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As soon as I got familiar with the whole fb fanpage, and optin thing, here comes facebook with their Timeline. Well since then, I’ve created the Timeline Slicer Pro, which is just a tool that helps you create your very own custom cover images as well as tabs, and profile images for your timeline pages.
You can use photobucket, S3 Amazon, your own hosting, or just upload it to your wordpress like I do. Step 2: Click on Select file button and find the image you want to upload or simply drag and drop the image. Step 5: Paste in your image code right where you normally would paste the video embed code at. As I mentioned earlier, we’re currently working on recreating and redesigning our current Fanpage Generator, (it will be called something different). Income Press Reports - July 2012The KDP Experiment - Phase 1About Joey K.Hey I'm Joey and I've been making a full time income online for the past few years. Joey, I’m one of you T-Slicer members, which I absolutely love BTW, and I must say, you are the only marketer I ever bought something from that really DOES NOT hammer me with offer after offer once I purchased something from you. Hey Joey, I tried to give you my email in exchange for your ebook but it didn’t work. Also great content, I look forward to seeing more and browsing through your site when I have the time. I watched your youtube channel about making landing page on facebook but I’m having some trouble if you could help me that would be great! How To Create Effective Landing Pages For Facebook Ad Campaigns You are using an outdated browser.

2) Set up your Facebook ad properlyFacebook allows you to build and optimize your ad based on your objective. Scott McKelvey Scott helps business owners enhance their brand, build relationships and increase revenue by developing marketing messages that focus on the needs of their clients. Scott's philosophy is simple: Show your target audience how your product can solve a real problem or fill a real need in their lives and you'll build a base of loyal customers. 21 Comments Ever since Facebook got rid of the default landing page option, marketers from all sorts have been trying to figure out how to get around this. You’ll learn how to change the name, change the image, and how to find the link of your tabs so you can drive traffic directly to your landing page. Some options are boosting specific posts, getting app installs, raising attendance at an event…but in this case, you’ll want to choose the option to increase conversions on your website.
Scott writes content for all things marketing, from websites and blogs to web videos and brochures.
I would like to see some different design layouts like you have in you optin page app you got.
We’re getting ready to roll out a brand new and huge update soon, so look out for that. I’m pasting the code that you give her in both boxes and putting different pictures url codes in the boxs and then I save and publish my fanpage. When I click on the pencil to edit it is just letting me change my tabs around with the others.
As Creative Director for New Jersey’s largest radio stations and TargetSpot, the nation’s largest internet radio advertising network, Scott has helped local, regional and national brands maximize ROI by combining powerful messaging with strategic geographic and demographic targeting.

Yours is simple and easy to follow, pretty much like all your videos and you give the source code with it which the others didn’t do. When my friend logs into her account she doesn’t see the pictures that I put in the boxs (like a picture for nonfans) and the fanpage is still public meaning she can see all the photos and comments without liking the page.
There are thousands of different criteria for selecting who your ad will be shown to, ranging from age to location to income, interests, occupation and so much more. Now if she would click on the welcome box with the static HTML star then she will see the picture that I want the nonfans to see and then the link button.
Aim for the middle of the audience meter, like so:3) Measure and improve your campaignAfter the first week of running your ad, check conversion rates for your landing page.
As long as you’ve followed best practices for setting up a Facebook ad and have chosen the best possible audience that your landing page ad will be shown to, you’ll be rolling in the conversions. There are some that you’re compelled to click on, and others, you have absolutely no interest in.
What exactly differentiates effective landing page ads versus those that get lost in the shuffle?Here are three quick tips for making sure your Facebook ad for your landing page offer drives as much traffic and conversion as possible:1) Make sure you have created the perfect landing pageFor an effective ad campaign, you must have effective content.

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