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Just as the phrase itself should be simple, what it's trying to convey should be simple as well. If you're ready to get your business-changing slogan, we'd love to see you on Slogan Slingers.  Click here and start your slogan contest now! I’ve clicked on this email in my inbox a few times, and when I finally opened it, I was like, here is something new and interesting going on in email marketing. Today I fielded a quick question (recommended character length of a subject line) that ended up being a rather productive exercise in creating a subject line. In our case, it was a new communication to a new segment of members- so a first kind of welcome to the site email.
The third element, my marketer friend reminded me, was getting the offer in the subject line. I received two versions of the KodakGallery email campaign that Elias snipped for his presentation, in Gmail and Yahoo. In all, our preview pane content is broken up and shown in text, which conveys a teaser to our content and an intriguing reason to either approve our images or click through to view in a web site. When our email went on the huge screen, I didn’t recognize it as one of ours, and instead was just focusing on those darned bullet GIFs. Stefan Tornquist, from MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit, gave the keynote and reviewed some of the top findings from the 2008 Email Marketing Benchmark guide. He displayed an odd report on the percentage of false positives on the spam filter, that predominantly (61%) were flagged by a single ISP, and a huge dropoff when classified by up to 3 ISPs.
I was pleased to see the analysis of opens and clicks across segmented, versus unsegmented lists, and that sometimes the difference is 2:1 more efficacy for highly segmented lists.

The most interesting report displayed, of course, the eyetracking chart, and renewed advice to move the template around to get- move the template around periodically (every 3 campaigns) to make users click on non-content, or less interesting or focussed panels, such as sponsor ads. He lent advice on landing page optimization: remove navigation, and surprisingly enough, repeated page testing raises the efficacy up to 400% more.
We setup our test, as the following: Define X number of subject lines, take 20% of the mailing list and divide evenly and randomly. At one client, we got a new copywriter and that quarterly review, noticed our open-click ratio went up across all campaigns, lining up nicely with her hiring date!
There are so many elements of the subject line, mainly the history of email campaign performance and CAN-SPAM regulations, or other spam avoidance tricks, that come into play with subject lines, that if a copywriter isn’t used to this environment, could be really frustrating for them.
The point is, whether you're Walmart or Walt's Reptile Mart, the more you use your slogan or tagline, the more likely it will be to stick in the mind of your target audience. The directness and tongue-in-cheekness also works well, for advertising folks who appreciate good copy.
I think this is good- offers in subject lines, motivating the open, tend to attract the discount shopper, which is a less meaningful segment.
Because our studies and learnings have shown clearly that when we address you by name, talk about how we know you, and otherwise serve you very timely relevant communications, everything is rosy. One of the most rewarding moments was seeing one of my client’s reactivation campaigns in a presentation- which was a surprise- as an example of good design, for taking into account image suppression, and as an example of an email in Windows Live.
We setup this very low-cost campaign with recycled content, a newsletter, and then tested about 10 different subject lines on a sample set of the total drop. After two days, whichever subject line performed best, use for the 80% rest of the mailing list.

But to help out those that have never written for a living, here is a list of good writerly traits that give them a leg up on us normal laypeople.
My sister wrote resumes for a while, and on her wall she had a printout of all of the synonyms commonly used in her field. I tend to think that getting a copywriter to understand the limits of email subject lines is an easier task than teaching an email marketer to write well.
They're insuring that when you think of low prices for the products you need for life, you think of Walmart first. The branding is in the From Address, and the reason is clear- impending mother’s day- in a clever way. But the reality is, that like HTML coding for emails, writing that darn short snippy inbox teaser is also an email marketing specialization.
Can you figure out a way of making the recipient special, showing your hand to a degree, in targeting them, and also communicating the offer in the email? I’ve seen report after report that shows that clever subject lines, eye-catching, engaging and funny, get seriously higher opens and clickthroughs than straight-up, no-nonsense, deal-hustling ones.
Especially if you notice a decline in time of clickthrough from opens, then you know there is a disconnect between what the subject line offered, and what the recipient saw, once opened. We replied that we were pretty amazed at the metrics that we got back from this campaign, as we basically hadn’t been expecting much, and these segments were generally write-offs.

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