta Stone online learning instead of offline language-learning solutions. Online solutions eliminate the need for server installation and maintenance by the school or business—necessities that can be costly and very time-consuming.
Online solutions are available from any computer—anytime and anywhere an Internet connection is available—allowing students and employees to access learning when and where it’s convenient for them.
While efforts are being made in the US to direct government funds to private schools through vouchers and tax credits, in other parts of the world (see below) government subsidies to private school are increasing. Large, and ever increasing, government subsidies have brought down fees in many private schools to be within reach of the middle classes.

In British Columbia privatisation was promoted, as in Australia, by diverting public funding to private schools. To support this growing movement, many companies, including Rosetta Stone, are building more software-as-a-service (abbreviated SaaS) solutions, meaning that we offer language-learning solutions that can be accessed in the cloud, anywhere you’re online.
Instead, they enable schools and businesses to scale their language-learning programs as needed, even on short notice.
The aim in each case is to aid private schools to provide more direct competition to public schools. Catholic schools receive around 80% of their operating costs from federal and state governments and are therefore able to charge relatively low fees compared with other private schools. Private schools now receive 50 percent of the funding per pupil that public schools receive.

These online platforms personalize education, increase efficiency, and make learning more accessible. The Anglican church has also introduced new low-fee schools to augment its high-fee elite schools. As in Australia, these private schools are mainly religious schools with some non-religious, elite schools. The proportion of students attending private schools is increasing with the government funding.

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