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If you need a budget template to help you get started, feel free to download ours here in either the Excel version or the PDF version. Debt: Our hope for you is that your hatred for debt and your desire for freedom will eventually eradicate this section from your budget. Debt Avalanche: In this method, you pay off your debt starting with the highest interest rate first and working down towards the lowest interest rate.
We found a spreadsheet online which allowed us to order our debts in various ways to see how long it would take us to pay them off and how much interest we would lose or save by using the different payoff methods (snowball vs avalanche). Assuming that the leftover amount is a positive number, then this final step is to determine what to do with that amount.
2) Pay off Debt: Once you have an emergency fund in place, we suggest using any leftover amount to pay down your debt, either using the snowball method or the avalanche method. 4) Invest: Too many people start building the house (investing) before they have the foundation ready (savings). We like to end our Weekend posts with a few thoughts you can take into your date night with your spouse.
2) Out of the five possible options we can choose, what is the best decision for how to use our leftover amount?
If you haven’t downloaded the budget template yet, you can download it here for free, either as an Excel document (recommended) or a PDF document.
Grocery: When people try to make budget cuts to save money, they usually start with their grocery budget. Stay tuned for the final post in this series on Friday!We’re going to wrap this series up on Friday by discussing the section about Debt and and going over step three. If you didn’t download the budget template on Friday, you can download it here for free, either as an Excel document (recommended) or a PDF document.
First Fruits: I call this section First Fruits based on the Biblical principle of giving God our best and our first. Buffer: This is a little protection added to the budget to protect you from going over and possibly incurring overdraft fees. Insurance: Similar to your home insurance, this is likely paid yearly, biannually, or quarterly.
Please post a comment below including any questions you may have so far which we can address in the upcoming posts!
If your finances are a mess, and you’ve never created a budget before, you may be in for a little dose of reality. As we go through this process, the temptation is to over complicate everything to make sure we don’t miss anything. If there isn’t any “leftover amount,” figure out a way to revise #1 or #2 so that you are at least breaking even. Formulating your one-liner is crucial, and not just as a tool to sell your novel to an agent or editor, but also to assess whether your book has both focus and a hook that will grab readers. Facebook Fan Pages were introduced in late 2007 as a way to help businesses connect with customers on Facebook. So they created fan pages which are basically a profile page for a business (although there are several major differences as you will soon see). After you pick the business type, you will need to fill in some basic info about your business and pick your Business Name which will become the name of your fan page. Descriptive naming is where you name your fan page in a way that will attract attention to what you do. This way, when you post or when others share your content or mention your fan page, it shows up with your descriptive name – making it more likely for Facebook users to click it, come to your page and become your fan. Descriptive naming is especially powerful if you enjoy commenting, sharing and interacting on Facebook – because every time you do so your Fan Page name is being seen by potential customers in their newsfeeds.
Tip: Because the About section is indexed by Google, make sure to include any keywords you would like to rank for. Now you’ve done all the basic work of setting up your fan page and you can go ahead and post your first status update! After you’ve posted your first status update, let’s complete all the details of maximizing your fan page for business. Depending on what type of fan page you have there will be different boxes in your info section.

If there’s anything you need help with, check out the resources section for Fan Page owners. Now that you’ve filled out all your Facebook info, click “Like” on your fan page to become the first fan! Also, you need to get 25 fans to set up a Vanity URL which is basically a unique URL just for your page that makes it easier for customers to find you on Facebook. The best Vanity URL to choose is one that is simple, easy to spell and easy to remember, preferably the name of your business. Hopefully, this series is helping you make your way over into the 40% of America that does track their income & spending.
We weren’t created to live in debt, regardless of how accepted it may be in our culture. Basically, you start by paying down your smallest debt while paying the minimums on everything else. This method makes the most financial sense as you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars over the long run, but it does take some emotional discipline as you won’t always get the shot of motivation of paying off a loan fast. We started with the snowball method, because we had several small debts (less than $2000) that we just wanted to pay off quick so we could focus on the bigger ones. We were able to calculate that we would save over $2000 in interest by switching to the avalanche method. This is a safeguard to cover any bigger emergencies, such as health or loss of income issues. I’m sure some will disagree with this, but we encourage people to hold off on saving for things years down the road until you have 3-6 months of living expenses saved up.
This section focuses more on the expenses that involve taking care of you, such as food, clothing, personal money, etc. Most people, especially those who don’t track their expenses, spend way too much money eating out. Right now, that’s $40 a week so we can eat out somewhere nice and not have to worry too much about price. Having a personal budget is one of the secret keys to resolving financial stress in your marriage. As promised in Friday’s post, today we’re going to go step by step through the process of creating a bulletproof budget! You’ll need to go through each section and fill in your anticipated monthly expense for that item. We actually group this into our grocery category since Beth buys all of these items when she is grocery shopping, however, a lot of people like to keep it separate, which is why we included it here. If it is not paid monthly, then you’ll need to do some math to figure out your monthly expense. Usually they show pictures of some huge hole that opened up, swallowing vehicles & buildings. Cracks in the tile floor, a leaky pool, and stair-steps in the stucco are all little signs of a possible sinkhole, which most people confuse as simply settlement. To help you do this, we created a very simple, yet comprehensive budget which you can download for free and fill out as we go along. We’ll go through it in detail starting Monday, so over the weekend it would be good to review it and make sure you have all of the needed financial information in order to fill in the correct amounts next week. There’s nothing more romantic than whispering sweet nothings to each other about budgets and balance sheets!
Make sure you’ve at least followed the basic profile setup for your Facebook Profile in Chapter 2 because you can’t create a Fan Page without a Facebook Profile setup.
Previously, Facebook had noticed that a lot of users (like me) had been marketing their business using their personal profile – and Facebook wanted to separate the business aspects of the site from the friendship and connection. It can also increase the number of fans who opt-in for your free report and join your email list. If you’re a very social person and love to comment and interact on Facebook and are building your own personal brand then it may be better to use the descriptive naming strategy in order to display quickly who you are and how you help your customers.
For example, if you sell doorknobs, make sure to include the keyword doorknobs in your About section. Remember, the dimensions of a cover photo should be 851 pixels wide x 315 or larger (because Facebook will automatically crop it).
I recommend you fill out as much information as possible in each section to help your fans and customers learn more about you.

This is especially important if you will be promoting your Fan Page at a physical location (on your product packaging or in your stores).
For now, consider this section in your budget as a temporary necessity that will eventually go away as you pay off your debt. Once that debt is paid off, you take the amount you were paying on that debt and put it towards the next smallest debt, and so on. After eliminating these smaller debts, we switched our strategy to the avalanche method, and began paying down the debt with the highest interest rate, which happened to be a Citibank credit card.
Click HERE to go to Vertex42 where you can download their Excel debt reduction spreadsheet (it’s free), which is the same spreadsheet we used. After you have this reserve built up, you can begin to focus on saving for other investments, retirement, etc. When we do our budget, we set aside $60 a week for eating out, which includes coffee therapy (Starbucks). Therefore, it isn’t appropriate for you to expect the same clothing or hair allowance as your wife.
Even if you’re buried in debt, we still recommend a small personal budget (maybe $10), just so you can maintain a sense of control and freedom, knowing that you can go out and buy something you want without needing an agreement from your spouse. We have a serious problem in America of thinking that a car payment should be a permanent line item in the budget. But the actual erosion of the earth which caused the collapse has been occurring for weeks, months, and even years, often hundreds of feet below the surface.
If you’re a local business, pick “Local Business or Place.” Just try your best to pick the type of fan page that matches your business but don’t worry about it too much because Facebook allows you to change it after your page is set up. I highly recommend uploading a photo of a person – either yourself or some of your employees. This section is indexed by Google so it’s important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as telling your fans and customers what you do.
That way, you can promote your Vanity URL for your fan page and make it easier for your customers to find you on Facebook. The benefit of this is more psychological than fiscal; by paying off your smallest debt first, it keeps you motivated and encouraged by making quick progress. Giving is a powerful tool that helps break the power that money can have over someone’s life. Sure, we should all make sacrifices when it comes to dumping the debt, but just understand that it is completely okay, and some would even argue needed, for your wife to spend more than you on these items. For an in-depth explanation about this, check out our first post titled Three Ways a Budget Eliminates Stress and creates Freedom in your Marriage.
We set our budget on the 1st of each month and then revise it as needed on the 15th of each month when we get paid again). That way when you need new tires in five months you won’t have to use your emergency fund to pay for them. They don’t really know where the money’s going, they just know they never seem to have enough.
Simply print out two copies of the budget above (or your own if you have one), and review it with your spouse. This is the photo people will be seeing in their news feeds and people on Facebook would much rather interact with a person than a brand – so make your fan page personable with a nice picture! I recommend filling it out briefly to start with and then spend some time later on revamping it. But for the health of your marriage, we absolutely never suggest cutting out a weekly date night. So they slowly sink further into debt, not realizing it’s just a matter of time before the collapse. Download Calc, which is Open Office’s free version of Excel; visit Open Office for more info). As you do, try to think of creative ways to earn extra income, make extra cuts out of the expenses, or quickly knock off some of the debt. Check out other popular fan pages to see how they are using the About section to promote their business.

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