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Are you one who doesn't have great design skills but looking for stuff to create nice templates in a short time? In the second part, which is going to be more interesting one, where we'll see, how we can download the Bootstrap source code and customize it to create our own theme that matches our imagination.
As I already said, in this part, we'll create the basic blog template using Bootstrap 3 that includes all the pages required for a typical blog like home, single-post, contact and about me pages. The below images show how our blog template appears in mobile and desktop screens after completing this part. After completing this part, I recommend you to go through part 2 that will teach you how you can customize and create your own custom theme. Twitter Bootstrap is a front-end framework developed by couple of good hearted guys from Twitter - Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton. The framework is MIT licensed and have a strong development community of over 400 contributors in GitHub.
There are lot of bootstrap blog templates available online for free and paid; but, it's usually hard to find something that exactly meets your dream.
In creating the home page, we will be doing most of the plumbing work required for other pages as well. What you see below are the mockups that I've come up for the home page, both mobile and desktop. The Bootstrap website itself designed using Bootstrap 3, you could already feel what we are up-to, don't you? Create a new folder called MyBlogTemplate somewhere in your hard drive that should include both the downloaded libraries.
If you see the home page mockup (Fig 3 & 4), its body content is divided into two: main or primary content which contains the list of latest posts and sidebar which contains stack of widgets. You already know about most of the pieces which I filled above, though, I would like to explain about couple of them: DOCTYPE and Viewport meta tag. Before diving into further development let's reference the Bootstrap and jQuery libraries in our index file. Before you think to create a CSS class and apply to each element, I would like to reveal you the first important class from Bootstrap called container. To create a navigation component you have to use following HTML markup with the shown CSS classes. If you view the above html fragment in the browser, you could see the below screens in mobile and desktop views. Media Queries is a CSS3 module allowing content rendering to adapt to conditions such as screen resolution.
Let's explore the markup for the simple navigation bar and understand what are the important classes used to create it.
Unless, we've an extra-ordinary memory system, It's difficult to remember all these classes, but, once you start using them frequently you will type them without knowing it. This CSS class is used to represent the header section which contains the button that is used to show the navigation in mobile screen. If you run the file in browser, the navigation header appears like below in mobile and desktop. Create a new style file called blog.css in the same folder and add a top margin for 75 pixels to the body. The 960 Grid System is the CSS framework that caught the initial attention of the web community. Bootstrap provides different groups of CSS classes to control the layout for different screen sizes.
Now, if you refresh page in mobile or tablet, you could see the three column layout is maintained. Our main content of home page is primarily divided into two things: latest posts and sidebar. To accomplish this, we've to create a row element (div) under the existing "#body" (div) element with two column elements (div).
If you zoom the mockup little closer, the latest posts section can be sub-divided into three sections: heading, list of posts and pager. Each post section is comprised of post title, category, tags, total comments, posted date, introduction paragraphs with image and a continue link. One important thing that I should point you in the above markup is about the custom CSS classes "group1" and "group2".
As default images are not responsive, their widths doesn't adjust based upon the screen size.
From the below images you can understand how the image applied with img-responsive class adjusts it's width based on screen size. For people who interested in peeking the source-code, below is the definition of img-responsive class. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and that's pretty much how those born under this sign see themselves: first. Bootstrap also provides another similar class called Jumbotron which is used to highlight key content of the website.
Bootstrap provides helper classes (pull-left and pull-right) to float elements left or right.
From the dozen of components Bootstrap provides (including navigation which we used earlier), it also provides pagination component. The Sidebar contains stack of widgets like subscribe to my feed, latest posts, categories, tags and recent comments.
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Integration with our Security Analytics Platform:Butun yuk bilgisinin herhangi bir tehdidin yada kal?c? sald?r?n?n detay?na iner. Lider guvenlik analiz platformu Solera Custom Security Analytics size esneklik, hedef sisteme gore tehditler,sald?r?lar ve  kurumsal ag uzerindeki  uzlasma gostergelerini daha customize edilebilir bir mimari saglar.Sonuc? Configurable analytics logic (Konfigure edilebilir Mant?ksal Analiz):Networkunuzdeki specific hedeflere yonelik sald?r?lar?n daha h?zl? tespit edilmesi icin ve analiz edilmesi icin kolayca  customize edilmis kural ve politikalar olusturabilir customize protokollerde,uygulamalarda,objelerde ve diger parametrelerde alarmlar olusturulabilir. Open, integrated security ecosystem :Esnek ve genisletilebilir Custom Security Analytics in bir parcas?, Security Analytics Platform dogrudan varolan guvenlik savunma sisteminiz  ve ekosistemiz ile entegre olarak tamamen mevcut guvenlik zafiyetlerinin kapat?l?yorken daha fazla iceriksel fark?ndal?k saglar. Bu son derece esnek , ac?k mimarisi ile logical olarak programlanabilir ve ozel ihitiyaclar?n?za gore customize edilebilir ve domain degisikliklerinize ve tehdit alg?s?ndaki gelismelere bagl? olarak daha sonra ek servisler eklemenize izin verebilir. Content Analysis System  guvenlik (security) ve politika uygulama merkezi (policy enforcement center) icerinde anahtar bir urundur.Bilinen gelismis tehditleri gercek zamanl? olarak bloklar bunu application whitelisting (uygulama beyaz listesi) ve ikili anti-malware imza veritaban?n? kullanarak dinamik malware analizi ki buna sandbox teknolojisi denir ile yapar. Malware Analiz Elemanlar? (Malware Analysis Orchestraiton):Birden cok sanal alanlar aras?nda bir arac? olarak Content Analysis System eszamanl? olarak bilinmeyen yada supheli dosyalar? ucuncu parti sandbox  gibi  BlueCoat Malware Analysis Appliance a gonderir . Content Analysys System, Bluecoat Advance Threat Protection sistemin anahtar bir moduludur.Bu cozum Security and Policy Enforcement Center ve Resolution Center ile integre olarak  bilinen tehditleri,proaktif olarak bilinmeyen ve halihaz?rda bilinen malware leri ve otomatik sald?r? sonras? olay analizi ile networkunuzu guclendirerek kapsaml? savunma dongusu sunar.
Bluecoat Content Analysis System Onleme (preventation) ve Olay Analizi (incident containment) aras?nda kopru kurar. Otomatik ornek s?n?fland?rma ve en yuksek sablon ile eslemessine gore risk skorlama var olan malware analysis sitemi is ak?slar?n?n destegi ile birlikte potansitel kotu niyetli aktiviteleri  baz alarak sistem olaylar?n? alg?lamaya izin verir.
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Bluecoat malware analiz teknolojisi bugun bir appliance olarak da sunulmaktad?r ve Content Analysis System uzerinde olacak ve gelecekte bir bulut teklifi olarak sunulabilecektir. OCFS2 dosya sisteminin kullan?m ornekleri s?n?rs?zd?r fakat baz? ornekler verecek olursak web uygulamalar? icin paylast?r?lm?s dosya sistemi,database data dosyalar? ve virtual machine  imagelerinin farkl? tiplerdeki hypervisorlar uzerinde depolanmas? icin kullan?labilir. Nodelar cluster icerisindeki herbir node ile TCP KeepAlive packeti ile 7777 portundan her iki saniyede bir nodu un erisilebilir olup olmad?g?n? anlayacak sekilde haberlesir. Cluster icerisindeki nodelar her iki saniyede bir diger disk uzerinde diger nodelar taraf?ndan yaz?lm?s blocklar? okuyacak ve eger diger nodelar?n yazd?g? block uzerindeki timestamp degismisse bu nodelar?n erisilebilir oldugunu gostermektedir.Eger herhangibir cevap yoksa time-out geri say?c?s? baslayacak  ve time-out degerine ulas?ld?g?nda nodelar cevap vermiyor seklinde isaretlenecektir.
Network timeout durumu boyunca nodelar disk heartbeati kullanarak hala node fonksiyonalitesini belirler ve quorum cagr?lar?n? saglayabilir.
Asag?daki ornekte daha onceden olusturulan cluster sistemi uzerinde OCFS2 dosya sisteminin olusturulmas? gosterilmistir.Dosya sisteminin butun ozellikleri manuel olarak secilmis ve ileride cluster ? 16 node slot una kadar genisletilmeye izin verilmistir.
Burada not edilmesi gerekn onemli nokta  OCFS2 nin LVM uzerinde desteklenmemesidir.Bu logical volumes ler?n cluster ?n fark?nda olmamas?nda kaynaklanmakta ve OCFS2 dosya sistemi uzerinde bozulmalara sebep olabilmektedir. Invoice Place – The simple to use billing system for small business, home business, consultants, and freelancers. In the Account Information page choose the Greece country option, and save and update your settings. Online billing with Invoiceplace is now even faster and easier with the introduction of templates. Customer a€“ If you are currently doing most or all of your work for a certain customer you can choose the customer that is automatically selected on your invoice or quote. Terms (days) a€“ Use this field to enter a standard number of days that a quote is valid for, or a standard number of days before payment is required for an invoice. Payment methods a€“ If you only accept certain quote or invoice payments (such as only COD (Cash On Delivery)) then you can specify which payment methods are available. Currency a€“ If you create most of your invoices and quotes in an overseas currency then you can have this currency selected by default. There is a standard invoice item of a free Truckers Cap on every invoice (this is a promotion being run by Sam). The comments has a reference to the fact that Sama€™s Electrical won a Small Business Innovation Award. There is a standard item of a free Truckers Cap quoted (this is a promotion being run by Sam).
The comments have a message to contact Sandy if the customer has any questions or require changes to the quote. When you have created an invoice and quote template a new link will appear next to the existing a€?Create New Invoicea€™ and a€?Create New Quotea€™ to ask if you wish to create using a template. A template is only used when creating a new invoice, quote or receipt and not used when you copy an existing invoice or quote. Currently all account types can create one template each for quotes, invoices and receipts.
These instructions show how to create and import a Website template using C# in Visual Studio 2008 running on Windows Vista.
DISCLAIMERThe information in this Site is provided “AS IS” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
Are you one who recently heard about this nice framework called Twitter Bootstrap and don't have much knowledge or experience to customize and create some website that represents your brand? At the end of this workshop, you'll gain two things: First, you'll have a beautiful blog template that you could use right away for your website. In the first part, which is going to be very simple, we are going to create a complete blog template using Bootstrap. The framework helps you to easily create website layouts through mobile first approach using its powerful grid system and lot of widgets. Thousands of websites uses Bootstrap for front-end decoration and some of the quick ones I found in net are: Webflow, Sentry, Engine Yard etc.
Luckily with Bootstrap, creating a perfect template is not a hard job and you are going to see it how.
Before getting into code, you should mentally visualize about the layout, the primary elements, their placement in the page from small to big screen.
The above line tells the browsers, "Hey, this page is written in HTML5, please use the same to validate".
The DTD specifies the rules for the markup language, so that the browsers render the content correctly.
On clicking the Emulate button you could see the browser output transformed into iPhone screen. We've components for icons, dropdowns, navigation, button groups, alerts, progress bars and more. It became a W3C recommended standard in June 2012 and is a cornerstone technology of Responsive Web Design. In mobile screen, they occupy most of the top space and user has to scroll down to see the main content which is definitely not a best user experience.
To achieve that, we've to do changes to the markup and here where things going to get little complicated! I request you to stop here and take a good look at the markup before jumping to the next section.
The header section contains the trigger button which is used to invoke the navigation to expand or collapse in the mobile screen. It is the CSS classes and the data attributes we've used in the element tells bootstrap "this is the element that is used to trigger to show navigation".
They are used in labels and other elements that render in browser but not visible to the user. To make the bar always appear in the top, I've to apply an additional CSS class called navbar-fixed-top. By applying the special class navbar-brand to the link, it stand-out in font-size and differentiate itself from other links. But important thing is, I've to apply couple of bootstrap classes namely navbar-form and navbar-right to set the form inline and right aligned. Alright, in the coming sections, I'll introduce you grid systems and forms which are going to be pretty interesting, especially "grids"! 3 & 4), our main content is split into a two-column layout for desktop screen and combined into a single column in mobile screen. Using grids helps you to visualize easily where to place a piece of content and how much space it can consume in a web page.

Now, there are many popular frameworks out there like Blueprint CSS, YAML 4, Skeleton etc. If you take a desktop screen of width 1024 px, the total viewport is divided into 12 columns. When I say responsive, which means, the grids adjusts or adapts based upon the screen or viewport size. For example, in case of desktops, they provides col-md-* (col-md-1 to col-md-12) group of classes to control the layout. If you remember the mockups, in case of mobile and tablets, we want both the latest posts section and sidebar to be displayed one below other as a single column but in case of desktops and large screens we want them to be placed aside. Now, we have to worry about creating HTML markup for the latest posts section and sidebar widgets.
As shown in the mock-ups, in case of mobile screen we want the grid to collapse and the elements should fall one below other and in case of tablets and desktops we want them to align horizontally.
Please go through the HTML and I'll explain some hidden things in the "Exploring Markup" section. The "group1" CSS class is not important but "group2" is required to align both the total comments and published date to right in case of tablets and desktops.
One is the base CSS class called glyphicon which you should apply to all the icons and next one is specific to the icon like glyphicon-folder-open. Each post has an image and to make them responsive we've to apply the CSS class called img-responsive. To align this link to right, we've wrapped it in a paragraph and applied the Bootstrap CSS class called text-right to it. Banka, Finans kuruluslar?, Telekominikasyon sirketleri icin tasarlanm?s surum olarak ozetleyebiliriz. Ornegin Bankalar BDDK denetimine tabi olduklar? icin bilgilerini yurt icinde tutmak zorundad?r ve bu kapsam da  Nessus Enterprise(Cloud) kullanabilmeleri mumkun degildir. JMX ile Java Virtaul Machine (JVM) uzerinde cal?san java uygulamalar?n? monitor edebilirsiniz.Java Virtual Machine uzerindeki java uygulamalar?n?n yonetimi Managed Beans (MBeans) kullan?l?rak yap?l?r. Isletim sistemleri d?s?nda kullanmakta oldugumuz bir cok modem, firewall cihaz?, loadblance cihazlar? v.b.
H?zl? ve daha dogru tan?mlama,cevap,duzeltme ve bu gelismis tehditleri ve sald?r?lar? cozumleme ki bu isinizi risk alt?na koyacakt?r. Bu sayede derinlemesine analiz ve gelismis malware savunmas? yaparken  sirketlere yat?r?mlar?n? optimize etmeye izin verir.
Istihbarat ag? etkisi (the network effect of intelligence)  dunyada 15 binden fazla musterinin paylast?g? tehdit verileri ile otomatik olarak daha fazla koruma saglar. For example if your invoice number uses the format a€?INV2007-12-25a€™ incorporating the date you would enter a template invoice number of a€?INV2007-a€? (excluding the quotes). Please excuse the English text used in this example IVA invoice since my written and spoken Italian skills are rather lacking! For example an Italian user can still create an invoice in US dollars if they do business in the United States.
Steven George shall have no liabilities or responsibilities for errors or omissions in this site. Second, which is the most important thing, you'll know how to create stunning templates by yourself which jaw-drops others. At the end of this first part, you'll have a nice blog template with home, single-post, contact and about-me pages. The framework provides a lot of CSS classes through which you can convert a plain looking unordered list into an amazing navigation component. Many websites that uses Bootstrap don't customize much, which make users eyes weary with the same look and feel. One important thing I've to take into account is, I want the blog template should give best user experience for non-desktop (mobile, tablets) users as well. You could use a rough paper or some online tool like Balasamiq to draw the mockups that resides in your mind. It tells the browser to take device width as the virtual viewport width (see the below help section) and set the zoom level to default, this makes the browser not to completely zoom out the site and show it small. The second one, bootstrap-theme.min.css is optional which decorates the Bootstrap components with gradient and other arbitrary styles - a pleasing effect to the components! If you open the file in browser, you could see the below screen - nothing interesting at the moment!
If you did, you could see a new container below the usual one which contains a menu called Emulation. It sets a fixed width to the element but the set width will be changed based on device's width. To implement this task we need to study what are Bootstrap components and what components they provide to support navigation. These components are created through HTML markup decorated with special CSS classes from Bootstrap. It makes the navigation bar to stand-out like a dark knight, we'll be using the same in our case.
A better approach is to collapse the navigation links and show them on clicking some button as shown below. While in case of mobile view, the button is shown and navigation section is hidden as default. It is used to convey screen readers and other devices about the role the corresponding element plays like banner, navigation, logo etc. One important data attribute I should highlight is the data-target attribute which is used to establish the connection between the button and the navigation list. I also want the navigation to always stay fixed in the top, that helps me to easily navigate no matter where I'm in the page. Usually we drop the logo image inside the link to reflect the brand; but to keep things simple, I've used plain text.
In case of desktop, the first column contains the latest posts and the second column contains the sidebar.
Initially, tables are used for creating grids but once the community started to see the inflexibility they brings they avoided (hated?) them and started to use floated divs.
The width of each column is 78px and the gutter width (gaps between column content) is 30px (15px on each side of column). For example, a single column grid designed for mobile screens can be transformed into a two column grid for tablets, desktops and as a three column grid in case of big screens like TVs, by applying proper CSS classes.
Inside the row element you have to create three child elements and each element should be decorated with the CSS class col-md-4.
It contains many pieces like post title, category, tags, total comments, posted date, image and couple of paragraphs. Both takes 50% space in case of tablets, desktops and other high screen devices, in case of mobile, they are placed one below other.
We can use glyphicons with any components like buttons, button groups, navigation bars and more.
Here after, you won't be googling to search for any free template, because you know how to create one with the help of Bootstrap. Bootstrap helps developers who have a very little design knowledge to quickly wrap up a decent looking website.
If you scan the design, the important elements are header (which contains logo, navigation and search textbox), main body content (displays the latest blog posts), sidebar and footer. The later one will download the complete source code which we'll be doing anyway in Part 2. If you don't see the Emulation tab make sure you have turned on the "Show 'Emulation' view in console drawer" from the Settings. Having a good knowledge of these CSS classes is like having a mighty sword in your hand, very helpful! Internally, Bootstrap uses media queries to set breakpoints at different widths and adjust the styles of the NavBar component. The former class gives the basic structure to the component while the later one gives the default style. I also want our brand name (Astrospace) to be displayed at left and a search form to be displayed at the right end as you see in the mockup. As you might already guessed, this class is not alone it has two cousins: text-left and text-center. At the time of writing this, the latest version of Twitter Bootstrap is 3, we'll be using the same in this workshop. Not only for the main elements, we should think about the structure and arrangement for each small element like the repeating post section, sidebar widget and others. Media Queries is a CSS3 feature that helps to render new styles based on screen resolution. The placeholder attribute is used to convey the user whether it is a name, email or some other. For your info, I also replaced the link elements href attribute value ("#") with corresponding files. Before getting into the nitty-gritty details of creating column layouts I think it's time to give you a brief about Grid Systems, a must-to-know piece!
The middle segment of the CSS class "xs", "sm", "md" and "lg" represents the screen size (extra small, small, medium and large) and the last segment which is an integer represents the no.
We can use Google's Chrome browser for emulation which emulates the output to more than dozen devices from Amazon Kindle to Sony Xperia.
It would be great if we set some padding for each of them to help their children get more room for breathe.
If you drop a label and make it hidden, screen readers can read aloud the input field which helps the visually impaired person to enter proper information. In Bootstrap, an element can span upto 12 columns and of-course you can customize this number. On the way, we've learnt about many interesting things from Bootstrap: navigation and pagination components, grids, images, decorative and helper classes.

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