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Thanks to compulsory work place shut down periods and school holidays, the summer months are lucrative for tourism operators around Australia – and like many resorts, B&B’s, hotels and motels, you’re probably already starting to see that booking schedule fill up. If you’re going to transport potential holiday-makers to mental holiday bliss, you’re going to need more than a few happy snaps taken on an iPhone!
Last year, the average Aussie consumer spent $1,152 on the Christmas period.  That equates to quite a few mojitos at the hotel bar!
While most work life balance practitioners will argue that an annual holiday is a non-negotiable, the reality is that for most of us, it’s not a day to day essential. With a robust acumen in marketing and communications, Chloe is passionate in making marketing easy for SMEs. Take the pain out of choosing a Mother’s Day present by showcasing present ideas on a dedicated flyer. With letterbox advertising you can reach 5,000 homes from as little as $350, or up to 6.6 million Australia wide! With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to get serious about promoting your business to Australian shoppers. While you don’t want to fuel stress in your customers, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a little reminder of how much time they have left to tick of their Christmas list.
These days, people are spending more time searching for gift ideas on their smartphones and tablets. It’s easy to fall into the trap of sending out the same old Christmas promotions every year. There’s no time like Christmas to tell your customers how much you value their business and say “thank you”. For more Christmas marketing ideas for your small business, take a quick look at our other simple yet effective ideas to prepare you for the holiday season! Whether it is flyers advertising your Christmas specials, catalogues promoting your hampers, or blank gift vouchers families could stash up for that emergency Christmas present, LDN can help you deliver it to almost any street in Australia, on any week! By Chloe He – Marketing Communications Officer – Local Direct Network (LDN)With a robust acumen in marketing and communications, Chloe is passionate in making marketing easy for SMEs.
It feels as though summer is only just beginning, but as you know thoughts of Christmas campaigns come early in the world of marketing.
They key here is to build an audience who’s engaged with and receptive to your brand just ahead of the busiest shopping periods at the beginning of December. In fact, a survey conducted by Experian in 2013 found that 18% of businesses putting plans together as early as June. Always tuned into what’s going to deliver for our clients, our team of digital marketing aficionados has come up with 3 creative social media campaigns, designed to gift-wrap a very merry Christmas 2015 for your brand. Christmas is all about gift giving and this product selector does a great job of leveraging festive cheer to showcase your product range and encourage sharing across social channels. Full of promotional imagery and gift ideas, this eye-catching campaign can be delivered via your Facebook page, through your own website, or even as a standalone project.
Using the gift selector, fans of your page are posed a series of questions about the preferences of the friend they’d most like to send a gift to. Based on those answers, the selector suggests the ideal gift for the chosen person and prompts the user to submit their email address for a chance to win. To maximise exposure, entrants are then encouraged to share the promotion with friends on Facebook, with an additional entry on offer for every friend who successfully joins in with the campaign. Not only does this campaign promote sharing and social media exposure, it drives traffic to your site via ‘shop now’ buttons directing to your other collections.
Generates impressive brand exposure, achieving exemplary data capture for future campaigns. Using compelling calls to action and automated email with added value offers it generates direct commercial returns for your Christmas campaign. If the aim of your campaign in the run up to Christmas is to encourage current and prospective customers to discover your entire product range and drive high volumes of traffic to your website, a wishlist style campaign will do just that.
This simple but engaging mechanic encourages customers on your website, or fans of your Facebook page to explore your range of gifts and other items.
As they discover what your brand has to offer, users are prompted to add their favourite items to a personalised wishlist. The wishlist itself suggests potential related items; these can either be added to the wishlist or viewed and purchased in the online shop. Finally, entrants are prompted to share their wishlist with friends as a way of maximising exposure, driving further traffic and engagement with the app. It has the potential to drive high volumes of potential customers to your website, exposing them to your brand and encouraging sales.
Showcases a range of different items for potential customers to add to their wishlist, improving brand knowledge and exposure.
Captures high quality customer data and drives shares across social media, resulting in improved engagement in the short and long term. Pinterest has been found to generate considerably more first touch revenue per click than both Twitter and Facebook. Installed in Facebook, this immersive competition app gives fans a chance to browse your entire range, with links to the product page of each item.

Pinned items automatically link back to the product page of the featured item, unlocking the maximum traffic potential of repins, likes and other social sharing. Once an item has been pinned, entrants are then prompted to enter a few simple details with the chance of winning a voucher or larger prize over the Christmas period. Cross platform promotion enables you to capitalise on a greater reach, driving conversions from Facebook and Pinterest. Boosts data capture with incentivised email signup, bolstering both current and future marketing efforts. Uses a simple mechanic to deliver a highly engaged audience of new and potential customers, improving brand awareness going into the festive period.
The catalog is not at all a thing of the past, but let’s be realistic: You don’t have time to create and print a catalog right now.
As you can see, there are quite a few reasons to keep marketing even after Black Friday is finished.
First things first, images for this post are from a mix of designers, online stores and general awesomeness that I wanted to share.
Sometimes I find seasonal promotions a drag, especially when they are pushy, in-your-face and blatantly a money fetch.
Send a bottle of wine with some RSVP dates for a dinner date for you and your favourite client.
Ask them, what they want to donate to, where they would chose to spend their money, what makes them happy.
Grab a coffeeUsually, we get started with a briefing meeting and a "get-to-know-you" coffee. Are we right for you?Our core services are design for both print and web, marketing strategy and social media whiz kids.
We won't show up with an account manager because we have designers who want to understand your brief without any Chinese whispers along the way.
For email tips, check out our post Christmas email marketing: How to save time, reduce stress and still get great results. Do not underestimate the power of a hand-written Christmas card, sent by good old fashioned snail mail. Get hands-on help with Constant Contact, tailored specifically for your organization's needs. These clever souls are the rarities among us, and for most of the population, we’re mere mortals who have yet to even think about what we’re eating for dinner tomorrow night, much less planned a holiday that is still a good month and a half away. Think of your promotional collateral as your brand’s first impression – and there’s no better way to put your best foot forward with some stunning visuals.  Professional photography can be pricey, but with studies showing that 80-85% of our perception stems from our vision – can you afford not to? Remember that your customers are already starting to splash the cash in late November; so another huge outlay can seem seriously overwhelming.
Your tourism business is competing with a host of other treats for a chunk of the discretionary income pie – new shoes, a night out at the movies, a new side table for the couch. Chloe’s a whiz at producing obtainable creative ideas & insight to inspire small businesses to get the most out of their business and marketing activities. Your customers will thank you on two counts: for the present ideas and for reminding them of the holiday! Send a letterbox flyer to ignite the urgency, and add in some tweets and Facebook posts to build the excitement around your holiday offers. So if you don’t have a mobile marketing strategy, you could really be missing out on an easy, affordable and guaranteed way to reach your target market.
But if you really want to grab people’s attention and get your brand top of mind, you need to add a twist to your letterbox campaign. Don’t go into it without a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your marketing, and exactly how you’re going to achieve it.
To encourage interaction, site visitors are given the chance to win their chosen wishlist by entering some simple information. Leverage the potential of social platform cross promotion by driving highly-engaged traffic to your site via this ‘pin your win’ campaign. That rounds off our 3 favourite digital campaign ideas, designed to drive a highly-engaged audience to your brand over the festive period and beyond.
What you do have time for is a short and sweet gift guide that puts information about some of your best products in the hands of your buyers. Have you considered offering special deals to local customers so you can get them through the door? First, because you made clear that only local customers are eligible, they’ll react to the exclusivity.
If you need some help exploring the different ways you can reach your buyers between now and Christmas, give us a call. I’m not even that discerning (I used to be called an Indian blonde when I was little!).
You planned to create a fiendishly creative marketing strategy for the festive season back in October.
That applies whether you have an e-commerce business, if you run a subscription service with monthly fees or if you run an agency-style service where you invoice your clients as you complete work for them.

One festive-themed idea that’s relatively easy to knock up is an advent calendar style campaign. You'll also have access to personal coaching and resources to get you real business results.
They’re those smart cookies who spend their entire year planning for the silly season, and while the rest of us scurry around in those final few shopping days – they’re already enjoying a glass of vino and admiring those impeccably wrapped gifts, already under the tree.   And a second glass – you just know that their organisational skills have most likely rolled on out to their summer holidays – they’re already booked and ready to go once the New Year hits.
Remember those aforementioned mere mortals, last minute lsaholiday goers who are still yet to plan a getaway, and lure them in with some savvy local area marketing campaigns! Cover your flyer with gorgeous images, organise a simple mailbox distribution campaign, and watch as those new guests fight over your last few remaining vacant rooms! Most people make these purchases based on what’s going to give them the biggest pleasure income for their buck – so make sure you’re glossing up your establishment!
And don’t forget to jump onto our online portal to get a quick quote on flyer design, print and letterbox distribution direct to your potential customers! Consider partnering with other local businesses to build packages that bring swathes of mums and their children into the area.
Of course, we also have a friendly and helpful national team of letterbox advertising experts ready to take your call Monday to Friday. Give them quick and easy last minute ideas and you can bet they will be running straight to you with their wallets open. If you want to get your promotions off to a flying start this Christmas, you can’t start soon enough. That’s why you should have several more marketing tasks planned straight up to the big day itself.
All you have to do is assemble a few pages, send it to your segmented recipient list, and be ready to fulfill the orders that come rolling in.
All you have to do is cull the customers that fall outside a particular geographic area, determine the special you want to give, and then send out the special coupons. A QR code is the perfect way to to get buyers to immediately take advantage of your discounts if that code leads to an ecommerce site. Say hi to your buyer and let them fall in love with your smile (works a charm all the time). Each day send an email to your subscribers focusing on one (and only one) of your products and discount each product until February.
Because even if your offer includes free back rubs for life, your strike rate will be 0% if nobody knows about it. Copy for your marketing flyers should include plenty of emotive words to leave your new customers no choice but to book! This will not only make them feel loved, it will also give them a good reason to continue to shopping with you long into the new year. Those who shop online might get a smaller discount but enjoy free shipping, while those who come into the store get the full weight of the discount. Nothing can beat connecting on a human level, Richard Branson is popular because his blog is written to make him appear more accessible. The festive season is just around the corner and that well intentioned marketing strategy is nowhere to be seen. An effective tip is to split up the cost on your flyer, so that it seems far more achievable to the average consumer – rather than just that big scary lump sum. Things like ‘relaxing’ and ‘pampering’ will definitely appeal to those who are already frazzled by the silly season!
You can send them out in large waves so as not to be overwhelmed in the weeks leading up to Christmas. HMS Festive Marketing might be about to leave the jetty, but our last minute marketing ideas will make sure you don’t miss the boat altogether. But before you turn to your marketing team or in-house designer and demand miracles, remember that a poor offer is almost impossible to market well. But there’s a good chance that people will spend much more than the value of their voucher once they are in-store.
Have a look at where the bulk of your bookings come from, and look for more of these target consumers to target for your letterbox marketing campaign.  Remember, while a mismatched client is another booking, they could end up have a negative experience – and word of mouth can make a huge impact to your brand. The secret is to create an offer that’s so compelling and irresistible that people can’t help but act. Someone’s always looking for a last-minute gift, and a last-minute discount might just help you make the sale. But if you’re sending something that tells me you thought about me, I will love you more. Just remember not to cross the line between getting out amongst the people and being spammy.

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