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If you’ve ever wanted to string a bunch of images together into an animation then PhotoFilmStrip is for you.
Decisions: part of why this is so easy to use is that the decisions that the user has to make are fairly straightforward, and there really aren’t too many of them. Burn-in subtitles: the option to burn subtitles in rather than output them in a sperate file. Looks a lot like Microsoft PhotoStory, especially the way the camera zoom start and finish are placed. You’ve written a great blog post, you poured your heart and soul into it, you researched, you edited, you SEOd the hell out of it. One thing I’ve learned as a trainer is that different people learn in different ways and the same is true for content. If you create presentations for work, if you speak at events use this content as the basis of blog posts. If you are speaking at an event, aim to have these published by the time you walk off stage, this means you can point people at your post and engage with them immediately. Now I condense presentation to a few slides, each one telling a story on its own, without the need of a voice over or presenter.
Look at your blog posts, is there one, like the one you are reading now that could be broken down into images and short snippets of text? I created a blog post from my speech and put the images and concepts together into a presentation for SlideShare. Once you have a bank of quote images you can put them together into a SlideShare post or even a video. I am a big fan of the CopyBlogger blog, a while ago they started adding more podcast content to the site.
Your Snapchat story may disappear within 24 hours but sometimes those stories are worth keeping and sharing beyond your SnapChat audience.
Pull out the key statistics and learnings and use a tool like Piktochart to pull them together into a graphic.
If you have a series of popular blog posts on a specific topic consider pulling them together and creating an eBook. If you enjoy this podcast please leave me a review on iTunes or Stitcher or let me know about your blog in the comments below. I made a How To for those of you who want clean white backgrounds when showing off your MOC(s). I discourage the use of white cloth as the inevitable wrinkles and folds will always show up on camera.

I'm pretty impressed with the video format, and the explanations are really clear (althought i don't make mocs and i'm already knowledgeable about photoshop).
First off you have to add images to the movie, arrange them in the right order, rotate them if necessary, and choose whether you want to recolor them(b&w or sepia).
I like that PhotoFilmStrip has the Xvid encoder built in and doesnt require the user to install codecs. If someone is interested in a quick images to video conversion online, I would recommend Animoto. Some people prefer to read, others want visual content, some will like to listen to a podcast or watch a video. I used to use it to share the slides from workshops but I found that there was little value for the reader in this. This can be a great way to tell a story, perhaps you could take photos of people at work in your business or a day at a conference. I do love podcasts but I’d still be disappointed when I arrived on the site not expecting a podcast.
Not only is it a great way to get people who like a physical object to read your posts but it gives you the opportunity to get them into your sales funnel by asking for an email address. If you create something that you want to keep, download your story from the day, edit it and create a video for YouTube or Facebook from it.
She works with SME's to help them develop social media strategies that save time and resources.
The only purchase you need to make are some white poster boards or a giant white cloth (I personally purchased my two poster boards at a Dollar store).
The program may lack some fancy bells and whistles, but the flip side but compensates for that in usability and good user experience.
Can you get more value from the content you create? You can when you repurpose your content.
I’m going to show you 10 ways that you can repurpose both blog posts and other content you may create for your business. Repurposing helps you reach all these people and provide them with content that works for them.
Create a podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or SoundCloud and you’ll be reaching a larger audience straight away. You can take photos of each step, add them to your post and you can create a video showing how it is done. Photo Film Strip is a free tool that allows you to create cool video from bunch of images stored on your computer.

If you are not comfortable with Windows Movie Maker then here is uMusic a freeware utility to help you in quickly creating video files from mp3 audio song and pictures.uMusic also has option to upload newly created videos on Youtube right from your desktop. It allows you to combine sequence of images into a cool looking video.Use Photo Lapse to create video from images1.
Lastly, you can type in a subtitle for each image (which is optional) and specify the duration in seconds that each image animation will occupy within the movie.
You’ll also be giving your readers more options and more ways to consume your content. It has simple interface and has right balance to allow you to convert photos into a cool video.Convert photos into HD video with PhotoFilmStrip1. You will need to make a couple more decisions once at the very end once you’re ready to render, including resolution, output format, and whether you would like to add a soundtrack. Of course, it is good for only quick and dirty conversion, and not as advanced as PhotoFilmStrip. Specially from pictures.Replay Video Editor Unique video transitions in single app, No needs to install extensions and Frames separately. The program does not support any fancy transitions between one image and the next; all images simply fade in and out of each other. Click on Create VideoChoose a target folder and filenamePlease be patient, the application will unfreeze once the encoding is completed4. Perfect app for Instagram lovers who can share easily with fans.Slo-Mo videos, Text overlay video, Cinema and Square format.
Once done, playback your cooler video created from your cool photos.PhotoFilmStrip for sure is one simple and easy way to create video from photos in good quality. From the research and users requirements.Download NowAnimoto Video MakerAccess all photos and Video taken from officially camera app or other third party photo editing app. Once done, click Create Movie button for final video.You can configure basic movie creation options like number of frames per second (FPS), checking errors, reverse movie and much more. Photo Lapse for sure is one simple and very easy way to create cool video from static photos, try out! Import picture and after made changes save as another copy of picture.Don’t be calculating, Share such a great list that will help for Create video from images in iOS.

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