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We use seamless texture tiles in website backgrounds, as pattern swatches in Illustrator or Photoshop, and even to create dynamic textures in game graphics (as seen in Tiny Wings, for example).
Unfortunately for Photoshop lovers, there is no truly easy way to make a seamless tile in Photoshop.
We’re going to focus on creating a randomly generated texture, but you can apply this method to a photo as well.
If they are not, click the little black and white swatch icon next to the background and foreground swatches. Flame is a very variable filter – you will get something completely different each time.
This is what I have; you will have something else depending on how the Flame filter worked.
Go to File>Save, navigate to the folder you want to save the image in, and type in a name. I find it helpful to put the image size after the name so that when I’m looking for it later I can easily choose the right image (I often have different sizes of the same image). Open Finder (or Windows Explorer), go to the folder your .html file is save in, and double-click it.

Your web browser should pop up and display a new tab or window, with your texture tile repeated as a background image. This one is extra-cool because there is a check-box you can select to make the texture tileable right in the dialog window.
Choose the layer fill type (I chose white, but if your foreground or background is set to the color you want to fill it with, select that), and click OK.
If you or your client decides the color needs to be tweaked, it’s easily changed by editing the color layer underneath the texture layer. You can also try out different blending modes, or decrease the opacity of the texture layer. Remember to save the .xcf file so that you can come back and make changes, and save copies as PNGs to use in your projects.
You can edit PNGs in GIMP and add layers, but once you save and close the file, the layers are merged and you can no longer edit each separately. There are so many things I was scratching my head while using gimp, but this makes seamless tiles really a no brainer! I like your tutorial, but every time i try to get something like the B&W image in step 1, it looks nothing like that in the example.

GameArtGuppy was created by Vicki Wenderlich to give game devs who can't afford custom art (yet) an easy way to find and use free and inexpensive art.
Make sure your background and foreground swatches (in the Toolbox panel) are set to the default white and black. In the dialog that pops up, you can change the settings around if you wish and see a small preview. You can also just undo a couple of steps and start over, since each time you render you get a random result. Since this gave me a colored image and I wanted a black and white texture, I went up to Colors>Desaturate. It also allows you to control the color, line type, activity, and visibility of individual layers. This will create a new layer straight away without providing you with layer options, so this is the same as using the methods above and clicking OK in the New Layer box without changing anything.

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