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Channel 4 viewers will be able to hear the discussions from the two party leaders, where one will become the next Prime Minister, Sky News will be involved as well because Kay Burley will be moderating the questions from the audience, where these will be put forward to the two leaders to answer. Obviously Britain is getting ready for the 2015 General Election, and tonight will the best chance the leaders can address the nation. Cameron & Miliband Live will start today Thursday 26 March at 9pm, the social media world will be going crazy when the show airs, discussions are being encouraged throughout the show with the use if hashtag #battlefornumber10. Clarksville police said they arrested three people last week in connection with a prostitution sting involving social media. Charged in the case are Cody Hughes, 23, Riley Gatta, 22, of Bowling Green, KY, and Ramonica Gainey, 24, of Memphis. Police said they want the public to know "you never know who you are soliciting on the other end of that text message, email or cell phone.
For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. In December of 2011, YouTube unveiled their latest design and navigational changes to the world. Although it was met with unbridled criticism from a virtual mob of YouTube fanatics, these changes are here to stay.
Embrace YouTube’s recent makeover and their vision for the future of online entertainment. In an effort to provide a better, more relevant user experience for viewers, YouTube is behaving more like a social-networking site than ever before. As your viewers watch, rate and comment on your latest video, exposure for your content will spread to the followers and subscribers of each of your viewers through YouTube’s feed, creating a smaller yet more relevant viral effect. Get your audience to take action: Using a call to action, get your viewers to subscribe, rate, comment and share each of your videos. In fact, YouTube is already making more of an effort to feature channels on search results pages for related keywords.
Depending on how your channel’s background image was designed before the big change, you may need to modify and upload a new image.

The next step is to make sure the title, description and tags for your channel are properly filled out using your main keyword phrase.
The new channel page offers the choice to customize the design and layout of your channel with one of four templates. Similar to the old channel design, you’ll want to have a featured video that auto-plays when people view your channel. The new channel design makes it fairly easy to add website, blog and social profile links to drive traffic to your other web properties. Most marketers will never take the 4.3 minutes to make these minor adjustments to their channel.
My personal favorite change in YouTube’s most recent overhaul has been their introduction of YouTube Analytics.
As the third-largest website in the world with an audience that rivals any major television network, YouTube is an absolute powerhouse! Celebrity sportscaster Erin Andrews and eccentric college basketball star Marshall Henderson get into it on Twitter. Britney Spears' children got more than they bargained for when they went to watch Smurfs 2 at a movie theater -- the film's villainous Gargamel magically inserted Ms. A Kickstarter project helps to reboot the indie classic 'Leisure Suit Larry,' an over-40 virgin looking for sex, and eventually love. Today is the day of the Cameron vs Miliband in the Channel 4 live campaign, where anchor Jeremy Paxman will be separately interviewing both David Cameron and Ed Miliband in front of a studio audience. If you want to stay on top of your video marketing game in 2012, these are the only three changes that you need to focus on.
Most of us have discredited YouTube as a legitimate traffic source or brand-builder for our businesses because let’s face it, creating randomly hilarious videos probably isn’t your forte!
The more activity and interaction that takes place on each of your videos, the more potential exposure you get on the home page of YouTube.
Your videos have the potential of being shared and seen by more targeted viewers (quality views over quantity!).

Focus on using your main keyword phrase properly in your channel, and you can get found even quicker!
The best background images reflect your brand and the services you provide through pictures and text on the far left-hand side of your background image.
Your description should detail exactly what type of value and benefits your audience will get when they watch your videos. You can choose from any of your past videos or select the option to use your most recent video (recommended). Make sure to take the time to add and edit this information and use compelling benefit-driven copy to encourage your visitors to click over to your website! Take this opportunity to optimize your channel page properly and focus on getting it ranked for your main keyword phrase! Previously called YouTube Insight, this extremely detailed and informative feature allows you to learn more about your audience, your videos and your activity on YouTube.
With proper deduction skills, you can effectively identify problems with your videos and make the necessary changes to improve your results. Identify the exact moments that are causing your viewers to run for the hills or making them perform a “digital double-take,” rewinding your video and begging you for more! It has big plans for blurring the line of offline television and online entertainment, and we can expect YouTube to continue to evolve and morph into something new and different. And you can finish this by adding a bunch of your relevant keyword phrases (in quotation marks) in the Tags section.

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