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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. In this candle making guide, I’ll show you the basics of how to make candles at home. Place Wick Pins – Set the wick pins into each of the candle molds to be ready for later. Prepare Double Boiler – Depending on what type of double boiler you decided to go with, this step will be different. When the wax is entirely melted and is only liquid with no chunks or pieces in it at all, continue on to the next step. As I said above with the coloring, for a stronger scent, add more, for a lighter scent, add less. Finish Preparing Your Molds – To finish off preparing your molds for the wax, coat them with your mold release (or cooking spray). Cool The Wax Slightly – Each type of candle has a different ideal pouring temperature. Put your thermometer on the side of the pouring pot (don’t touch the sides of it with your hands!).
Pour The Wax – When the wax has cooled to the ideal temperature based on what type of candle it is, it is ready to be poured. Set a timer on the stove for about one hour, this will allow the candles to dry enough for the second pour. Removing The Candle From The Mold – After the candle has completely hardened, you can remove it from the mold. If the candle will now come out of the mold then place the mold into a bucket of very hot water for a couple seconds. I consider that is the best way of making candels.Your style and method makes it more innovative.

Do It Yourself ProjectsReceive updates straight to yourinbox when new do it yourself projects and diy ideas are posted. Our mission is to facilitate the education and teaching of how to make environmentally sensitive, clean burning, non-toxic  scented or plain  soy candles using all natural soy candle wax. Depending on the type of coloring you’ve chosen, this step will be slightly different. Also be sure to add more if you are making a soy candle because soy wax doesn’t soak in coloring as well as paraffin.
If you are using soy wax, then add more because it doesn’t soak up fragrance as well as paraffin. Once you only have about 10 minutes left, heat up the remaining wax just like you did above (put in the saucepan with water). Then take the wick pin in your fingers and gently (as not to break up the wax in the center of the candle) wiggle the wick pin until it pulls out the candle. Stay tuned for more in depth tutorials on each of the steps above, various techniques to make your candles better, etc. It is very informative and what’s most important does not leave anything out especially for us neebies. I bought a candle making kit and the instructions confused me so when I found this website I finally got the courage to make them. I will assume since you reading this perhaps you discovered the Great American dream of going to college, working 40 hours a week, and retiring in 40 years no longer works in the USA. Find original and best-of diy round ups from around the web for diy ideas, tutorials, and full do it yourself projects with step-by-step pictures and instructions. It can take 1-2 hours for the wax to completely melt, depending on how much wax you’re using.
Follow the directions on the packaging of the coloring you bought for the amount of wax you are using.

Keep in mind that the color will be dramatically lighter when it dries than it is when it’s liquid. It is also good to look at the fragrance you are purchasing to see how compatible it is with soy wax. Take the melting pot out of the pot with water and set it on a stove burner that isn’t on.
I love the fact that you’ve included adding scents to the candles created here as well. Here is a quick referance to how hot your wax should be for pouring various types of candles. If you plan to make candles often, then keep a log of your candle making recipes to find the perfect blend. And you also have helped me figure out what I was doing wrong while making my candles and have now solved the problem. Thank you for giving me more inspiration on the things I love and giving me a brighter side by sharing ideas and tips on various aspects.
I also like to adjust the tempurature along the way to keep the water hot, but not boiling just to prevent it from boiling over. If you spill any on the counter or floor, scrape it up and put it back into the pouring pot with the remaining wax (you can re-melt it and use it for the second pour). Now you can make candles every season and it’ll save you a lot of money in the long run as well.

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