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Ask Before You Spend: Is Your Corporate IT Strategy Aligned to Achieve Business Objectives? HomeRankingsAsk Before You Spend: Is Your Corporate IT Strategy Aligned to Achieve Business Objectives? Research organizations Gartner and Forrester predict 2014 will be the year corporations that have been holding back on technology spending break out their checkbooks for information technology (IT) purchases[1]. To be sure, technology and the way it is implemented can either enable or hinder the achievement of a corporation’s strategic objectives.
Far too often, this critical alignment between the business strategy and IT strategy doesn’t occur. It is therefore essential to establish a corporate mindset that closely links the strategies of IT with that of the business. In a recent situation, one of our clients proactively sought to avoid this potential risk and disconnect between the business direction and its IT strategy. The assessment was comprehensive, examining the IT function as a whole to determine whether the client had the right people, processes, infrastructure, and applications in place to support the goals of the business. At the conclusion of our assessment, we provided management with a comprehensive set of findings and recommendations, with a time-phased technology road map that supported the clients’ business strategy. To get past these hurdles, the answer is to assign a dedicated project manager whose sole mission is to steer implementation of the plan. It is essential to understand that the work of aligning the IT function with the operations and finance function of a corporation is an ongoing endeavor and one that should be ingrained in the company’s culture.
Written by John Yin, Director with CohnReznick Advisory Group and leader of its strategic technology solutions service.
About Latest Posts Featured columnists Featured Columnists at CEOWORLD MagazineThe CEOWORLD Magazine is the worlds leading business and technology magazine for CEOs (chief executives) and top-level management professionals. At Holder Aerospace, we understand how crucial it is to focus scarce business development resources. A company’s human talent provides an unrivalled competitive advantage in today’s global environment. The Linking HR Strategy to Business Strategy program complements our Advanced HR program, augmenting the core competencies of HR professionals with business acumen and skills that will both engage senior teams and earn executive-level sponsorship and support. You’ll enhance your knowledge of key business drivers and core elements of business models that impact business results. Learn how to create a well-designed and professionally executed HR strategy using key elements and best practices that ensure alignment with business goals.
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Before they do, however, they should make sure their IT strategy is aligned with their organization’s current and long-term business strategies and that their IT enterprise applications are capable of supporting any planned growth and changes to the business model. Understanding the key business drivers, whether to enable competitive advantages or internal efficiencies, is the foundation for developing a sound IT strategy.
In turn, this limits an organization’s ability to react in time to the changing needs of the business, and can cause a company to fall behind its competition.

Embedding such a culture and mindset will dramatically improve the company’s flexibility and agility to proactively address various business scenarios and mitigate the consequences of being unprepared. We leveraged our technology effectiveness methodology to quickly identify gaps, improvement opportunities, and risk areas. Key initiatives that resulted from our assessment included a selection for a new financial system with an integrated procurement solution and a business-process design project. The ultimate success of any strategic IT plan will depend largely on how carefully its rollout is implemented. A company might have an IT strategy in place, and perhaps a project or a series of projects slated for implementation. Project managers should not be confused with project administrators–individuals whose function it is to manage a sort of punch list. All three functions must share a seat at the table when day-to-day operating decisions are made. If you have a thriving desire to succeed and write for the highest quality audience, then become a CEOWORLD Magazine contributor. To optimize that unique ability, human resource professionals must design and foster an employee culture that directly aligns HR practices with organizational goals and actively contributes to the bottom line.
We’ll discuss market segmentation, product and service design, and how organizations create value. We’ll discuss how various stakeholder perspectives impact your plan and work with you to develop a strong framework that directly applies to your work environment. We’ll show you how to leverage your training, development and performance management programs for organizational success, and how to fully engage your talent to keep them focused on business goals.
We’ll show you how to design and measure programs that build loyalty and deliver value, and how to develop tactical approaches to partnerships that maximize your efforts.
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Looking forward to the next three to five years is critical as business needs will likely shift, and technology solutions can take many months–or even years–to successfully implement.
For example, the executive in charge of IT may not clearly understand the organization’s operational and long-term growth objectives, while corporate leadership does not fully grasp how technology can advance–or deter–the execution of its strategies. The client recognized that their business model would be expanding, and that the IT capabilities they had to support their old business model might not readily support new business requirements. Our review focused on process efficiencies, data integrity, and the ability for management to obtain the information it needed to effectively manage the business. Major customer benefits expected to be realized include improved responsiveness, accuracy, and consistency. For this reason, the implementation plan should be viewed as a critical extension of any strategic IT plan.
But now the internal IT team is managing multiple work streams, often with the same people involved.
A true project manager is a change agent with the ability and real power within the organization to drive the implementation across multiple disciplines and multiple departments.

The functions must be integrated, intertwined, and constantly communicating with each other to achieve one common goal–the ultimate success of the organization. By comparison, Gartner reported IT spending globally was flat in 2013, up just 0.4 percent from 2012. We’ll also explain the dynamic interplay between revenues, costs and risk, and demonstrate how strong HR practices contribute to profitability.
You’ll also learn how to assess customer satisfaction and measure the effectiveness of your programs in relation to business goals.
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We do recommend, however, that participants complete their certificate within one to six years. The company asked CohnReznick to assess the current state of its IT function, organization, business applications, and infrastructure, with a specific focus on the capability of existing systems to support an expansion and diversification of offerings.
Finally, we looked at the IT organization itself–personnel, roles and responsibilities, and reporting structure – to determine how to realign and enable a more proactive and project-driven organization. Couple that with the fact that many organizations struggle with basic project management skills, add into the mix a complex, multiyear IT implementation, and it’s easy to see where the train can go off the rails.
In conjunction with this, there needs to be a strong program governance structure in place–whether it’s a project steering committee or the corporate operating committee–encompassing a body that can make decisions and resolve issues, especially issues that relate to conflicting or competing goals or resource conflicts that inevitably will arise. Forrester was even more optimistic about 2014, predicting that business and government IT purchases will grow by 6.2 percent in US dollars in 2014. For this reason, we find that participants in the certificate stream benefit most by taking the foundational program first. The organization’s business model changes to accommodate strategic objectives, and only then is it discovered that the IT applications cannot support growth because the underlying IT strategy was never put in place. The client also asked that we recommend a short-term tactical IT plan based on the findings of the assessment and create a longer-term IT “road map” that would get them where they need to go in the future. In larger or complex projects, a separate organizational change-management leader may be necessary to drive acceptance and adoption of new roles and responsibilities that inevitably will result from new technologies and processes.
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The research tends to be conducted with, and geared toward, larger company CEOs and executives. It also provides some very interesting feedback from senior executives who rated how their strategies match up against the tests.In its survey of 2,100 executives, McKinsey reports that 65% said their strategies passed three or fewer of the tests listed in the article. One, it provides a framework and a measuring stick for several key strategy metrics that often get overlooked. Applying these tests to your strategy helps to keep the plan alive and relevant while bringing up several key points that might otherwise never see the light of day.All 10 of the tests are sure to generate worthwhile discussion.
In other words, doing the same things as last year, only doing a little more of them and doing them a little better.
But in today’s markets, the big winners are those companies that successfully create disruptive (rather than incremental) change.
Plan for changes to occur, both expected and unexpected, by considering multiple scenarios when crafting your strategy.Test #8: Is your strategy contaminated by bias? The biggest danger to most strategies consists of lack of awareness regarding your own attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions about how the world works.
What are you constantly telling yourself and each other that”must be so”? about how to add value to your customers?
They need detailed action plans that translate high-level goals into specific actions, behaviors, and incremental objectives for the people who will implement the plan. Unless you provide clear action steps, people tend to get stuck in doing things the way they have always done them.
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