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In Buzzazz’s experience, based on auditing forms and phone calls for practices over the past fifteen years, the close rate for new patients ranges from 20%-60%. There’s one more thing to do before you can work out the ROI of your digital marketing campaign. One of the easiest ways to work out the average lifetime value of a new patient is to use publicly available information. According to New Patients Inc, the lifetime value of a new patient ranges from $560-$1,100. According to The Wealthy Dentist, the lifetime value of a new patient ranges from $900-$1,200.
Based on the lifetime value of your patients, those 15 patients will bring $12,750 into your business per month. Leveraging my experience and partnerships in many industries I can always offer the most successful results to all my clients!
There is nothing quite like getting our hands on an antique or classic car with one of those early American bodies and giving it the same unique look that made those vehicles so awesome.

We will either replace their operating mechanisms with parts that are as close to the original model, or with customized modern parts to fit their unique bodies. In working out ROI for most practices, Buzzazz uses the most conservative figure of 20% (you’ll need to remember this later).
This won’t give you information tailored to your actual practice, but it can be a good starting point. While Buzzazz’s experience suggests that the average is even higher, the firm prefers to be more conservative. This will give you data based on your actual practice rather than an industry average, and then your ROI figures will be accurate. To really do the math, you need one more number: the amount you spend on digital marketing campaigns. Based on a conservative average patient value of $850 per month, you should end up with $12,750 in new patient income per month. In other words, the income your practice gets is 3.25 times your original spend on marketing!

While there are some car enthusiasts who enjoy doing their auto restorations on their own, we happen to enjoy doing them as well. In either case you will have possession of a restored vehicle that defines the American automobile. Many of these doctors are starting to use digital marketing, but aren’t always sure how the money they spend translates into value for them. When working out ROI using third-party patient value figures, Buzzazz uses a figure of $500 per patient (the lowest estimate the firm has ever seen). As usual, Buzzazz has tracked the number of leads from the marketing channels it has used and has seen how many of those have turned into patients.
As you can see the monthly value of your new patient ($850) is more than the cost to acquire the patient.

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