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Avatar Photo is a site with which you can create your own animated avatars for your social networking profiles, blog and forums. Similar to other online cartoon makers, this one is also pretty interesting and easy to use. Step 1: You can simply visit the homepage of this website and start creating your own Powerpuff avatar as no registration is required. Step 2: The editor will open up with a sample avatar and other options to customize the avatar. Step 3: Using the other options, you can completely change the entire outfit of the Powerpuff character. Step 6: After that, you can either save the avatar as wallpaper (simple JPG), GIF, or the avatar as PNG file.
Powerpuff Yourself is an amazing and fun online application to create custom avatars of the Powerpuff Girls.

You just need to upload a picture from your computer or the web and choose a desired effect for the avatar.
It also has the options to create a randomize outfit of the character or clear all the editing with just a single click. You can change the eyes, funny and simple mouth, put sunglasses, change hair style, put beard, change dressing, shorts & shirts, and make the avatar hold a guitar, pet, etc. If you want to apply a random outfit to your avatar, then simply click the Randomize button. You could choose from a large number of special effects such as emotions, collages and many more.
The best part of this online application is that it lets you add an animated background to your custom Powerpuff Girl avatar. The best part is that you can add different wallpapers for saving the avatar as JPG or animated background while saving it as a GIF file.

It offers six different and stunning animated backgrounds to make your custom avatar stand out from others.
Another useful feature is that you can choose 6 different background wallpapers in case you want to save the avatar as simple JPG image (not GIF). You can customize the avatar in various ways like you can change its skin tone, eyes, put sunglasses, change mouth style, hair style, the entire outfit, shorts, shirts, and even put beard to the girl characters.
Once, you’re done with editing your avatar, you can either save it as a JPG or GIF file or share it directly via Facebook and Twitter.

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