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Mozilla and PBS Newshour have teamed up to create a the Ad Libs campaign commercial generator. A neat bonus aspect of Ad Libs is that as you create your commercial you can watch a few clips of commercials from past campaigns. Still at the height of popularity, the latest trend is to impart information in visual format people can absorb with a single glance. This works so well not so much because many people are visual learners, but because all of us internet-and-mobile age denizens have trained our brains to scan-and-glance digital content, to see if it’s worth spending time exploring further. Social platforms such as SlideShare make it easy for people to share slide presentations.  You can create these as stand-alone information modules… or as accessories for webinars you are holding.
Plus you can have people follow you from SlideShare – and share your work across other social networks. This is a brand new, dynamic and interactive way to present Skype interviews – a live link for people to join in and a blog transcript for those viewing the post after the call has completed. Short pages you send people to so they will sign up – either for your newsletter, a “freebie”, your website or blog – or a paid product. They can listen in real-time, if you provide a teleseminar phone link – and then enjoy the recording in podcast format on your blog.
Everyone who owns a blog or website should have a newsletter – and archive old newsletter editions either on a Media page or in an Archives page.
Newsletters provide an instant history of your business.  People can go through each newsletter, from your very first one, and see where you started out – and where you are now. If your newsletters are high enough in value you can even choose to keep them in a hidden section for paid members of your membership site.
People will return again and again to your site if they know you have great resources such as templates at your site.  These can be blog post templates, review templates – even HTML templates.
We don’t just mean “stick a picture in your blog post”.  Image use should be an integrated strategy you use to brand your business and tell your story.
Every online entrepreneur should make videos and share them across platforms like YouTube, Pinterest and Vimeo.  The real issue is what type of video best supports your business?
You can offer eBooks and reports in .PDF format as sign-up incentives for subscribing to your blog or website. Another great sign-up incentive – or bonus.  People love checklists – it helps make them feel organized in a world of chronic digital overwhelm! You can host a meeting, interview or seminar by creating a “Hangout” within your Google+ account.  Ask fellow Circle members to join you. Better yet, choose the live streaming option to help it go viral, if it’s something you want everyone to see, and it will automatically be recorded and uploaded to your YouTube channel. A Logo that captures in a blink the essence of your business (and helps people instantly think of it) is essential, if you’re branding your business rather than you, yourself. A “white paper” is much like a report, but is usually a formal presentation of statistics or a document analyzing something of great importance to your website visitors.
If your target market is corporate-minded, white papers are usually deemed of more value than “reports”.
This is one of your best pieces of online real estate.  While you are talking about yourself, you are doing so to build identification and rapport with your ideal visitor, so even when talking about yourself, it should really be all about her. Use your top keywords in your About page contest.  And it’s a great spot to put a headshot, if you haven’t done so anywhere else on your site.
A coupon can also add value to your offer or website.  You can make them printable, if you have a local business… or give a coupon code at checkout to sweeten an offer. Just be sure to set a start end date (and limit the number), to keep your ROI in the black!
Are your best paying customers avid Smartphone users?  Then put QR codes on your website, blog, business cards, flyers, merchandise – and more.
You don’t often see cartoons  in digital marketing – but that’s all the more reason to consider using them, if your niche members are highly visual-oriented. Having a list of Frequently Asked Questions on your site is a great way to please visitors – and cut down on repetitive emails.
If you are an affiliate marketer, you’ll know you need to provide a Disclaimer or Disclaimer Page, stating that you may receive compensation for recommendations.
Indispensable, if you’re a local business and want people to either visit your premises or see your range of service.
Your aim should be to become a trusted resource for people in your niche, so that yours is the site they turn to first, when looking for product information. An editorial calendar is a plan for producing regular written or media content, at regular intervals (e.g.
And it can help eliminate writer’s block and reactivity – the sort that leaves you realizing you forgot that your readers and subscribers were expecting Part Three of your series… yesterday! An editorial calendar is only useful if you use it.  And if you set up a physical calendar that doesn’t work with your natural learning style, you’re more likely to forget to use it… or even, ultimately, abandon it.
Just be sure to put it in a place where you are likely to see it, rather than hiding it away in a desk. If you want to find out or confirm your ideal learning style, try one of the free online questionnaires or quizzes, such as the VARK model. The reason for this?  On your Annual Editorial Calendar, you can enter important posts to tie in with events scheduled far down the road; or with seasonal events. Then, every month when you sit down to fill out your monthly Calendar, a quick visual check with the Annual Calendar will allow you to transpose these events onto your monthly Calendar before you input new posts for the current month, making sure nothing gets double-booked – or missed. If you use WordPress, then the free WordPress Editorial Calendar  plugin can be your best post-scheduling friend.  So do install it. While you’re writing your posts or maintaining your blog, you have access to the Editorial Calendar at a click of the button.  And you can log in and glance at your Calendar to see what you have to do today before writing a word.
If you are more comfortable using Microsoft Excel or you are a text-based learner, you may find Excel the best tool for creating your Editorial Calendar.
Another reason for using MS Excel:  If your business is highly fluid, and you know you are going to be tweaking and adjusting your Editorial Calendar perhaps more than the average blogger. If you are a visual or kinesthetic learner, try color coding the different cycles – then highlighting scheduled posts according to each cycle color.
This is also a fabulous trick if you have learning disabilities or any other form of cognitive impairment, as the visual stimulus and cueing helps you mentally “sort” and remember better.
Write down the call to action (CTA) for each item on your editorial calendar.  Not only will this ensure you remember to include it in your blog post, but you will be able to more objectively judge the level of engagement your post is likely to create. No matter what your learning style, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think in a linear fashion – I. Your blog will feel fuller, richer, more organized and more enjoyable to your readers if you learn to schedule your blog in multiple cycles.
Learning to plan your editorial calendar in this fashion will really help ingrain your business’ “big picture” in mind – and make much better business (and editorial) decisions. It really doesn’t matter whether you alone update the calendar and distribute information, or your authors or staff are allowed to cross things off and add them – the important thing is a clear understanding of the ground rules – and a clear chain of communication.
Making sure everyone understands the system is the best way to avoid scheduling conflicts or omissions. Consider adding social media coding – or a separate Social Media Editorial Calendar.  If you don’t coordinate your social media campaigns with your posts, you could be missing opportunities to allow each platform – blog and social media – to enhance the other. Plan on the keywords you are going to use in your social media posts, as well as in your blog posts. You can download the Social Media and Blogging Editorial Calendar template illustrating this tip simply, without sign-up, from Eydie’s Office.

And if handling multiple versions of Editorial Calendar seems too overwhelming – start off with just one, for your blog. Not only will it inspire you to meet your own deadline (since there is nothing more lame than not following through to your readers) but you may attract quality submissions – leaving you with great content to use for your blog and the time to plan next month’s editorial calendar in comfort. You don’t have to publish it in full Editorial Calendar format:  You can simply make sure you create a section of upcoming stories (with Submission Guidelines) on your website or blog, just as many online magazines and publishing companies such as Chicken Soup for the Soul does. But when all is said and done, remember that Editorial Calendars are simply tools:  Only you can decide what type works best for you. Optimizing your website for search engines is no longer a question of filling it full of keywords and exact-match anchor text while madly blog-commenting in other people’s blogs to create relevant back-links.  In fact, following this formula will almost certainly leave you down in the rankings under Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithmic changes – and more are coming. Google’s Penguin algorithm filter tends to take meta-keywords and other traditional tags as keyword-stuffing.  It won’t help your site ranking – and it could hurt. If you use the Thesis theme, check out instructions at Binary Turf on removing the meta description tag correctly. According to SearchEngineWatch, Penguin isn’t actually an algorithm, but a “link quality filter” that “is designed to take out sites that use manipulative techniques to improve search visibility”.
You need to do this because Google’s Penguin filter now targets and de-ranks exact-match domains (e.g. Again, if you’re trying to manipulate rather than describe when using keywords in anchor text, domain names or Alt tags, Google will penalize you. The old way of searching involved keywords.  Facebook’s new Graph Search combines keywords plus your Friends’ Facebook content. This way, you can find out what connections you share with them, causes you both support, Pages you “Like”, places you’ve both been connected with, common interests and just about every type of connection you can think of.
This is the one part of your Facebook Page where you can put your best keywords, descriptions and anchor text.  Make the most of it, as artist Steph Dix has done here.
In addition, her text is not too long – it doesn’t run off the page, with vital sentences hidden. Anyone who clicks on hypertext within the widget will be taken to her Facebook Page – and that is a high-quality backlink, as far as Google is concerned.  She is leveraging the power of Facebook very efficiently. SEO author Simon Penson predicted recently  that Google+ will play a much more prominent role in validating social links over the coming months, so if you haven’t created a profile there yet, do so. And if you have signed up, but visit Google+ only sporadically or not at all, start exploring Google+ and spending time interacting and exploring its SEO-powerful platforms, apps and features daily. Again, it’s all about not being carried away, trying to include keywords.  Titles that don’t feel natural and don’t match the post they headline not only will displease Google, but will not get shared via social sites (as well as losing trust). Here’s an example of a simple but effective title followed by relevant content from Copyblogger. A truly interesting and intriguing title is your best route to making sure your posts and pages are found and shared. Make sure you’ve included social media plugins, widgets, share and follow badges, buttons and icons to help people share your content with one click. For extra effectiveness, include calls to action in or with your social media buttons, such as Daylan Pearce does in the right hand side of his blog, above.
Last year saw Google over-zealously penalize exact-match domains and anchor text, akin to thousands of healthy trees in a forest being chopped down to make sure a dead one in their midst is culled. Now, just as their Search Evaluation team is reassuring us that they’ve learned from this and will be toning down the axe use, it looks as if Google has a new target:  Guest blogging. A recent YouTube video from Google’s Matt Cutts warns of what to expect – and what you can do to comply with new guest blogging rules.
One last thing to do:  Create a rel=author tag for yourself, allowing Google to validate your own blog (and use guest posters who are also validated this way). For example, if your local business appears in a Google Plus Local search for your city, make sure you claim it and add your photos, your logo, your description and your contact information, the way you want it. Social profiles with missing elements are not ranked as highly as those with complete profiles and validating elements such as business logos and clear descriptions. It is as important to optimize what people see as much as it is to optimize HTML and meta-tags, just as it is as important to optimize for your social networks as it is to optimize for Google searches.
Creating a well-balanced, SEO optimized web presence for both the search engines and social sites – but most of all for the benefit of your ideal viewer – will have a visibility effect worth more than the sum of its parts.
The “Selling Online Marketing Services to B2B Companies” webinar is designed for Internet marketers who wish to grow their offline marketing business from local marketing to the higher value business of providing consulting to B2B companies. Business-to-business (B2B) companies look to the marketing department to generate and nurture leads that will eventually be handed over to the sales group to close and generate revenue on a consistent repeatable basis. Alex Tran, co-founder of AD Publishing, has this to say about the growing demand for Internet marketers in the B2B space: “Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are under increasing pressure to deliver more leads that will convert into paying customers for their businesses, with a good ROI. The webinar will help Internet marketing consultants see the growing demand for online lead generation and proper positioning so that B2B companies will avail their services: product packages that provide the best value for B2B companies, closing the deal and delivering the promised solution. LLC is a US-based business consultancy that specializes in marketing execution and developing distribution channels in Asia for both start up and established companies. AD Publishing announces the release of an Amazon Kindle Book that provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with critical tools and solutions to make the “virtual office” a success. AD Publishing LLC, a business consultancy based in California, announced the release of their book “The Virtual Office — Success Tools for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses” on Amazon Kindle. For entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to take advantage of cloud technology, “The Virtual Office — Success Tools for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses” offers solutions from start ups and Fortune 500 companies who have made use of these technologies.
Many small and medium-sized businesses look to cloud technology as the most practical solution to running operations. David Chan, together with co-authors Alex Tran and Bill Denyer, run AD Publishing from California with the help of a team of professionals spread across countries as far away as the Philippines, Panama, Canada and India. Add your signature branding hashtag to your business card.  Many people find themselves unable to remember entire URLs – but single hashtags are another matter altogether.
Use the “#FF” hashtag to give a shout-out to your favorite Twitter connections.  This famous hashtag started in 2009, and went viral almost from the word “go”.
Every Friday, be sure to have a short list of worthwhile tweeters prepared.  Make sure they are relevant to your own followers.
When you #FF someone, you are telling people that this person is a great person to follow.  Many people just #FF an entire list of Twitter handles, one time only, remembering each tweet can only be 140 characters long.
In the single tweet, the poster does a masterly job of telling the Twitterverse what #FilmFare is and why people who love Bollywood movies should followthis hashtag – in five succinct words.
A little originality in tweets can cause a flurry of click throughs.  People are used to long lists of names to follow: They are not used to something like the #FF tweet below! Be sure to follow through, however:  Nothing makes you look more irresponsible than forgetting to keep the flow of promotion going for your Twitter Party – or, worse, forgetting to tell them it’s cancelled or the date and time has been changed. Make your tweet visual, if your business is visual.  Photographers, illustrators, web designers, picture book creators – this means you! And while you’re at it, actively grow your Twitter community.  Once you’re well-branded, you want to keep the ball rolling and your tweets going viral.
If you can’t find the right topics or hashtags, use Twitter Search, a dedicated interface that also happens to show the latest trending hashtags.  But it’s biggest advantage?  It allows you to filter your searches with advanced settings advanced settings. Put your most important words or facts first.  People’s attention spans have grown so fleeting in this decade that they will even look away after the first five or six words, if you haven’t grabbed them with your tweet. Thank people who tweet about you or retweet your tweets – especially for Follow Friday (it’s part of the culture). People like to be acknowledged and noticed, and thanking them by Twitter handle for a retweet or recommendation is the perfect way to do it. Make a habit of joining as many relevant Tweet Chats as you can.  If you pick one your business really fits, you can make great new contacts through the sense of instant closed community.

Tweet current events that are in the process of happening – but do your best to keep these relevant to your followers and your niche.
Be culturally aware, when using jargon or colloquial speech.  You may not be saying what you think you’re saying, if your followers are from other cultures or countries. Remove weak words from your tweet for maximum impact.  Words that weaken the power of a statement are “filler” words and phrases (E.
Pre-schedule tweets wisely – Remember that you won’t be there to respond.  It’s always best to wait around for at least ten to twenty minutes for interaction before logging out.
Focus on your followers.  Tweet material you think they will find interesting – and that’s a good policy whether or not your tweets are personal or niche-oriented. Ask people to follow you on Twitter – Install targeted Twitter buttons in blog posts, guest posts, other social media sites and profiles; and on your website.
Those who predicted that the leading social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn would fade away or gradually start to lose members in 2012 couldn’t have been more wrong. As you seek to connect with new customers, don’t forget one of the best sources of business – your existing customer base.
While the process and methods aren’t entirely opaque, it’s generally agreed that the scope of your social media presence has an influence over your businesses. One of the best ways to address any service issues with your customers is to first consider how you and your friends deal with any problems you have when you are the customers.
Chances are you don’t always call the company you bought something from in order to lodge a complaint. You might hear some market observers refer to social media as being the “new search.” This means that for a larger number of individuals, when they need to look for an answer to a problem or need they have, are more likely to look to their online social networks for possible solutions rather than use a search engine such as Google or Bing. Registered office: 2 World Business Centre Heathrow, Newall Road, London Heathrow Airport, HOUNSLOW, TW6 2SF. Hello everyone!!Oompfh is a Sweden based company and it is the student focused internship market place, bringing students and employers together. Due to extremely high numbers of users registering we have now disabled sign-up option because we cannot keep up with the demand.
Ad Libs allows you to create your own short campaign commercial featuring you as a candidate.
In this webinar, the founders of AD Publishing will cover proven methods to acquire B2B clients who need Internet marketing services. Few B2B companies today have the time, in-house staff, or deep knowledge to market their products or services consistently on the Internet. But the buying behavior in this space has changed along with the lead generation strategies, rendering the advice of the traditional marketing department obsolete.
They understand that they need to leverage Internet marketing strategies, analytics, and automation. The webinar will also cover strategies on how to leverage the virtual office and cloud technology to develop a global business.
It is expected to rouse the interest of small business owners, start-ups, sole practitioners and even non-profits who want to leverage technology to bring down the fixed costs of running an enterprise. They are built on a virtual office, without having to spend so much capital on infrastructure.
The Amazon Kindle book contains their experiences and shares their tips and tools as well as explains possible pitfalls in running a virtual office.
When composing a tweet, you can instantly add your location, if it is relevant to your tweet topic, followers or business. Including the odd personal tweet is good, because it makes you interesting and human… as long as it’s something your audience can relate to or feel connection over. Those social media websites continued to grow, becoming an even stronger foundation of our online lives.
This means that in order for your business to be successful, you’re going to need to make those sites part of your marketing efforts. Not only can it be expensive to reach potential customers, it can be difficult to know exactly where might be the best place to reach them.
Through social media websites you can easily connect with people you’ve already done business, and forge relationships that can help you improve your existing products and services, as well as come up with ideas for new lines of business. In addition to improving rankings to your website, people also share various links and content through social media sites – and this sharing can further boost your standing with the search engines. In fact, there’s a good likelihood that rather than contact the vendor, you take to Twitter or Facebook and let your friends and contacts know about your negative experience. You could use paint, collage or anything you like for a stunning poster, design an image on the computer for a perky pop-up ad for the web or a paper flyer, write a script including lyrics for a catchy jingle for a radio ad, or draw a storyboard including words and jingle for a TV ad! It is a unique networking site that connects and amplifies today?s youth potential in this e-world. You won’t have gaps in your postings and there’s no chance for people to forget who you are or give up on your blog.
Instead, they look to digital marketing agencies or companies to handle the task of generating leads online. Thus, digital marketers need to implement Internet marketing strategies that are dynamic and will ensure continuous and consistent lead generation with acceptable return on investment (ROI). The Amazon Kindle book provides a blueprint for upcoming as well as existing businesses that are considering this option.
But if you want to harness the traffic from this mega-site for your online business, Twitter must be a strategic part of your marketing arsenal.
Furthermore, new social media sites like Pinterest were able to become incredibly popular just over the course of the past year. Here are the top ten reasons why social media absolutely must be part of your marketing strategy in 2013.
With so many people logging in to Facebook and the other social media sites every week, those sites can be the best first place to start your marketing efforts.
This influence can be seen directly if you happen to use Google as your primary search engine (as most of us do), and have enabled personal search results. If you proactively monitor these social media sites for mentions of your company then you can immediately address any negative customer experiences, and demonstrate to others that you’re responsive to your customers’ needs and feedback. You can request an invite and we will reserve a spot for you and notify you immediately when a spot is available.
If magazine editors waited for inspiration or for free time, no magazine would ever get published.  So how do they churn out high quality content, month after month? These B2B companies realize, after observing their B2C counterparts, that investing in Internet marketing will make them more competitive and reduce their cost per lead. There are many little tips and tricks you can employ if growing traffic on Twitter is your goal.  No one tip will likely change your Twitterverse – but put a bundle of these together, and you may be surprised at the difference. If you want your business to be successful then you can’t neglect marketing through social media – your potential customers spend too much time there.
To fill in the blanks in the Ad Libs commercial creator you select pictures and quotes from your Facebook profile. The content has been randomly selected to ensure that children (and teachers) are kept on their toes. The images can be used on screen or as printed material to inspire and engage children with their world.

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