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Looking for the best video editing software for Windows which is FREE and very easy to use? Ezvid is, by far – the fastest and the best free video editing software for Windows today! Ezvid has a very nice functionality – it lets you add text using and customize text with some of the coolest and hippest font styles, text colors and sizes.
It also lets you add a voice narrative – a very nice feature for gameplay videos or how-to tutorial videos.
What makes Ezvid great is that built in its feature is the “upload to YouTube” functionality where it is capable of uploading finished videos to YouTube directly. Instead of wasting time (and nerves) with crappy freeware that doesn't work and leaves watermarks on your videos, imagine getting a top original program that doesn't crash, it's easy to use, doesn't cost much and delivers super crisp professionally looking videos. Before you buy your top program and get popular, you want to see what it does so you know it's right for you. I tried a bunch of different programs and none seemed to do it for me, then I found a vlogger's review on Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus.
However, because it was the first software that really made sense to me, I bought it and never looked back. So, because the program was easy to use, I started to edit more videos, just for the kick of it. Now I easily edit all my videos by simply dragging my files into the timeline, regardless of the video format. But I can do pro fancy stuff as well - like keyframing, alpha masks, chroma key (green screen) and secondary color correction. So if this works for me - without any formal multimedia education - I think it'll work for you too.
But if you're using free software and you're complaining that it sucks, you should click away now. Think about this: do you know those people or friends who are always trying to demonstrate how much they care about you?
Well, I want you to be honest with yourself and acknowledge that you don't like them very much in return. The rich-born are rather lazy, apathetic and don't seem to care about results (because they have it all). I know it as a fact that I became a better videographer the minute I actually bought my original software.
You probably want an intuitive, powerful, easy to use program, that imports most video formats (AVCHD - MTS, MP4, MKV, MOV, 3GPP2, etc), doesn't crash and works well even on your old laptop. Now, imagine being excited for your next video and getting the recognition you deserve after you publish it. The list below contains the best video editors for beginners, amateur videographers, YouTubers but it's not limited just to that.
OK, you'll get famous on YouTube but what if it gets to your head and you go all Hollywood? While most of these programs are for Windows PCs (including Windows 7 and Windows 8), Adobe Premiere Elements (No. You can turn professional and deliver professional results if you combine creative shooting and good storytelling.

I prefer a light software that doesn't need too much hardware resources but manages to edit HD (3D as well). There's an explosion of DSLR cameras that shoot amazing video but they're not cheap and once you buy one, you'll find yourself buying more lenses and more accessories than you initially anticipated.
But point and shoot cameras are catching up with better sensors and more complex functions - some compete with DSLRs on image quality.
Basically, I'm saying that if you want to learn video shooting and editing, you can start with affordable gear: a compact camera and a simple to use, yet powerful, video editing software - Movie Edit Pro Plus in my case.
If you shoot like you mean it - using a fluid head tripod, a slider and a stabilizer - you can get amazing results. I've won some contests and I also sold HD footage that I took with my compact Sony HX9V and GoPro HD. It's no race so if you wanna have a good watchable video - you do wanna get lots of views on YouTube, don't you?
You may be familiar with Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie maker, AVS Video Editor, Avid Free DV or Roxio Easy Media Creator, however, often times these video makers are too complicated to use, difficult to install, or they just don’t seem to work at all. With Ezvid you can easily create slide show of videos or pictures in less than 5 minutes. With a simple drag-n-drop of pictures or video clips to Ezvid, you can now easily create videos. With just a simple click of the “Mic” icon of Ezvid, you can capture your audio and make a commentary video. Now this is the most exciting part: For some reason you cannot import any mp3 files to Ezvid due to copyright policy of YouTube. With the newest version of Ezvid, it automatically saves your project and you may also duplicate projects you’ve already done in the past – quite a time-saver huh!
I was excited to film but every time I got new footage, I had to deal with the hassle of using buggy free software or pirated programs taken from torrent sites. I mean, my GoPro action sports videos are my way of bragging (I am really that cool and modest). It's made by a German company and since I discovered German beer, I tend to fall in love with everything German, software included. The functionality is great, the online community is amazing and I'm at ease knowing the program works as it's supposed to work. And if you absolutely think that only the best program is your key to edit videos well, then you're either crazy or you're just very serious about this shit - I respect that! You may have the best software in the world - if it didn't cost you anything, if you didn't invest - it has no value to you. Just like you invest in the friendships that are valuable for you, you also have to invest in your career as a YouTuber by getting the proper video gear and the proper software. Whereas the underdog who spent all his savings to get that gear (whatever that may be), then he spent hundreds of hours working, training, trying - he eventually gets to the top and the results have meaning to him. Invest and expose yourself so you can have that evolutionary pressure on you: buy the software, take that gig, take that course, make big promises and then deliver, etc.
You can download almost any of the ten and push it to professional levels since most programs have the proper tools that enable you to edit great videos. Now I can focus on my editing - creating art if I'm allowed to brag - without the buggy issues of free software or cracked copies.
Coz when I ask a question on their official forum, I always get at least one reply with the right solution.

Consider this - if you're somewhat proficient with an editing program, you're already better than 99% of people who need to make a video. And I discovered I only use a handful of effects which are available in almost any software.
Then, at the editing stage, do the same - find a good music track for your video, edit on music beats, cut short scenes, keep the video below 5 minutes, etc. I've been using a consumer program as my GoPro editing software and my skills improved dramatically.
BUT if you are just looking for a free video editing software that is so easy-to-use, user-friendly, simple, and almost compatible with all Windows platform then you should try Ezvid.
Ezvid would like to prevent any YouTube user to get their videos being muted or account getting blocked or deleted just because they imported a copyrighted material. While there might be some but you need to convert first your video into a format that YouTube allows which is quite a pain in the ass, right as you are needing another software just for conversion. I hated not having a good software to edit with (something that would import MP4, MTS or MOV files).
And then the privilege of making videos and earning money - some people will admire you but some will envy you when you live your passion. It was first consumer editor to include motion tracking, stop motion, HTML5 video creation, and many other cool features. Other popular programs specifically built for Macs are ScreenFlow (which also does screen recording) and Final Cut Pro (professional non linear editing software). You'll also find tons of tutorials and inspiration - that will help you start editing immediately and make your videos stand out. That's because every GoPro video editor has a lot of features that are cool yet they take some time to discover and master.
So what I'm saying here is you don't need the best GoPro editing software - you just need one that's relatively easy to use and it works.
And if you don't like it, no worries, they all come with a 30 days money back guarantee - no questions asked. I'm human) and if you don't care about your videos as much as I do about mine then I really don't want to talk to you anymore!
Meaning you also don't pay much attention to your videos, to your publishing schedule, etc. The latest version adds to the program's luster, with 64-bit operation, custom profiles, faster 4K editing, and a FastFlick easy movie-creation mode. All Ezvid video formats are supported by YouTube and you can import almost ALL types of video format to Ezvid – that makes Ezvid a UNIVERSAL software for Windows. With a cornucopia of video-enhancing tools, a simple interface, and improved performance, VideoStudio is ready for any PC-based movie-making project you throw at it.
Get on with it, pick any in the top 10 and start publishing your videos coz the world needs your awesomeness.

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