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THE MOST accurate assessment to date of the impact of commercial fishing on sharks suggests around 100 million are being killed each year.
The researchers say that this rate of exploitation is far too high, especially for a species which reproduces later in life. The major factor driving the trade is the ongoing demand for shark fins for soup in Chinese communities. Researchers admit that establishing the true level of global shark fishing is extremely difficult, as the quality of the data is poor. However, the scientists estimate a mortality range of between 63 and 273 million sharks in 2010. While the number of sharks being caught has not changed substantially between 2000 and 2010, the authors of the research argue that the commercial fishing fleets are simply changing location and the shark species they target in order to keep up with demand.
Fuelling the concern is the fact that many of the species that are most threatened are very slow to reproduce. The biggest driver for shark fishing has been the demand for shark fin soup, a product that is seen as a luxury item among Chinese communities.
While fins are still being cut off sharks at sea, several countries including Canada, the US and the European Union have tried to restrict this by law. On Sunday, negotiators from 178 countries will gather in Bangkok for the meeting of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites).

At a previous meeting in 2010, similar restrictions fell just short of the required-two thirds majority. Samsung M620 Black mobile is just big enough to display four icons side by side and measures only 1.
They kind of missed the mark with the teaser for this ad, and angered half of America's men with their open swing at the emasculation of men. The super bowl commercial is for the VW Beetle, but you wouldn't know this unless you watch the very last moments. If you guys would like to know if the new Beetle makes you happy, make sure to read our Test Drive.
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By now, you've probably seen the sexy new "Seduction" commercial for the 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth -- the one where a humdrum cubicle clone has a close encounter with an Italian supermodel, only to discover that she is, in fact, a car.
What the video doesn't provide is a translation of Menghia's spiel, which, for those who care, goes something like: "What are you looking at?

This time, campaigners say they have broad support among developed and developing countries and are optimistic they will be able to muster the required votes. The video is about that guy, that guy that every office building has, who knows about the best substances. Protect your home, family, and assets with remote monitoring systems linked directly to your home, office, or any remote terminal for complete 24-hour surveillance and theft protection. As always, our technicians stand behind all of our installations with continued maintenance and support throughout the life of your system, providing the gold standard in home and commercial technological solutions. Visit our Contact Us page to schedule a consultation with one of our home security technicians today. It's from the 70s but was used in a Goofy movie, which is why you might see cartoon in the related section of this Youtube video.

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