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If the thought of M&M chocolates has already got your mouth watering, then this Candy Bar Cake recipe is sure to push your taste buds over the edge. The Candy Bar Cake is made with a chewy brownie base, delicious chocolate mouse filling and topped off with fun, familiar M&M candies. Implications - The combination of wildly popular consumer treats within recipes -- like this one does with M&M's and Kit Kat bars -- helps to ensure a welcomed success from consumers, who recognize their favorite familiar treats.
A pop-culture celebration of confection – its packaging, history, marketing, and the people behind it all.
Copying, re-posting or otherwise altering any images or other content from this site is strictly prohibited. What happens when some of the most innovative inbound marketing agencies gather in one place? I traveled with my co-workers, Allison and Michael, to Boston for HubSpot Partner Day earlier this week.
HubSpot's business model isn't just about selling their software or retainer services, and neither is ours. Collaborating with your competitors may sound counterintuitive, but it's the kind of culture we found at HubSpot.
On the topic of collaboration, Allison said, "A lot of times marketing agencies have a cut throat mentality and they are out to get each other. It was amazing to see the way HubSpot valued and craved feedback from their customers and partners.
Not only did we learn new techniques, processes, and ideas from our peers in the industry, we got to look under the hood of Hubspot. Every part of the software comes back to the same thing: How will this help our clients grow their business and get the results they want?
Allison said it best after the conference, when we were discussing HubSpot's culture: "When there's an issue they recognize it. Brian Halligan, HubSpot's CEO, shared with the group the history and vision of the company and it was super inspiring.

These were the lessons I learned from HubSpot Partner day, and from other inbound marketing agencies. As a content developer, I came away with new ideas for collaborating with my clients and coworkers to create amazing, effective content to convert leads to customers. Allison was inspired to jump feet first into embracing the new COS (HubSpot's Content Optimization System, which is their new website platform). Michael was excited about some of the new features and changes coming to Signals, HubSpot's integrated sales tool, how it can help our clients take their inbound marketing efforts and follow it through to the sales process. How do you and your organization learn from peers, from other professionals, and the service providers you rely on? Join thousands of other CEOs and Marketing & Sales Professionals who use our blog to strengthen their online presence. This spectacular dessert was created by Madalina on the popular food website 'Duhlicious.' Those looking to combine their favorite desserts are going to fall head over heels in love with the Candy Bar Cake and its use of chocolate, candies and cake. A hand placed Kit Kat bar exterior holds the cake in place and makes for an exciting display upon cutting the cake. Likewise, businesses that reference familiar products within their product promotions further guarantee a receptive target audience. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. We learned several lessons from this group, from HubSpot and their culture, that we're excited about.
The bigger goal is changing the way marketing is done and getting amazing results for our clients.
This is the new landscape of marketing, where agencies come together and share their stories and experience. How can we connect all the dots and makes things easier for the user?These websites are powerful tools, not just to look pretty but to get you leads and customers!
Michael said this was one of the highlights of Partner Day for him, "Halligan's presentation was all about transparency and I got really excited about the innovation in their platform.

We have the case studies to prove inbound marketing on the HubSpot platform works for our clients, and so do others in the profession. To serve this goal, we believe in educating the customer, giving away the information you need, and being there when you're ready to invest in the process.
We learned from our peers that not only is inbound working for our clients and for SpinWeb, it's working for others who are doing it right.
This industry changes so fast; by utilizing these opportunities to collaborate it helps all of our clients, and therefore all of our businesses.
I signed up to be in an elite Beta group to test some of the new features that haven't been released yet. We have the support from HubSpot to be the best inbound marketing agency we can be, and because we have that place at the table, we're able to turn around and give our clients a seat, too. In this case, they invited their platinum and gold partners like SpinWeb to their offices for a two-day event called Partner Day. We learned that we're doing things right and it was great to share those stories of success, as well as learn lessons about how to improve and innovate.
I'm really excited to see how the new features work, and provide feedback on how to improve the software.
We feel 100% confident that this is what we want for our clients, and what will help you succeed in your business goals. In your business or nonprofit organization, are you finding ways to bring your clients and members to the table?

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