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Vous pourrez ainsi analyser oA? vous voudrez agir, oA? il y a un potentiel de croissance, etc. Vous verrez en mA?me temps vos points de contact, c’est-A -dire tous les endroits oA? vos prospects ou clients sont en contact avec des influenceurs ou des outils. Dernier pointA : les concurrents, il faut faire une rapide analyse concurrentielle (sans y passer des heures !).
Vous avez besoin d’aide ?Dans un premier temps utilisez le moteur de recherches, il y a des centaines d'articles.
Sales and Marketing department of any company is very important, as the success of the company hinges on it.  These are the people who are generally in the limelight and are often seen climbing the corporate ladder with much ease.
Sales and marketing jobs are not as simple as they appear.  Marketing careers include a lot of planning, preparation and development. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Your Small Business Integrated Marketing Planfor Business-to-Consumer Mobile Marketing & Customer EngagementThis Personalized Marketing Plan will provide you with detailed information onhow (Your Company Name Here) will help you generate additionalbusiness and add to your overall bottom line.

The Power of Mobile Marketing!Before we implement this plan, it is important you comprehend the power ofmobile marketing.Think about how many people you see out and about with smart phones inhand – checking emails on the go – texting friends and family – watchingvideos and surfing the web. A Marketing Plan Template that any business owner can use to create their own marketing plan. This is a great tool for our resellers and may provide you with an outline to give your clients as well.
It is important that you viewthis Marketing Plan and our service fees, not as an expense, but rather as aninvestment to generate more sales. The execution of these provencontemporary marketing tools, methods, and services will add continualmonthly Positive ROI to your Company’s bottom line. No matter what your small business is or does, you canprofit using low-cost mobile marketing strategies. It is in our bestinterest to make this plan work for you, so that you will continue to use ourservices for years to come. Here are some examples ofthe power of mobile marketing – Medical, dental, optometrists and chiropractic practices use mobilemarketing to remind patients of appointments, follow up on office visits,provide wellness information and promote new service offerings to encourageongoing use of the service provider.

Beauty salons, barbershops, health spas, massage therapists, andaestheticians use mobile marketing to prevent cancellations by offering pre-appointment reminders, to fill open time slots or increase foot traffic on slowbusiness days. Retailers, whether clothing stores, accessories shops, bookstores, wineand liquor stores, all use mobile marketing to move dormant inventorythrough discount offerings, promote new products, and advertise specialsales and in-store events. Service providers such as auto repair shops, landscapers,housepainters, handymen, HVAC, carpet cleaners and maid services usemobile marketing to promote services and offer discounts to increase theirclient base. Restaurants, bars and nightclubs use mobile marketing to fill emptyseats on sluggish nights with last-minute coupons and offers to bring incustomers and invigorate profits on what would have been dead nights. Movie theaters, stage theaters, and comedy clubs use mobilemarketing to offer 2-for-1 deals and last minute specials to fill empty seatsthat represent lost revenue at every performance.No matter what your small business does or where you are located, mobilemarketing can benefit you.

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