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You can read more about the Host-named site collection architecture and deployment in SharePoint 2013 here. It should be noted that there is no user interface to create a host-named site collection from SharePoint 2013 Central administration and is possible only via PowerShell command, which is not very complex either. However, when you use the above script to create a host-named site collection it does not create the default groups (such as Owners, Members and Visitors) which are available if the site collection is created using the Central Administration user interface. If you want to create a host-named site collection on your development environment, you might need to update your local host file to create an entry for the specified Url. Consider creating an Enterprise Wiki Center If an organization needs an easy content editing experience in a single location for co-authoring content, conducting discussions and managing reports. Once you successfully run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard, the system will create the brand new SharePoint Central Administration site.
Note: For performance considerations, it is a best practice to only enable the services necessary to meet your requirements.
Note: If you would like to enable the additional services later, please use Central Administration instead of Configuration Wizard.
This article has listed a very good comparison of host-name site collections to the path based site collections.

But the good news is that it is still possible to create the default groups using a couple of lines of script. And this will ensure that the default groups are created for the specified site collection.
In a real test or production environment, you would have a actual DNS VIP entry which you can use to redirect to your site collection. I was following this guide but didn't realize I had Central Admin selected and deleted the root path. Select the Blank Site template in the template section and click OK button to create the site collection top-level site.
However, one of the key advantage which host-named site collection offers is the transparent experience to the end users which was difficult to achieve in earlier versions of SharePoint. Till SharePoint 2010, the only way to have a dedicated URL mapping was on a Web Application level through alternate access mapping.
If you do not use host-named site collections, your SharePoint web application will contain many path-based site collections that share the same host name (DNS name).
Username: Specify the username of the person who is the admin and have access to run the workflow.

Template: Select a template as in what kind of a site collection you want to be built from the template below. Description Choose your task list where it should store the tasks, It will be Workflow Tasks by default. Choose your history list where it should store the history logs, It will be Workflow History by default. This action will help us to create a new site collection after configuration when the workflow executes. We will see more new articles on the actions of Nintex Workflows in the other parts of the article.

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